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From: Saundra Brown <>
Subject: McLendons of Anson County, NC
Date: Tue, 15 Nov 2005 04:23:46 -0800 (PST)

While I search through my records to see if I have more on the McLendons of Anson County, is there anyone else out there that can write to John Field Pankow?

Read what he has share with me!!!!

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Dear Mrs. Brown,

What a great lot of information you have collected!!! I am afraid I don't have any Needhams, however spelled, in my line, but I was particularly interested in this section of your post:

Dennis McClendon III (4.Dennis3, 2.Dennis2, 1.John1) b. cir 1702, North Carolina, m. Martha Dunn. Dennis died cir 1734, Camden, Kershaw Co. SC.
His children were:
i William McLendon b. 1728.
ii Lewis McLendon b. 1730.
iii John McLendon b. 1732.
iv Jesse McLendon b. 1736.
v Ezekiel McLendon b. 1742, Cumberland Co. NC. d. 1802, Anson Co. SC.

Note: Ezekiel McLendon moved to Anson County, North Carolina with his father when he was about nine years old. He was a large land owner in Anson County. His homestead was on Brown Creek. Part of his land fell in Montgomery County in 1779, when they formed Montgomery County from Anson County. According to old Army Accounts Books of North Carolina, page 45, Ezekiel McLendon was listed as a Revolutionary Soldier.>>

Then I saw:

<<4-1 Dennis McLendon and wife Martha residence of Bishopville, Lee Co., S. C. Dennis McClendon probably died abt 1784. April 17, 1784, Dennis McClendonÂ’s property was appraised and recorded in Book A, Page 130-131. Dennis McClendon, dec'd 1784, Camden county, S. C. and John Stone on the right of his wife, Martha Stone, appointed administrator of the estate. Dennis McClendon was arrested in 1780 for being a tory.
5-1 William McLendon, see sale of land in Darlington Co., S. C. By John Stone and wife Martha, and signed by William McLendon, eldest son of Dennis McClendon.dec'd . William was probably born about 1740-41, and may be earlier.
5-2 Jesse McLendon b abt 1742-3...>>

I think, though I am not certain, that I am descended from one of the Jesse McLendons listed above. However, previous information sent to me stated that he was born c. 1745, and was a son of a Dennis McLendon and Mary Ingram.

A Jesse McLendon appeared in the 1790 census of Montgomery Co., NC, with two males over 16, 5 males under 16, 3 females and 8 slaves. I believe one of his sons was Edmund McLendon (born c.1780-5, died c.1837, Anson Co., NC), and another was William McLendon (c.1780-5, died 1844, Sumter Co., Al.).

The 1800 census for Montgomery County lists Edmund McLendon, with 1 male 16 to 25 (Edmund), 1 female 16 to 25 (his wife, Elizabeth?), 1 male age 10 to 15 (likely the younger brother William), and 1 male under 10, likely son Jesse.

The 1810 census for Montgomery lists Edmund (age 26-44), Elizabeth (26-44), 1 male 10 to 15 (son Jesse), 1 male under 10 (son John), and three females under 10 (Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah) and one slave.

The household right after Edmund's is that of William, with his wife, Martha (Chambers/Campbell?), and children: Jesse, Edward, Ellen and Ann, and one slave. William and Martha moved to Wilcox County, Alabama in 1819.

Edmund McLendon first appears in the land records of Anson County, NC in July, 1823, when he purchased a tract of 111 acres of land formerly belonging to Jesse McLendon (his father? his son?). In 1833, Edmund deeded this property to his son John McLendon. (Notes I have state Jesse, the son born c. 1800, d. 1823. I do not have documentation of this).

The children I have listed for Edmund and Elizabeth McLendon are:

1. Jesse McLendon, c.1800-1823. (per census, probably born bef. 1800).
2. Elizabeth McLendon, c.1802, married a Davis.
3. John McLendon, c.1804.
4. Mary "Polly" McLendon, c.1806, married: 1. Edmund Roberson/Robinson, 2. John Redfearn
5. Sarah McLendon, c.1808-1865, married William Taylor (c.1789-1848).

Edmund McLendon granted by deed of gift a servant girl to each of his daughters. One in April, 1828, to Elizabeth McLendon Davis; one in June 1837 to Mary McLendon Redfearn; and one in Jan. 1837 to Sarah McLendon Taylor. These deeds were registered in the April 1837 term of court, so I suspect he may have died between Jan. and April 1837.

A vague family legend has it that Edmund McLendon and his family were passing through Anson County, on their way from Richmond Co., and met William Taylor. William Taylor supposedly fell in love with Sarah, called "Sallie," at first sight, and offered Edmund McLendon to give him his (Taylor's) farm for the hand of his daughter. William Taylor did deed a farm to Edmund McLendon, but this was in 1833, and William and Sarah were married in 1831, or earlier.

William Taylor was the son of Stephen Taylor (d.1825) and his wife Judith, maiden name unknown. Stephen Taylor may have been in Anson Co. as early as 1774, when the name appears on a list of jurors. If this was him, however, by 1778, he appears to have moved eastward, to Dobbs Co., where he married Judith and had a family. They appear in the records of several different counties, but much of this was probably due to the changing of country borders because of the creation of new counties. They moved in 1813, from Johnston Co. to Anson, and settled on a 500 acre farm Stephen Taylor bought that year, at the confluence of Brown Creek & Pinch Gut Creek. It is said that Stephen Taylor was born in Virginia, and was some relation to President Zachary Taylor, but I cannot document this.

William Taylor married Sarah McLendon in 1831, or earlier, and they had 8 (?) children. William was murdered by a neighbor in 1848. Sarah died in 1865. Both are buried at the old Taylor homeplace, on Brown Creek. There are no formal gravestones there, except a modern monument. The graves are piled up with rocks, after the fashion of Scottish cairns. The children were:

1. An unnamed child, born & died in 1832.
2. John Thomas "Jethro" Taylor, born 1832/4, died after 1880.
3. Louise Elizabeth Taylor, born 1836 (twin?)
4. Mary Jane "Cisey" Taylor (1836-1882, Mrs. J. W. Beachum)
5. Edmund Gray Taylor (c.1837-bef.1870)
6. William Wilson Taylor (1840-1917)
7. & 8. Supposedly two daughters named Ida and Sarah. No further information on them, other than William Wilson Taylor is said to have named two of his daughters, Ida Alberta and Sarah "Sallie" Ellen, after his two sisters.

Edmund Gray Taylor's birth date is problematic. When he joined the Confederate army, he claimed he was born in May of 1837. Court testimony at the trial of his father's murderer in 1848/9, however, suggests that he was older than that. They may have been acting as if he was older, as the only other witnesses to the murder were John Thomas "Jethro" Taylor, who seems to have been mentally incompetent, and the slaves, who were not allowed to testify in court. A birth date of May of 1837 isn't likely anyway, though, as his sister Mary Jane Taylor was born in August of 1836.

Both Edmund Gray Taylor and William Wilson Taylor served in the Confederate Army (Co. K, 43rd NC Regiment), and both suffered wounds from which they never recovered. Edmund was wounded in both legs, and William in the chest. Both married and had families. The other brother, Thomas Jethro, was mentally deficient, and never married. In the 1880 census, he was living in the household of former family servants who presumably looked after him, and was listed as 48 years old, blind and idiotic.

Mary Jane Taylor was born 26 August 1836, and died 2 June 1882. On 30 June 1853, she married Jeremiah Washington Beachum (1830-1910), a son of Hugh A. Beachum and Zillie O'Neal. Mary Jane's brother, William Wilson Taylor, married Jeremiah Beachum's double first cousin, Sophronia Ellen Beachum (1848-1935), a daughter of Isaiah S. Beachum and Phereba O'Neal. Hugh & Isaiah were brothers, sons of Alexander Beachum and Elizabeth Shelton. Zillie and Phereba O'Neal were sisters, daughters of Kindred O'Neal and Culia Hayles.

Mary Jane Taylor and Jeremiah Beachum had 14 children. They are buried in a small family cemetery in rural Anson County, where their homeplace was. The children were: Zachary Taylor Beachum (1854-1926), Angeline Melvina Beachum (1855-1920, m. Mr. Carpenter), John Armeanous Beachum (1857-1940), Sarah Isabelle Beachum (1859-1931, m. Mr. Wright), Cleopatra Beachum (1861, m. Mr. Irby), Louisa Clementine Beachum (1864-1939, m. Miles W. Caudle), Joseph Jackson Beachum (1866-1882), Mary Jane "Zillie" Beachum (1867-1910, married Dulin Benson Stearns), Hugh Wilson Beachum (1871-1940), Atlas Free Beachum (1872-1933), Heallon Mercia Beachum (1874-1930, m. Martin King), Lenorah Colon Beachum (1875-1955, m. Charles Ballard), Arindo Washington Beachum (1877), Jeremiah Osco Beachum (1881-1882).

I am descended from Mary Jane Beachum, Mrs. D. B. Stearns, my great grandmother. I would be most grateful to you, or anyone else, who could give me any information on Edmund McLendon (c.1780/5-1837), my 4th great grandfather, and his ancestry.

Best regards,

John Field Pankow
Asheville, NC

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