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Subject: [MCINTYRE] Irish Archival Sources 1846-1851
Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 09:36:50 EDT


I received this from another mailing list & I thought it would
be of great interest!

Happy hunting, Helen (DCGS)

Irish Views of the Famine - 1846 - 1849
For those who are interested in finding out what made their forbears leave,
and what living conditions were like in Ireland in the 1846 - 151 era I
have found some fascinating (and depressing) stories and archived articles at;

Please understand that these are researchable archives and may take some
trawling and reading, however for an understanding of life at the time they
are excellent sources.
Best Wishes,

(The Url above includes information on the following topics, from excellent
resources, also my apologies for cross-listing)
Personal Diaries
Robert Whyte's Famine Ship Diary, 1847
Gerald Keegan's Famine Diary, 1847
Irish Newspapers
The Southern Reporter. Deaths from Starvation in Cork. February 8, 1846
The Cork Reporter. "Letters to the Editor Protesting Delay in Relief."
February 8, 1846
The Cork Reporter. "The Evils of Delay." March 17, 1846
The Cork Constitution. "Letter to the Editor on Crop Estimates." March 17,
The Limerick Reporter. March 23, 1846
The Wexford Independent. "Fearful Facts" and "Hunger, Cold, Disease and
Deaths." December 16,
The Cork Reporter. Findings of Inquests Conducted Today on Six Famine
Victims, Including Two-Year-Old Catherine Sheehan. January 5, 1847
The Carlow Sentinel. Editorial Castigating Landlords Who Refuse to Aid
Their Tenants. January 9,
The Cork Examiner. Letter to the Editor by Jeremiash O'Callaghan. January
10, 1847
The Cork Examiner. Scenes of Misery. January 11, 1847
The Limerick Chronicle. Starving Dogs Being Killed in Limerick. February 5,
The Derry Journal. Crops Planted Earlier This Years. February 6, 1847
The Belfast Chronicle. Price of Breadstuffs. February 6, 1847
The Mayo Constitution. Man Named Mulloy Found Dead of Want. February 19, 1847
Starving Irish Doubt Government's Willingness to Provide Relief; Priests
Report Dead Going Unburied for Want of Coffins, in The Galway Mercury,
March 1, 1847
The Cork Reporter. Overwhelmed Coroners Stop Holding Inquests for Bodies
Found in the Street. April 29, 1847
The Dublin University Magazine. "The Famine in the Land: What Has Been
Done, And What Is To Be Done." April 1847
The Dublin University Magazine. "Measures for Ireland." May 1847
The Dublin University Magazine."The Song of the Famine." July 1847.
The Cork Examiner. "The Economic Case of Ireland Stated. March 1848
The Cork Examiner. Cork Leaders Again Call for Help. May 23, 1849
The Dublin University Magazine."The Poor Laws, Potato Disease, and Free
Trade." March 1849.
The Dublin University Magazine. "Historic Notes on the Irish Census."
November 1851
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The information contained herein was obtained from sources which I believe
to be reliable, but I cannot guarantee any accuracy.

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