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From: "Lyn Whaley" <>
Subject: [MCKEE] Slightly off topic I hope you dont mind
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 2003 10:34:21 -0000

Hi all,

Have put a bit of a website together with my family history on it (adding to it daily) and lots of other stuff for everyone to play with - nothing like a game of battleship to blow the dust off!

Ive had my say about on the forum - would be interested to know everyone elses experiences.

Please add to the surname database - the more that add to it the more useful it becomes.

Any constructive criticism would certainly be welcome - please try and be gentle, i'm more used to changing nappies these days than sorting out web pages!

The website is


Lyn Whaley

WHALEY/WHALLEY in Washbrook, Chattisham and Copdock also in Fulham London
MCKEE in Whitehaven Cumberland although previously from Bangor Northern Ireland
O'CONNOR in Tobercurry County Sligo

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