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Subject: Bertie County Deeds McGlauhon
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 21:02:47 EST

Should have looked to see who's this was its James Vosper notes
Yall should check this page it is a who's who of our combined families, its
hard to decide which to send. Too many to send them all.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Bk. H 1753-57 Pt. 1

P. 40- 11 Oct 1753?- John Howell, gent to John Perry, cooper. Wit: Jos
Butterton, & James Glaughan.

P. 246- 19 Jan 1756- William Campbell, plantr to Samuel Williams, planter-
Wit: William Hardy, Son of Lamb & David Gaskins. 468 acres on the w side of
the eastern most br. of Salmon Creek bounded on so. by Cornelius Campbell's
land & on the west & north by Lamb Hardy's lands.

P. 267- 1 Mar 1756- Alexander Kennaday & wife Abigail to Benjamin Atwell Wit:
John Sawkill, Edmund Glohon & Thos. Outlaw.

DEED BOOK L - 1763-72

P. 42- 4 June 1766- Michael Thomas to John Capehart Wit: David Gaskins, Wm.
Starke & Hezekiah Pender.

P. 84- 15 Nov 1766- Humphry Nicolls Shf to David Hendricks Wit: David
Gaskins, Thos. Avis. Lands of Thos. Price dec'd.

P. 123- 30 Jan 1768- John Bowen to David Gaskins Wit: Wm. Hardy son of Lamb &
Michael Capehart. 140 ac.

P. 176- 13 May 1768- Jane Howell, poss'd of est. of John Howell dec'd to
Mourning Howell McGlaughan now wife of Humphry Hardy Wit: John Johnston &
Mary Barrow & oath of John Gloghan.

P. 208- 3 Jan 1770- Ed & Frances Rasor to John Burns Wit: Andrew Burn,
Jeremiah McGlauhon. land purch. of Wm. Hardy 1751.

P. 212- 10 Nov 1769?- Sarah Fields of Georgia-Halifax Co., Atty for husb.
Reuben, joiner to John Glaughan. Wit: William Hooten & John Arrington Hooten.

27 Dec 1769- John Hardy to Humphry Nicolls Wit: David Gaskins, Robt.

P. 232- 3 Jan 1771- John & Winney Weston to Humphry Nicolls Wit: Wm. Hardy
son of Lamb, Martha Garna, & Elizabeth Fleetwood.

P. 240- 14 Jan 1770- Humphry & Mourning Hardy to Jane Howell. Wit: John
Sawkill & John Glaughan Jun.

P. 288- 22 Aug 1771- Olive Oxley to grandson George Oxley. Wit: Wm. Hardy son
of Lamb & Olive Oxley. negro boy Joe.

P. 288- 22 Aug 1771- Olive Oxley to grand-daughter Sarah Oxley Wit: Wm. Hardy
son of Lamb, & Olive Oxley. negro girl Moll.

P. 288- 30 Jan 1771- Jane Howell to grandson John Glaughan. Wit: John Sawkill
& James Fleetwood.

P. 299- 25 Dec 1771- John Glaughan to James Cobb Wit: Wm. Outlaw & George

P. 311- 21 Sep 1771- James Moore, Shf. to David Gaskins Wit: Solomon Freeman
& Humphry Nicolls. against John Crickett.

P. 346- 21 Sep 1772- Samuel Todd to Jeremiah Hallum Wit: David Gaskins, John
Todd, William Todd.

DEED BOOK M 1772-85 Pt. 1

28 June 1769- Commissioners David Standly, Thomas Clark & Wm. Williams to
Thos. Ballard. Wit: David King, Thomas Boggs?, Jeremiah Glauhon.

P. 72?- 25 May 1774- Humphry & Mourning Hardy to Geo. Capehart Wit: John
Lawrence & Ann Mewborn.

P. 93?- 9 Mar 1777?- John Cake Jr. to Wm. Sparkman Wit: Wm. Hardy son of
Lamb, David Gaskins & Thos. Morris.

P. 97- 30 May 1774- Humphrey & Mourning Hardy to David Meredith form. belong.
to John Howell dec'd beq. to said Mourning & her heir. after death of Jane

P. 150- 11 Jan? 1773- Jane Howell widow to John Campbell Wit: James Campbell
& John McGluhon.

P. 247- 4 Oct 1775- Thos. Sheehan to Edward Rasor Wit: Robt West, John
McGlauhon & Eliz. Byrd.

P. 310- 15 Jul? 1777- David Gaskins, planter to Charles Hooten, blacksmith.
Wit: Nancy Hawkins & John Hooten Jr.

P. 338- 10 Sep 1777- Thomas Todd to Chas. Hooten Wit: John Hooten & David

P. 361- 7 Feb 1770- Cullen Pollock to David Gaskins. Wit: Wm. Hardy son of
Lamb & Paul Berthan?

22 Oct 1772- Humphry Nicholls to John McGlauhon Wit: Thos Shehan Jr. & John

P. 461- 26 Feb 1780- David Gaskins & Moses Todd to John Capehart Wit: Rob't
West & John McGlauhon.

P. 463- 26 Feb 1780- Chas. Hooten to John Capehart. Wit: Robert West & John

P.475?- 29 Oct 1777- Cullen Pollock to Whitmell Hill Wit: Paul Bertran & Wm

P. 496- 10 Jan 1780- David Gaskins to John Kail Wit: Jo Oxley, William Hobbs
Turnage & Hardy Watford. 170 ac.

P. 573- 16? Oct 1782- David Gaskins to Thos. W. Pugh Wit: John Hopkins &
Sarah Gaskins.

P. 705- 15 Aug 1784- David Gaskins to Michael Capehart Wit: George Capehart,
Michael Capehart & William McGlauhon. 40 ac.

Vol P Pt. 1 1789-93

17 Nov 1789- Richard & Ann Dillon to Capt. Andrew Stanton Wit: John Fleetwood
& Hardy Glauhon.

10 Aug 1792- John McGlauhon & Wm.West Billups wit Miles Bonner & Ephraim
Miller agreem.

DEED BOOK Q 1793-95

16 Apr 1794- Jas? & Eliz. Rasor to John McGlauhon. Wit: Wm. Fleetwood & Wm?
E. Brady?

10 Aug 1792- John McGlauhon & Wm.West Billups wit Miles Bonner & Ephraim
Miller agreem.

DEED BOOK R 1795-98

27 Jan 1795- Jeremiah and Mary Fleetwood to Isham Boyce. Wit: Jno. McGlauhon
& Blunt Cooper.

18 Feb 1796- Josiah & Eliz Rasor to David Ryan. Wit: John McGlauhon, John
Capehart, & Cornelius Ryan.

11 Feb 1797- John McGlauhon to Wm. Parrot Hardy. Wit: David Ryan & Jos Rasor.

5 Aug 1796- Isom Boyce & Rebecca Boyce to John McGlauhon. Wit: David Ryan and
Wm Brogdon.

Vol. S 1798-1803

15 Nov 1797- Joshua Demsy to Jno McGlauhon. Wit: John Cook & John Rasor.

15 Aug 1797?- Wm. King to Jno. McGlauhon Wit: Jas Turner & Starkey Skiles.

15 Aug 1799- Josiah Rasor to Jno. McGlauhon

15 Feb 1800- Thos. & Eliz. Speller to Mere F. Lemon. Wit: Wm. Sutton & Sarah

8 Feb 1802- John McGlauhon to Malachi Oliver. Wit: Malachi Weston & David

24 Oct 1785- David Gaskins to Sally Hardy. Wit: William McGlauhon. Negro girl
Polly. Sally is his grand-daughter dau of James Hardy & Elizabeth his wife).
D. Gaskins swears it May, 1802.

18 Feb 1802- Wm. & Ann Hooten of Martin Co., to John Fleetwood Wit: Wm.
Worley, Hernry Fleetwood and James Mohon.

9 Aug 1802- Morgan Outlaw to John McGlauhon Wit: John Burn.

18 Oct 1803- Mary B. Ryan exr. of David Ryan to John McGlauhon. Wit: Thos.


Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol. T 1804-07 Pt. 1

9 Nov 1803- David Gaskins to dau. Ann McGlauhon wife of Wm- wit: Wm. Steel &
Thos Castellow. reg. Aug 1804 on oath of Steel.

14 Feb 1805- Willis Sawyer to Hardy McGlauhon. Wit: Will Copeland. slave.

Bertie Co. NC Deeds Vol T 1804-07 Pt. 2

15 Nov 1805- Wm. McGlauhon to Wm. Outlaw (sells 640 acres in Tenn. Res.) Wit:
B. Hardy & Jerry McGlauhon- drawn by heirs of Jeremiah McGlauhon & ent?
Secretary Warrant 4 Dec 1797 #530.

Sep 1806- Shf Cherry to Stone- lands of Malachi Oliver Wit: Charles Hardy &
T. McGlauhon.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol U 1807-11? Pt. 2

13 Feb 1810- Turner McGlauhon to Eliz. Brimage. "Rose"

7 Mar 1810- W. H. Speight to Benj. Hardy Wit: Hardy Oxley & William
McGlauhon- a tract sold by Lurcretia Cricket to Thos. Speight who sold it to
Wm. P. Hardy who sold it to Elizabeth Speight who sold it to me her son
William H. Speight.

24 Apr 1810- Jas. McGlauhon to John Bond Wit: Washington Ashburn. slave.

1 Jan 1810- Turner McGlauhon to John Bond. Wit: Jos. H. Bryan.

14 Aug 1810- Jas. McGlauhon to Thos. Morgan wit. Mullen to Grey.

21 Aug 1810- Clifton to Gray Wit: Thos. Morgan & Turner McGlauhon.

7? Oct 1810- Jas. McGlashon to Baldy Ashburn. Wit: James Palmer.

7 Apr 1810- Geo. Pollok of Phil. to Wm. McGlauhon. Wit: Morgan Jones & Edward

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol. V 1810-12

4 Nov 1811- Everard Garrett of Hertford Co. to Geo. & Martha McGlohn of
Hertford Co.
Wit: Ja Freeman.

4 Nov 1811- Everard Garrett of Hertford Co. to Geo. & Martha McGlohn of
Hertford Co.
Wit: Ja Freeman.

14 Mar 1811- Wm. McGlauhon to Wm. Cowan- Slave Jinney Wit: John Ashburn &
John Capehart.

23 Nov 1812- James McGlauhon to James McNiel- land of John McGlauhon- also
Turner McGlauhon, Sarah McGlauhon Woodsides. Wit: John Woodside, Geo.
Coggeshall, & H. Reynolds.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Book W 1813-16

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Book W 1813-16

25 Jan 1815- Noah White to Geo. McGlan of Hertford Co., Wit: Jacob Perry &
Peter White.

13 Feb 1816- Geo & Mary Outlaw of Hertford Co., to Elisha McGlauhon. Wit:
Geo. Askew & Geo. B. Outlaw.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Book X 1816-18

3 Sep 1816- Elisha Mcglohon of Hertford Co. to Geo. Askew. Wit. Benj. Hill &
Wm. Winns.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Book Y 1818-19

2 Sep 1818- Joshua Ligett & Will Stanton wit. A. Raynor empowers Simon Turner
to settle with Mrs. Margaret Devan exc. of Jeremiah Devan esc. of P.
McGlauhon. stake his poss. int. what may be due est. of John McGlauhon decd.
heirs of P. McGluhon 3,029.54 due to est. of John McGlauhon> James McGluahon,
Turner McGlauhon, Sarah McGlauhon & John Woodside, Simon Turner. (Sorry if
this is confusing!)

7 Apr 1819- George Pollock of Philadelphia 8ac to Wm. McGlauhon. Thos. Holly
& Nancy Mardre wit.

Bertie Co. NC Deed Book AA 1821-22.

28 Mar 1822- Elisha McGlohon of Hertford Co., to Selah Perry. Deed of Gift.

2 Jan 1822- Geo. McGlohon wit. Winborne to Leary.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol BB 1822-28 Vosper notes.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol BB 1822-28 Vosper notes.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol. CC 1828-32. Cont'd.

12 Dec 1829- Judith Meglohon exr. of James to Rebin Lawrence. wit. Jno. H.
Cobb & Charles Capehart.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol. DD 1832-38.

27 May 1833- Geo. W. McGlauhon & A. M. Slade wit. mort. Avis to Tayloe.

2 Jan 1834- G. W. McGlauhon & Jonn R. Webb wit. Blanchard to Speller

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Book DD pt. 2

16 Nov 1833- G. W. McGlashon wit. Wm. Blanchard to Wm. Watson.

3 Jan 1835- G. W. McGlauhon wit. Wm. Watson & others to W. W. Cherry.

13 Mar 1835- ind. (indenture?) inv. C. J. Harrison, G. W. McGlohon, & Cherry
& Blanchard wit. Robert Wynne.

2 Apr 1835- G. W. McGlohon & J. B. Ryan. wit. Casper to Marcus Ryan.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Book DD 1832-38 pt. 3

2 Jan 1834- G. W. McGlauhon & Jon R. Webb wit. Blanchard & Pugh to Jordan

26 Oct 1835- James Williford to Luke McGlohon. wit. Serphi? Smith & John O.

19 May 1835- Alexander Leggett & David Outlaw wit. John H. Cobb of Hayward
Co., Tenn. to John Thomas. land purch. from Jeremiah McGlauhon.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Book DD 1832-38 pt. 4

25 Feb 1837- G. W. McGlauhon & Jno R. Webb wit. Gates to Thos. Redditt.

5 Apr 1837- G. W. Mc Glauhon & Jno R. Webb wit. Culliper? to Mebane?

27 Feb 1838- G. W. McGlauhon & G. W. Capehart inv in deal with Asa Holland &
Jonathan R. Webb. wit: Jehu N. webb & Abram Holder.

1 Mar 1838- Perry to David L. McGlohon of Herford Co., wit. Luke A. McGlohon.

27 Apr 1838- Jno R. Webb to Thos. B. Webb deed of trust. ref toEst. of father
John Webb. Also to note to agency at Windsor with G. W. McGlahon; Judge in
favor of Winnifred Fleetwood $80 stayed by Wm. G. Oxley; wit: Geo S. Holley
&Joshua Raynor.


Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol EE 1838-40

10 Feb 1837- G. W. McGlauhon & Miles Bayly wit. Thomas to Miers.

13 Feb 1839- Fred. Laurence of Herford Co. to Frederick MCGlaulhon. Wit: Wm.
G. Worley & Richardson Pearce.

13 Feb 1839- Fred. Laurence of Herford Co. to Frederick MCGlaulhon. Wit: Wm.
G. Worley & Richardson Pearce.

ca. 1839- Benj. Hardy div. est. among all his chil. Sarah md. James V. Reed-
died leav. Wm. & Geo Reed- Edward Hardy, Rich. Wilder, William J. Hardy &
Andrew J. Hardy give- to Humphry H. Hardy; Wit: G. W. McGlauhon & A. W.

10 Feb 1840- White to Redey Wit: G. W. McGlauhon & Thos F. Pruden.

10 Feb 1840- Thos. Redditt to Starkey Mizells. Wit: G. W. McGlauhon & Wm. B.

6 Jul 1840- Charles Francis D of T to Wm. F. McGlauhon & Geo. W. McGlauhon.
wit: James L. McGlauhon.

16 Nov 1840- G. W. McGlauhon to John Thomas, W. W. Cherry , Lorenzo S. Webb,
& G. W. Capehart, Merch. Wit: Rich. A. Weston & John Gill.

Bertie Co, NC Deeds Vol FF 1841-43

Nov 1840- David L. McGlohon & wife Sarah ment. in Richard Williford land div.

1841?- James L. Webb D of T to G. W. McGlushon. Wit. LJ. Webb & Wm. P. Gurley.

8 Aug 1841- Matthew Hughes D of T to W. W. Cherry. Wit: Geo. W. McGlauhon.

10 May 1841- John Freeman, Shf to Rich P. Freeman: Wit. J. R. Raynor & Wm L.
Pruden. Lands of heirs of Henry Francis- writ from McGlauhon & Capehart,
David Gaskins & Celia Holley. 100 acres.

9 Aug 1841- Sheriff sale of G. W. McGlauhon & Jas. Mardre prop. suit of
Alpheus Lawrence. Sheff to Simon ? R. Oliveira.

23 Sep 1841- Rich. P. Freeman & Sarah Jan Freeman dau of Thos. Worley to John
Freeman. Wit: G. W. McGlauhon & Joshua Raynor.

1 Jan 1842- G. W. McGlauhon & Josh Ryanor wit. Thos Angel to James Palmer.

2 Sep 1843- D of T Wm. F. McGlauhon to John Thomas & Aug. Holley. Wit. James
Ward & James Davidson.


Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol. GG 1843-47

1 Jan 1844- David L. & Sarah McGlohon of Hertford Co. to Henry B. Williford.
Wit: Wm. Dunnen? & Luke A. McGlohon.

13 Feb 1844- Shf. John Freeman to Ameticus Gaskins- against lands of James
Davidson inst by Geo. W. McGlauhon. Wit: Etheton? Wilson & John Chorlee?

18 Jan 1845- John Thomas trustee of Wm. F. McGlauhon to David Gaskins. Wit:
James Ward & Charles Capehart.

15 May 1845- John Hodder mort to Jno Thomas. Wit: W. F. McGlauhon.

8 Aug 1846- Harry Nicolls ot Geo. W. McGlauhon D of T. Wit: P. H. Winston.

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol HH 1847-50

27? May 1847- James Allen to James L. McGlauhon & Thos. Redditt. wit. Harry
Nicolls & J. R. Ferguson.

11 Feb 1848- deed of Trust- George W. McGlauhon to James L. McGlauhon. K.
Beggs wit.

Feb 1848- Hawkins to James L. McGlauhon. Jno J. Sheppard wit.

27 Jul 1848- John Warden? to Jas L. McGlaughan wit- Willie J. Clanny?

15 Aug 1848- G. W. McGlauhon & Sol Cherry wit. Webb (clerk?) to Mizell.

18 Dec 1847- Jas. McGlauhon & Thos. Redditt to Thos. Riddick. John F. Jordan

14 Feb 1849- Biggs & Jas McGlauhon to L. S. Webb. G. W. McGlauhon wit.

6 Feb 1849- G. W. McGlauhon & R. Simmons? wit. Winburn to Rhodes.

30 Apr 1849- G. W. McGlauhon wit NC Mut Ins Co. to Clay & Cherry.

2 May 1850- James L. McGlauhon wit. Haywood? to Hurnesberry?

22 Jan 1850- John R. McGlauhon wit. Gurley & Phelps to Bowen.

28 Nov 1837- Love to Wilson. wit by G. W. McGlaughon & W. R. Webb

Bertie Co., NC Deeds Vol. JJ (II?) 1850-52

22 Mar 1851- Abram Holder to Geo. McGlauhan & Wm. Craig. Wit. Noah H.

30 Nov 1850- J. R. McGlauhon & W P Gurley wit. Rhodes to Thos. Henry.

25 Feb 1851- J. R. McGlauhon wit Phelps & Gurley to E. Brown.

24 Nov 1851- Henry J. Britt to John N. Webb. Wit: J. R. McGlauhon.

27 Sep 1851- Jas L. McGlauhon & H. B. Hardy wit. Biggs to Gray.

14 Feb 1852- J. L. McGlauhon to S? Simmons. Wit. W. F. McGlauhon.

Asa Phelps ment. broth. George W. McGlauhon & wife Minervy. (note : not sure
if this refers to the above deed and if Asa Phelps was the bro. of G. W.
McGlauhon or whether I simply failed to identify Asa Phelps' bro.)

18 Jan 1851- J. R. McGlauhon & David Cobb wit. Worley to Freeman.

12 ? 1836- James & Mary A. Mardre to Geo. W. McGlauhon. Wit: John Thomas &
Michael Mardre. Mary is dau. of James McGlohon.

15 Feb 185?3- G. W. McGlauhon wit. Roulhac to Henneberry.

13 Nov 1850- J.L. & G. W. McGlauhon to MaGavin? Wit: P. Henneberry & Wm. A.

7 Aug 1852- Geo. W. McGlauhon to Wm. Gray Wit. John Webb.

Bertie Co. NC Deeds V. KK 1853-55

15 May 1852- G. W. McGlauhon wit. Roulhac to Wm. Gray.

13 Feb 1852- James L. McGlauhon to Wm. Frederick McGlauhon. Wit: G. W.
McGlauhon. share of Jas. McGlauhon est.

Bertie Co. NC Deeds V. KK 1853-55

15 May 1852- G. W. McGlauhon wit. Roulhac to Wm. Gray.

13 Feb 1852- James L. McGlauhon to Wm. Frederick McGlauhon. Wit: G. W.
McGlauhon. share of Jas. McGlauhon est.

13 Nov 1851- Wm. P. Gurley to James Mardre. Wit: John R. McGlauhon. incl. 1/7
of Edgehill- Fleetwood land purch. of John Lewis Webb-his Father & Mother's
int. in said land.

19 Feb 1855- Josiah Davidson to Wm. F. McGlauhon. Wit: James Ward & James?

20 Aug 1851- James Mardre to Robert Bird. Wit: J. R. McGlauhon & John Gill.

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