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History of McGrane (William) Family 1800-1954

James McGrane and Ann (or Nancy) parents of
James McGrane and Bridget Ryan, parents of
1. William, Oct, 4, 1862
2. Marget, Nov. 2 1863*
3. Mary Jane, Feb, 26, 1864
4. James, March 18, 1866 (Waterloo)
5. Christopher, Aug. 1, 1868 **
6. Sarah Catherine, Jan. 30, 1869 *
7. Louis, Feb. 26, 1870**
8. John, Oct. 26, 1871 (died in Wisconsin)
9. Patrick, March 10, 1872 (died in Waterloo)
10. Thomas, Nov. 5, 1874 (lived with Aunt Lizzie)
11. Bridget, Sept. 1876*
12. Elizabeth, March 21, 1878 (Fickbohm)
13. Mary, January, 1880 (Mont)
* Died of dyptheria in one month, July.
** Also died of dyptheria.

1. William McGrane and Margaret Ellen Thomas, parents of
1A. Laura Jane, March 25, 1886
1B. James Thomas, May 9, 1887-Dec. 30, 1942
1C. William Raymond, Aug. 6, 1888
1D Charles Emmett, Nov. 29, 1890-Aug. 7, 1932
1E. Sarah Belle, Feb. 22, 1893
1F. Margaret E., Nov. 27, 1895-July 7, 1897
1G. Lewis Betram, Aug. 31, 1896
1H. Joseph, March 17, 1899-May 11, 1901
1I. Francis, Dec. 31, 1900-Jan. 7, 1901
1J. Marie Bernardine, March 12, 1905

Little is known of the first James McGrane, but it is believed he came from Ireland. Ann (or Nancy), his
wife, remained in Ireland after her folks left to come to this country, making her home with an aunt. She
came alone to America, spending seven weeks at sea to make the crossing.
James and Ann had two sons and one daughter. James was killed in a coal mine in New Jersey, and Ann
took her children up the Mississippi River to Wisconsin where she had a brother. On this river trip one of
her sons was lost -- it is not known if he drowned. She is buried in Shullsberg, Wisconsin. (Nancy and one
sister only ones who married).
James McGrane, our grandfather, son of James and Ann (or Nancy), settled in Shullsberg and was a
farmer. He married Bridget Ryan, of which union there were thirteen children. The terrible dyptheria
epidemic took the lives of five of these children, three of whom died in one month.
William McGrane, our father, son of James and Bridget, was born in Shullsberg, Oct. 4, 1862, and also
was a farmer. He married Margaret Ellen Thomas, and they were parents of ten children. Three of their
children died in infancy. William also worked in the lead mines in Wisconsin, moved to Montana where he
worked in the gold mines, then moved to Iowa (Des Moines) where he spent he rest of his life. He died Oct.
8, 1938.

History of Thomas (Margaret Ellen) Family 1832-1884

Thomas Thomas (wife Sarah McCarn) parents of
Mary, July 18, 1854, Boston - (12 children, 3 died in infancy) (Flannigan)
John, Nov. 13, 1855, Benton - (2 children, 1 drowned at at 26 in Missouri R)
Sarah, Oct. 14, 1857, Benton - (3 children) (Cadden, lived in Dubuque)
Catherine, July 25, 1859, Benton (1 son) (Mont)
James, died in infancy
Theresa June, died in infancy
Elizabeth, died in infancy
Margaret Ellen, July 25, 1863 (10 children)
Thomas, July 21, 1866, Benton (Dec. 22, 1887)

Margaret Ellen Thomas and William McGrane, parents of (see page 1)

Thomas Thomas was born in Donnegal, Ireland in 1832. He came to America when a young man and
married Sarah McCarn (McCairn or McKearn), in Boston, Nov. 20, 1853. The Thomas family moved to
Benton, Wisconsin in 1855 and he worked in the lead mines, where he lost his life Jan. 9, 1868.

Sarah McCarn was born March 17, 1833 in Donnegal, County Clare?, Ireland. She came to America in
1840 with her brother, Charles to Boston. Charles was a sailor and went on a sea voyage and was never
heard of again. Sarah married Thomas Thomas and of this union nine children were born. After her husband
died, Sarah's two sons, John and Thomas went to Montana to Montana to live with her brother, John. John
had gone to Helena, Montana from Denver by stage coach before the Civil War, to mine for gold. (Mother,
who was Margaret Ellen Thomas, said they always believed this old uncle had buried gold dust somewhere
as he was known to have considerable of it, and at his death none was found. He used to save baking
powder cans, and one day all these cans disappeared. It is thought he used them to bury his gold. He died at
Canton, Montana, August 20, 1887, at age 64. Young Thomas met death from a rattlesnake bite at the age
of 21 -- at Diamond City, Montana, December 22, 1887. Young John became a rancher near Helena.
Grandmother Thomas and Catherine Rose went to Montana to visit John on the FIRST TRAIN EVER TO
GO THERE. Grandmother died and was buried in Montana.

Margaret Ellen Thomas, married William McGrane in Benton, Wisconsin, Feb. 3, 1884.

Following are their children's children:

1. Laura Jane McGrane (married Wallace Hartley Kelley), March 25, 1913-Sept. 5, 1954
James Joseph Kelley Navy WW II
Mary Jane Kelley
Robert William Kelley (twin) Army WW II
Elizabeth Ann Kelley (twin)
Theodore Richard Kelley Coast Guard WW II (European)

2. James Thomas McGrane (married Mary Theresa Whalen, June 5, 1924), Army WW I, France.
James Patrick McGrane, Marine WW II, Pacific
Mary Ann Margaret McGrane

3.William Raymond McGrane (married Maude ? March, 1930), Army WW I France, died Sept. 14, 1954

4. Charles Emmett McGrane, unmarried, Army WW I, States.

5. Sarah Belle McGrane (married Charles Ellis Reed), April 25, 1923
Charles Ronald Reed WW II, Pacific, Air Corp
William Warren Reed WW II, Pacific, Navy
Thomas Richard Reed Korean, States, Air Guard

6. Margaret McGrane, died in infancy

7.Joseph McGrane, died in infancy.

8. Francis McGrane, died in infancy.

9. Lewis Bertram McGrane (married Veronica Catherine Rhody), June 17, 1924, WW I, States
Miriam Therese McGrane
Lawrence Michael McGrane Marines (Emergency)
William Ambrose McGrane Army (Germany)
Elizabeth Marie McGrane
Martin Edward McGrane

10. Marie Bernardine (married Donald Robert Stroh) Nov. 27, 1930
Charles Robert Stroh

Margaret Ellen (Thomas) McGrane died in Des Moines on Feb. 10, 1932.
William McGrane died in Des Moines on Oct. 8, 1938

This information was accumulated from Aunts, parents, written and verbal, by visits to Montana and
Wisconsin and talking to relatives by Mayme, Veronica, Sarah and Marie March 18, 1954."

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