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This is what I have, if you have anything, please add!

Benjamin McCullar/McCullough was born about 1790 in Duplin Co., North Carolina, and moved with his family to Georgia around 1800. He was the son of Thomas McCullar (1765-1830) & Penelope Flowers (1770-?). Thomas was born in Duplin Co., NC & Penelope was born in Edgefield Co., SC. Both died in Wilkinson Co., GA. Thomas was the son of John McColloh (1740-1800) & Sarah Unknown (1745-?). Penelope was dau. of William Pace (1759-1826) & Drucilla Grissom (1759-1830).

In most records the name is McCullar, with some variation with McCuller, but most descendants of these lines say it is McCullough & every now & then you will see it spelled this way. It was probably pronounced that way, but nineteenth-century census takers either spelled it simple or Benjamin told them how to spell it simple.

No McCullar/McCuller's are in Wilkinson Co. censuses 1810 or 1820, but Benjamin shows up there in 1830, married with a small family, listed as Benjamin McCullar. He married in GA or SC about 1810 to Susanna Pace. I cannot locate a record as of yet. Also in Wilkinson at the same time is George McCullar and an Abigail McCullar as heads of households. George was Benjamin's brother. George married Nancy Annie Pace Sep. 20, 1820 in Wilkes Co., GA. Annie was a sister of Susanna's. George & Annie ended up in Claiborne Parish, LA. Annie lived to be 109! Still I cannot locate a marriage record in Georgia for Benjamin & Susanna. I don't know if Abigail is a sister or widow of another brother.

He is in Marion Co., GA in 1840 with his growing family, listed as Benjamin McCuller.

Benjamin moved his family to Union Co., AR from Marion Co., GA about 1845, when he received a military land grant for War of 1812 service. It was probably Wilkinson Co. where it was issued but I haven't looked too far into it.

They may have stopped in AL, GA, MS or LA before ending up in Union Co.

In Union Co., AR Benjamin McCullar was a wealthy cotton plantation owner. He owned several thousand acres of land, had almost 50 slaves, & quite a bit of wealth. In probate records, dated 1862, he had over $78,000 in assets & cash. That would have made him one of the wealthiest men in the state.

His wife Susanna died between Nov. 1850 & Feb. 1852, likely Dec. 1851, and he married Malinda Harper Mar. 20, 1852. His name on some records is William McCuller. I don't know why. It could be because her second husband was William Gray. So the info on ancestry is wrong on date & name. Tisk, tisk. Union Co. marriage records lists Benjamin McCullar & 1852 as date - book b, p 69c. Some researchers on ancestry have him incorrectly listed as William Benjamin because of this error.

He died in March of 1863 & burial location remains unknown, more than likely on his old plantation. I did see one note that said he lost his plantation in the war. None of this has been thoroughly researched.

Oddly enough, very little remains in way of mention of Benjamin. A few message board queries & some probate records are what have been found so far, census and a the military land grant info below.

After Benjamin died Malinda remarried 1863 to William A. Gray. book b, p 284c.

Children of Benjamin:

with Susanna:

The Stephen or William on ancestry were NOT their children.

1. Daughter McCullar, b. 1811-1815 in GA (most likely married in Wilkinson Co. 1830's)

2. Thomas McCullar, b. 1819 in GA - in Union Parish, LA 1860 - m. Sarah Unknown in GA, she born 1820 in GA; children: Jos. F. (1839-GA), F. (female) (1852-AR), John (1854-AR), Benjamin (1856-AR), Amanda (1858-LA) & L. (female) (1859-LA).

3. Mary Ann McCullar, b. Jun 15, 1824 in Wilkinson Co., GA d. Mar. 2, 1903 in Johnson Co., TX m. Isaac H. Nicholson b. Feb. 29, 1822 in GA, d. Oct. 12, 1877 in Union Co., AR). Buried in Hopewell Cemetery in ????. He Co. F 19 ARK INF CSA.

4. Rachel Susanna McCullar, b. Dec. 2, 1825 in Wilkinson Co., GA m. 1) Mr. Johnson, unknown date & place, m. 2) Elisha Rogers Nov. 17, 1850, Union Co., AR, d. Dec. 8, 1904 in Hot Springs, Garland Co., AR. Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Hot Springs, AR. Rachel's middle name was for her mother. In the 1860 Union Co., AR census she is listed as Rachel S. Rogers.

5. Jesse James Benjamin McCullar, b. May 16, 1831 in Wilkinson Co., GA m. about 1855 to Amanda Jane Faulkner, b. May 16, 1839 in GA, d. Oct. 25, 1873 . He died Mar. 2, 1859 in Union Co., AR. Buried Faulkner Cemetery, Union Co., AR. She was the dau. of James M. Faulkner (1808- ) & Emmely A. Unknown. Their children: Sarah Emily, b. 1854 in Union Co., AR & Jesse James Benjamin Jr. (1858-1912).

6. Harriett McCullar, b. 1832 in Wilkinson Co., GA (Margaret?)

6. George Warner McCullar, Sr, b. 1833 in Wilkinson Co., GA m. Sarah Ann "Sally" Harper b. 1831 in Simpson Co., MS, d. 1888 in Union Co., AR, Jan. 8, 1852 Union Co., AR. (One source states b. Marion Co., but the family wasn't there yet.) d. 1854 in El Dorado, Union Co., AR. Children: Mary Ellen McCullar - 1853 & George Warner Jr. McCullar - 1854-1936 b. & d. Union Co., AR m. 1875 in Union Co. to Henrietta E. Clifton.

7. John J. McCullar, b. 1835 in Wilkinson Co., GA

8. Sarah Ann McCullar, b. 1843 in Marion Co., GA m. James T. Short b. 1834 Sep. 21, 1858 Union Co., AR

with Malinda Harper:

9. Catherine Elizabeth McCullar, b. 1855 in Union Co., AR m. Rufus Eiland Oct. 3, 1872, Union Co., AR

10. Bendetta Susanna McCullar, b. 1856 in Union Co., AR (named in part after her father Ben & his first wife) d. about 1865.

11. Susan Malinda McCullar, b. 1858 in Union Co., AR (may not have married, still at home in 1880.)


Some Military Land Grants In Union County Arkansas For Soldiers Of The War Of 1812

Name: McCullar, Benjamin
Regiment: Hall's Company Georgia Militia
Granted to: Benjamin McCullar

A researcher on ancestry states he was in the 3rd Regiment (Wimberly's) Georgia Militia.

1830 Wilkinson Co., GA

Benjamin McCullar

1 male under 5 (Jesse)
1 male 10-14 (Thomas)
1 male 20-29 (Benjamin)
2 females under 5 (Rachel & Harriett)
1 female 5-9 (Mary Ann)
1 female 15-19 (Dau.)
1 female 20-29 (Susanna)
12 slaves & 1 free colored.

1840 Marion Co., GA

Benjamin McCuller

1 male under 5 (John)
2 males 5-9 (Jesse & George)
1 male 15-19 (Thomas)
1 male 40-49 (Benjamin)
2 females 10-14 (Rachel & Harriett)
1 female 15-19 (Mary Ann)
1 female 30-39 (Susanna)
No slaves?

1850 Franklin Twsp., Union Co., AR - 11/12/1850

Benjamin McCullar - 1791 - 59 - NC
Susannah - 1796 - 54 - SC
Harriet - 1829 - 21 - GA
Jesse - 1831 - 19 - GA
George - 1833 - 17 - GA
John - 1835 - 15 - GA
Sarah A. - 1842 - 8 - GA

Elisha married Rachel Nov. 17. I don't know why Rachel isn't listed in the cenus anywhere. A Henry J. Hews married a Sarah McCullar Jul 21, 1850. Unknown if Sarah was a relative.

1860 Cornie Twsp., Union Co., AR

Benj McCullar - 1790 - 70 NC
Malinda - 1833 - 27 - MS
Catharine E. - 1855 - 5 - AR
Bendetta - 1856 - 4 -AR
Susan M. - 1858 - 2 - AR

1860 Van Buren Twsp., Union Co., AR

J. J. (John or Jesse?) McCullar - 1835 - 25 - GA

1870 Cornie Twsp., Union Co., AR

William A. Gray - 55 - 1815 - GA
Malinda - 37 - 1833 - MS (Ben's widow remarried)
Seaborn T. - 17 - 1853 - AL (William's son from previous)
Catherine McCullough - 15 - 1855 - AR
John L. Gray - 13 - LA (William's son from previous)
Susan McCullough - 12 - 1858 - AR
Luella Gray - 6 - 1864 - AR (Wm. & Malinda's dau.)

1880 Claiborne Parish, LA

William A. Gray - 64
Malinda A. - 47
Susan McCullar - 20
Bell Gray - 10

I loose track of everyone after 1870 & 1880. William & Malinda both probably died around 1890. They are not in the 1900 census.

>From "Part V - HISTORY of BALDWIN COUNTY GEORGIA" BY MRS. ANNA MARIA GREEN COOK, ANDERSON. S. C. Keys-Hearn Printing Co. - 1925 - pages 405-409:


The name "McCullough," variously spelled "McCullar," "McCuller," "McCulloch," "McCullock," "McCullen," and "MacCullar," is of Scotch-Irish origin. The first "McCullochs" coming to this country early in the 18th century and settling near Wells, Maine.

Branches of the family moved to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Missouri and Georgia, hence the thousands bearing that name, particularly in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the southwestern states, are related to the Georgia branch of the same family, in most cases
rather distantly however.

The correct spelling is "McCullough," but a majority of the family living in Baldwin County, spell it "McCullar" on account of the shortened form and this is true of others of the family in other states.

The direct ancestor, of the Baldwin county family, came from North Carolina.
The best information is that three brothers left the North Carolina home either before or shortly after the Revolution, one of them eventually reaching Georgia, another Missouri and the ether some other Western State. General Ben McCullough,
of the Confederate Army, commanding Arkansas, Texas and Missouri troops, was killed in the battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, March 8, 1862. He was a son of one of the three sons that originally came from North Carolina and a great-great uncle of Lewis McCullar, of Baldwin County.

The Baldwin County family came from Wilkinson Co., near Toomsboro and McIntyre, about 1875 or 1880. Lewis McCullar was the first to move from Toomsboro to the Camp Creek locality, near Cooperville. His father, being closely descended from the North Carolina branch of the family. Later two brothers of Lewis McCullar moved to Baldwin; J. S. McCullough and J. P. McCullar. J. S. McCullough lives in the Union Hill settlement, in southwest
Baldwin. Lewis McCullar died in 1917, and J. P. McCullar returned to McIntyre.
Another brother, William, lived in Wilkinson until his death some years ago.
There were three sisters, Mary, Betty and Tresie, who never married, all living in Wilkinson County.

James S. McCullough, the youngest brother, and who settled in Baldwin County was married twice and has several children. Ross McCullough of Milledgeville, Howard McCullough, of Macon, and Edward McCullough are his sons.

Lewis McCullar, the forefather of the larger number of the McCullar family of Baldwin County, as stated, moved to Baldwin from Wilkinson, about the early eighties. He married Sarah Jane Lord of the Kingry settlement in Wilkinson, who died several years ago. ETC." (It just goes on to talk about some late 1800's descendants in Baldwin County, very distantly related to us, but of no importance to us. This only proves the McCullar family was from Wilkinson Co., GA HR)

Wilkinson Co. is bordered by Baldwin, Washington, Jones, Twiggs & Laurens.

Two odd Union Co., AR marriages:

Sarah McCullar b. 1832 m. Willaim R. Morgan b. 1832 Feb. 19, 1857, Union Co., AR
Tempy McCullar b. 1836 m. William Harper b. 1838 May 14, 1857, Union Co., AR (This is Temperance McCullar, dau. of George who was bro. to Benjamin.)

McCullar Head of Households in Georgia 1820

Samuel - Richmond Co.
Samuel - Oglethorpe Co.
Hardy - Emanuel Co.
Joseph - Emanuel Co.
Benjamin - Laurens Co.

None match our Benjamin & Susanna & dau. b. 1811-1815.

McCullar Head of Households in Wilkinson Co., Georgia 1830

Benjamin (ours)

McCullEr Head of Households in Marion Co., GA 1840

Benjamin (ours)
(George is in Stewart Co. at this time, also a Matthew but unknown if related)

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