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Subject: Re: coat of arms
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 03:13:45 EDT

The more I think about it, the more I like coming up with some kind of
family emblem for the MacMeanmans (all surname variants included under this
heading). It wouldn't really have to be a traditional coat-of-arms, perhaps
just a clan emblem with instead of a motto, perhaps "Fer Leginn O Domhnaill"
written beneath it, with the Irish "MacMeanman" on top. It would give you a
distinctive graphic readily identifiable as MacMeanman to use on your web
pages and correspondence, and besides, it would be fun.
So the heck with historical accuracy. Are there any artists on this list?
I still like the idea of combining the O Donnell cross with something unique
to the MacMeanmans - perhaps a graphic of the Book of Kells or some other old
manuscript to illustrate the Fer Leginn aspect of the family? For those who
haven't followed the Fer Leginn thread, it is translated "Lector," or scholar
of canon law. Literally, it means "man (Fer) of reading (Leginn) " (I think
- is that right, Ted?)

The Genealogical Office went out of the arms business in 1921. So there
won't be any new arms issued from any official source. If anyone asks, you
could say you granted the arms to yourselves. Sounds like an Irish thing to

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