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Subject: M with the c underlined
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 19:32:13 EDT

Hi List,

Before the days of computers, and in some case with typewriters, I signed my
McDaniel surname with the "c" in lower case with a bar, or two bars, drawn
under it. That's just the way my family wrote their surname. I never
questioned it, I just did it. We received mail with our name written with the "c"
underlined. In those days the public, teachers, etc. wrote my surname using the
raised "c" with a bar beneath it.

I never used a type writer, so that was no problem, but when I bought my
first computer in 1996 I couldn't, and today still don't, know how to raise that
lower case "c" and put that bar beneath that "c" so I just write McDaniel.
This was, and is, easier and simpler for me. (Maybe someone on this List can
tell me how to type that raised lower case "c" and underline it.)

In genealogy I was told that the underlined "c" meant that the "a" had been
dropped from Mac. Somewhere I was told that one bar under the raised "c" meant
the family came from Scotland. Then using a double bar meant the family came
from North Ireland. I don't know where I heard that and don't know if there
is any truth to that. I've written my surname both ways-sometimes with one
bar and other times using two bars wit.

The underlining as sign of dropping the "a" in Mac sound logical to me. But
for the past 6-8 year I type it Mc and now I've got where I don't in my
written signature bother with that "c" underlined, single or double. Customs start
and die many times for simple reasons

I wouldn't worry about dropping that bar "c", you McDaniels

Curtis McDaniel

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