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From: "Steven St. Martin" <>
Subject: [MCKEE] Descendants of Joseph McKee, Jefferson County, Ohio
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 19:58:29 -0400

I submit this in the hope it connects with someone else's work.

-- Steve St. Martin, Columbus, Ohio.

Descendants of Joseph McKee of Jefferson County, Ohio

Joseph McKee was the son of James McKee (d. ab. 1804), who immigrated from
Northern Ireland with two of his children, Joseph (1761-1849) and Elizabeth
(1770-1814). Other children stayed in Ireland. Joseph apparently lived in
Wheeling for a time but resided in Jefferson County, Ohio, at the time of
his death. Joseph's wife's name, mentioned in his 1803 will, was Mary.
Elizabeth McKee married John Humphrey (1752-1841) and I also have
information on their descendants.
Joseph McKee was a farmer and operated a woolen factory on Short Creek in
Warrenton, Jefferson County, Ohio. He married Jane Ramsey and they had 9
sons and 2 daughters as follows:

1. David McKee. Possibly to Belmont County, Ohio.

2. Elizabeth McKee. Married ---- Cain by 1849.

3, Mary McKee. Unmarried in 1849.

4. James McKee (b. Feb. 6, 1800). Married Martha Humphrey. Sons: Robert
McKee, John McKee (d. young), James Alexander McKee (1828-1905; clergyman in
WV, KS), William R. McKee (b. 1832, clergyman in NY, WV), Joseph McKee
(physician in Colorado). James and Martha Humphrey McKee moved to
Washington, IA.

5. Johnston McKee (b. about 1807). Moved to Richland County, Ohio. Wife's
name Caroline. Had a son Johnston N. McKee.

6. William McKee (b. about 1807). Remained in Jefferson County. Married (1)
Sarah ---- and (2) Mary Carruthers. Children: Maria McKee, Joseph McKee
(civil war soldier), William A. McKee, Sarah J. McKee, Samuel McKee, John

7. John McKee (b. about 1808). Married Nancy. Sons: Joseph McKee, William
McKee, John McKee.

8. Ebenezer McKee (b. about 1810). Wife: Sarah. Son: William McKee. To
Richland County, Ohio.

9. Ralston McKee (b. about 1810). Wife: Sarah. Daughter: Henrietta McKee. To
Richland County, Ohio.

10. Joseph McKee (Nov. 27, 1811 - April 11, 1896). Clergyman in OH, NY, PA,
NE, and Los Angeles.

11. Samuel McKee (b. about 1814). Wife: Mary. Children: Sarah McKee, Wallace
McKee, Amanda A. McKee, Cyrus McKee, Emma McKee, William R. McKee, Laura
McKee. To Richland County, Ohio.

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