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From: Jeanie McCully <>
Subject: [MCGOUGH] Mary McGough 1826-1891, Ireland>Ontario, Canada>Michigan,USA
Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 15:10:34 -0700


I'm new to this list, and I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with one
of my "gateway" ancestors.

I think I should start by telling how I got where I am. My father told me
his grandparents were John Karn and Mary Jane Wade, that he was a Civil War
vet and she was a teenager when they married and had 3 daughters and that
his mother and father were from Michigan. This was about all he could recall
at the time about his mother's side of the family. I also recalled that my
grandmother told me she had lived in Biloxi, MS. I found the Karn family in
Biloxi in the 1920 US Federal Census (all three daughters, whom I knew
personally, where there), and learned approximate birth years and locations
for John and Mary Jane. It also said the girls were born in Alabama, so I
started searching there. I found Mary Jane's parents there: George Wade &
Mary Jane Wade. George was born in Canada in 1843. Searched again and found
the whole family in 1900 in Wexford County, Michigan, then in 1880 and 1870
in the same place. Looking at the actual census images in 1880 & 1870, I
found George's parents, Dudley and Mary Wade. Dudley was born about 1819 in
Canada, and his wife Mary was born about 1826 in Ireland.

Now I started working on Dudley Wade. One of the first records I turned up
was that there was a marriage record from the Brock District, Canada West,
dated 10 August 1842: Dudley Waid married *Mary McQue*. For a long time,
McQue was the name I tried to find Mary under, with zero success. This was 2
or 3 years ago.

This spring/summer, I found access on FamilySearch to scanned death records
for the state of Michigan in the late 1800's, and found a child for George &
Mary Jane Wade in the right county listed. But the real surprise was a few
lines down: 28 Dec 1891 in Cadillac, Wexford County, Michigan, Mary Wade's
death record. It listed her as born in Ireland, and her parents were *John &
Sicily W . McDue*.

I thought, OK - someone on the marriage record must've had handwriting that
made a capital D look like a capital Q - I've seen handwriting like that.
But I got nowhere with McDue.

THEN: I found death records on for George's brother
Francis Dudley (Frank) and sister Lydia Emaline. Both had a line for name of
father and maiden name of mother. Frank's listed his mother as "*Mary
McGough*", and Lydia's listed her as "*M. E. Gaugh*". This confused me,
until I found and read more about the surname "McGough" on the excellent
website The lightbulb then clicked on for me: the reason she
was listed as "McQue" and "McDue" by some sources was that McGough *basically
rhymes* with those names! The "McQue" could even have been written as
"McGue" and transcribed incorrectly - I've never seen the original record,
unlike all the other documents I've used to support this line. And "Gaugh"
falls into the list of variant spellings.

Now, I still haven't gotten any further, but at least I have found that
there is a viable surname and others with it who may be able to help - and
here I am! I really hope someone can make a connection for me in searching
for a McGough family (Hugh, Sicily W, Mary), at least one of whom immigrated
from Ireland to what is now Ontario prior to 1842. I've looked for
variations of the names on every scanned Canada census I can find, but no

A couple of clues I have uncovered (courtesy again of might be
key to breaking down my brick wall, and might be familiar to someone reading

First clue: Dudley Wade (Mary's husband) was a witness to the marriage of
"W(ater) Clark, yeoman, Southwold twp. (in Middlesex county until 1852, then
in Elgin county) to *Jane McGough*, spinster, Ecford (Ekfrid in Middlesex
county) twp. 31 May 1842 at Southwold twp."( This is 7 months before Dudley
married Mary.) Jane McGough is documented there as the daughter of William
McGough and Letitia Murdock, who later moved with their daughter &
son-in-law (and other children) to Burtchville, St Clair County, Michigan.
Maybe someone here recognizes this family and might know if William had a
brother or other relative named John who fits the time frame.

Second clue: "1837 "Nov. 9 Mahon Boding to Rockseana Wade both of Southwold
by banns. Witness: *John Magough*, Jacob Griffin." Ontario Marriage
Registrations—London District Marriages, 1832–1853, Part
I had already run across Rockseana (Roxanna) Wade as a likely kinswoman of
Dudley. So - proof that another Wade knew another possible relation of Mary.
John Magough (also recorded as McGough and MacGough) of Southwold (which, by
the way, is where Dudley & Mary lived before they left Canada) is documented
as born on March 28, 1820, in county Mayo, Ireland. The date of birth means
he could be Mary's older brother. If anyone knows any more about him: his
parents' names, siblings, etc., maybe they could help me out. At least this
possible lead gives me a place in Ireland to do more research, if it turns
out to be my McGough family.

Thanks for reading, and please let me know if you can help!

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