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Individual Record
Name: Curry Butler Sex: Male Birth: 1760 Bertie County, NC
Baptism/Christening/Bar Mitzvah: Death: 7 Dec 1822 Lawrenceville, Gwinnett
County, Georgia Burial: UNKNOWN Gwinnett County, Georgia Baptism:
Endowment: Sealed to Parents:
1.X _Folks, Elizabeth_
( - @ North Carolina
2. _Crickett, Mary_
( - born: ABT 1768 @

See Historical Document.

Individual History:
REPO @REPO2@ TITL Butler Family Bible ABBR Butler Family Bible Source Media
Type: Book _MASTER Y REPO @REPO2@ TITL Butler Family Bible ABBR Butler Family
Bible Source Media Type: Book _MASTER Y IDNO 606 EVEN TYPE Authorized War
Pay DATE 16 MAY 1782 PLAC Edenton District,North Carolina TITL North Carolina
Revolutionary War Pay Vouchers, S. 115.73 ABBR North Carolina Revolutionary
War Pay Vouchers, S. 115.73 _MASTER Y EVEN TYPE Property sale DATE 3 DEC 1799
PLAC Bertie County,NC - to John Castellow EVEN TYPE Property sale DATE 10 MAR
1803 PLAC Lincoln County,Georgia - to George Capehart,Sr. TITL Lincoln
County, Georgia Deed Book D ABBR Lincoln County, Georgia Deed Book D _MASTER Y PAGE
pg. 182-184 EVEN TYPE Property sale DATE 1809 PLAC Lincoln County,GA TITL
"Information on Some Georgia Pioneers" by Joseph T. Maddox ABBR "Information on
Some Georgia Pioneers" by Joseph T. Maddox _MASTER Y The Butler family bible
spells Curry Butler's first name as "Currie". I have used the spelling that
is used in most official documents. Oliver Smith Jones, a grandson of Curry
Butler, wrote that his maternal grandfather - and gave his name as Henry
Butler - "..came from Wales in 1755." However, the DAR application of a Butler
descendent states that Curry Butler was born in 1760 in Bertie County, North
Carolina (Appli. of Iris Butler O'Donnell dated Nov. 5, 1960, DAR #477432). The
date in the DAR application is probably correct because a Butler family bible
contains this handwritten item of an unknown date: "They (Curry Butler and
family) moved from North Carolina to Georgia while their children were quite
small; finally settled in Gwinnett Co. Curry Butler died before many of his
children were married - dying in 1822- at the age of 62 years." That would have
made 1760 the year of his birth. It is possible that Curry Butler's middle
name, or perhaps a nickname, was "Henry". The above note by Oliver Smith Jones
indicates that. This supposition is backed by the fact that neither of his
sons were given the first name of Curry. His first born son was named Henry
Crickett Butler and his other son was named Thomas Curry Butler. It is also
possible that that the Jones family history got distorted over time and ended up
by mixing up the father's name with that of his son. We do not know who
Curry Butler's parents were but there were Butlers in Bertie County as early as
1755 when Robert Butler appeared on the tax list. A Mary Curry was also on
that list. One Butler researcher says that Curry's father as a John Butler but
no firm proof of that has been found.----
------------------------------------------------ Other tax lists for Bertie County show: 1784 list of Capt.
Solomon Freeman - 1. David Curry (no Butlers); 1785 list of Capt. David Collins -
1. Isaac Butler, 2. William Butler 1784-1787 1. Robert Butler, 400 acres, 2.
Tobias Butler, 166 acres; Capt. Folks dist. - 1. John Folks 170 acres 1785 1.
Curry Butler (1 acre marked but it probably meant one poll), 2. David Curry.
60 acres, 3. Jacob Curry, 4. James Curry, 50 acres; 1786 Capt. Francis Pugh
district - 1. Isaac Butler 150 acres, Wm. Butler; 1787 - Robert Butler, 480
acres; 1788 - District #2 - 1. Robert Butler, 200 acres, 2. Curry Butler (no
land), 3. Arthur Butler; 1789 - Capt. Wm. King dist. - 1. John Butler, 170
acres, 2. John Folk 250 acres; Capt. Francis Pugh - 1. Isaac Butler, 150 acres;
1793 - Capt. Joseph Eaton dist. - 1. John Folk, 220 acres, 2. John Butler, 170
acres.; Capt. Thomas Pugh dist. - 1. James Curry, Sr. 2. James Curry, Jr.,
3. Jacob Curry; Capt. John Burns dist. - 1. Curry Butler, one poll; 1794 - (On
general alphabetical list) - 1. John Butler, 170 acres, 2. John Butler, 220
acres, 3. Jethro Butler, one poll, 4. John Folk, 260 acres; 1795 - (Curry
Butler not on the general alphabetical list); Capt. John Burns and John Oxley's
dist. - 1. Curry Butler, 75 acres (first appearance with land); 1798 -
Alphabetical list - 1. Curry Butler, 75 acres, one poll, one black poll (where
from?); 1798 - Capt. Burns dist. - 1. Curry Butler, 75 acres, one poll (no black
poll); 1799 - Capt. John Oxley's dist. - 1. Curry Butler, 75 acres, one poll,
2 black polls (slaves?); 1800 (August 9) - Capt. John Oxley's dist. - 1.
David Curry, 175 acres (no Curry Butler - he had left for
Georgia).-------------------------------------------------- Curry Butler was a private (No. 851) in
the Edenton District of the Militia of North Carolina during the American
Revolution. But we know nothing of his service during the war. On January 12,
1785, he was bondsman for the marriage of Jesse White to Sophia Leary. He was
not listed by name in the 1790 census for Bertie County and, of the ten
Butlers listed as heads of a household, none show that they had a man of his age
under their roofs. Perhaps he was working as a hired hand for John Folk whose
daughter he married in 1793. According to the tax lists, he did not own any
land until 1795 a year after he married Mary Crickett. We do not know how he
obtained this tract of 75 acr es; perhaps as a wedding gift from his
father-in-law, John Folk. Bertie County records show that his first marriage was in
January 1793 to Elizabeth Phulks (probably Folk). It is likely that she died in
childbirth because a son, Curry Butler, was born in 1793-1794 and Curry
Butler, Sr. married Mary Crickett on Christmas Day 1794, according to the Butler
family bible. Although no official record appears of his marriage to Mary
Crickett, a marriage bond was not required when a church wedding was performed
as was apparently the case here. Curry Butler, the younger, sta yed in Bertie
County after his father and family went to Georgia in late 1799 or early 1800,
probably living with his grandfather, John Folk. On April 4, 1796, Curry
Butler was witness to a marriage bond of Michael Capehart to marry Sarah Ryan
Butterton, widow of Robert Butterton. This event was noted in Mary Crickett
Butler's bible which had been given to her by her sister Lucretia. Family
cemeteries for both the Capehart and the Butterton families still exist in Bertie
County. The Capeharts were prominent plantation owners in Bertie and their
home, "Atoka", is one of the oldest homes in the county. Elizabeth Crickett,
one of the four Crick ett sisters, married George Capehart, Sr. as his second
wife. After her death, Curry Butler and his wife made a deed on March 10, 1803
to ".. George Capehart, Sr. of Bertie County, North Carolina for one third
of a tract of land in the county adjoining Lowthers Corner, Middle Swamp,
Jethro Coffield and John Capehart, containing 100 acres. This tract was in part
conveyed to Elizabeth Crickett, afterwards Elizabeth Capehart, as her part of
her father's estate". Five months later, on August 6, 1803, Luc retia Crickett
and her sister, Anna Crickett Griffin, sold their interests in this tract of
land to George Capehart, Sr. for one hundred seventy dollars. Curry and Mary
Butler's deed was not recorded until November 1804. It is not known exactly
when Curry Butler moved with his family to Georgia but it must have been
sometime in 1800. On December 3, 1799 he and Mary sold a tract of land to John
Castellow of Bertie County for "300 Spanish milled dollars". It was for land
beginning at a bridge ".. known by the name of Cricketts Mill Bridge across the
Middle branch of Salmon Creek, thence up the Road to David Gaskins Sr.'s
line, thence said Gaskins line to the Run of Sanderlin's Branch, thence the
various courses of the Ru n of said branch to the Run of Middle Branch of Salmon
Creek, thence the meanders of run to the first station, containing by
estimation one hundred acres be the same more or less (the Grave Yard Excepted)."
Signed by Curry Butler and Mary Butler in the presence of Cornelius Ryan, John
D. Castellow, Josiah Rasor. It was proved in the Bertie Court in the May 1800
term on the oath of Cornelius Ryan. The 1801 and 1802 tax digests for
Lincoln County, Georgia list Curry Butler in Captain Espey's tax district, owning
200 acres on Gray's Creek with O'Neal and Thomas Bussey the adjoining
landowners (Georgia Tax Digest 1800-1802, Vol. 2). This tract had been granted by the
Governor of Georgia to William O'Neal and by O'Neal to Martin Hill. This tax
district, at that time, was the least populous of the seven districts in the
county. Curry Butler was on the Lincoln county petit jury for the July Term
of 18 01 and again in 1804. In 1805 he was in the Lincoln County tax district
of Captain Blanton who had taken over from Capt. Espey. On November 7, 1809,
Curry and Mary Butler deeded their 200 acres to John Edwards for $400. This
probably signaled a move to another county. In the 1820 census there is a
Curry Butler in Morgan County in the district of Captain Chisholm. The household
consists of: 1 male 0-9, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 45+, 1 female 0-9, 1 female
10-15, 2 females 16-25, 1 female 45+ and 1 female slave 0-13. It is not certain
that this is our Curry Butler. By 1822, the year that Smith Jones and Anna
Butler married, Curry Butler was living in Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County.
He died there on December 7, 1822. TITL DAR Membership Application of Iris
Butler O"Donnell, approved December 7, 1960 ABBR DAR Membership Application of
Iris Butler O"Donnell, approved December 7, 1960 _MASTER Y DATA TEXT National
Membership No. 177432 DATE 10 JUL 2002 TIME 16:11:37
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