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Subject: [MCEACHIN-L] Re: Lauchlin McLaurin
Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2001 10:20:29 -0700
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At 11:13 PM 3/31/01 -0600, Martha Cofield wrote:
>The following information is in regard to Lauchlin A. McLaurin, son of
>Lauchlin (I)McLaurin and Nancy McEachin. Lauchlin McLaurin (I) listed
>by Banks McLaurin as son of Daniel McLaurin.

Martha and I have been discussing this off and on for weeks, so I will try to provide a summary and some context for Martha's information.

We've been trying to figure out what we REALLY know about John and Nancy McEachin (who we believe are the oldest son and daughter of Alexander McEachin), what can be deduced from what is known, and where we can look for more information.

> Estate of Alexander McEachin Lafayette Co MS list as heirs of a 1/7
>share of estate: L. A. McLaurin, John M. Gillis, Mrs. Janie Tucker.

As Martha wrote, we believe these 3 must be the children of Nancy, since they each inherited 1/3 of 1/7 of Alexander's estate, and Alex had 7 children (that we know of).

Working backwards, we find L(aughlin) A. McLaurin and John M. Gillis together in the 1850 Census of Richmond Co. NC:

> Malcolm Gillis 27 NC Carpenter
> Nancy 21 NC
> John 4/12 NC
> Laughlin McLaurin 7 NC
> John Gillis 45 Scotland

Now, what has thrown every other researcher is Nancy's age. Thinking her too young to be Laughlin's mother, most have assumed that she is Laughlin's sister, and that their parents were deceased. It is my contention that Nancy lied about her age, as SOME women are wont to do. Nancy is in fact Nancy McEACHIN, who was born abt. 1820. She married Laughlin McLaurin Sr. abt. 1840, and had Laughlin Jr. by him. He died sometime between 1845, when his father Daniel's will was written, and 1849, when Nancy married Malcolm Gillis. That is the SIMPLEST explanation for how Laughlin McLaurin, John Gillis, and Mary Jane Gillis Tucker (who was born after 1850) could inherit property as equals.

PROBLEM: The only mention of the name of Alexander's first daughter that we know of is by a niece. Since Nancy was the firstborn daughter, and Alex's wife was named Nancy, it seems likely, but is hardly proven.

PROBLEM: There is no record of who Laughlin McLaurin Sr. married. Laughlin was not in his father's household in 1840, but neither was Nancy. Where were they? I've been through the 1840 Census and can't find them.

PROBLEM: I don't know what, if anything connects Laughlin Sr. to Laughlin Jr. - I'm just going on what I've heard from McLaurin researchers. One thing that I find curious - according to a granddaughter of Laughlin Jr., Vivian Hess, Laughlin A. was the son of John McLaurin and Margaret McEachin. I think Vivian is wrong, but I believe that there must be SOME piece of knowledge in her family that says they have a McEachin ancestor. I WOULD DEARLY LIKE TO CONTACT VIVIAN AND FIND OUT WHAT SHE KNOWS. (There IS a Margaret McEachin mentioned in the will of Daniel McLaurin, the father of Laughlin, but I'm sure she's the daughter of Daniel and sister of Laughlin. I'll detail my theories on her in my next email.)

PROBLEM: We need to confirm that Mary Gillis is the same as Janie Tucker. I've looked through Richmond Co. marriage records, and can't find a Tucker man marrying a Jane. Next I'll look at the 1860 & 1870 Censuses, to see if there's a Mary Jane Gillis. And I'm also trying to find out who the heirs of Malcolm's father, John Gillis, and grandfather, Malcolm Gillis are.

I'm hoping that somebody here can add to our knowledge base. I don't know that we'll ever gather enough evidence to prove conclusively that Laughlin McLaurin m. Nancy McEachin and had Lauchlin Jr., but maybe we can get enough to say that this explanation is the simplest one that fits all the facts.


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