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Pennsylvania Notes No. 1

McMichael Creek is in current day Monroe County, Pennsylvania. Today, at the head
of the creek, that starts at the mountains, is a fish hatchery. It is a very nice
creek and at the time we were there, it had a few inches of water with a nice flow
to it. The creek empties into the Delaware River.

Village of McMichaels, Pennsylvania

This was a small village in Monroe County, Pennsylvania not far from Stroudsburg.
In 1995, we visited this area and found the McMichael Hotel located in the village
of McMichaels. Apparently the hotel quit operating as a hotel a few years ago, and,
is now owned by six or so individuals that use it as a fishing lodge.

Just around the corner, a number of large homes were being built. This area is
about a two and one-half hour drive from New York City.

Located on the walls of the hotel were two framed documents. One was a land grant
from William Penn to John McMichael. The other, was a letter, and the writer
indicated that John McMichael was a mean half-breed. This brings up an interesting
point as to how long John had lived in the colony. If he is actually a half-breed,
that would indicate that his father was in the colony and married a Indian girl.

McMichael family.

In the book, Trailing Our Ancestors, by Lois McMichael, and edited by Marian
McMichael Richardson, published in 1994, we find on page 1 the following:

"The McMichaels in butts Co., GA, are descended from unknown Scotch-Irish
ancestors. By the turn of the Eighteenth Century, the migration to America of the
Scotch-Irish had begun....

"One immigrant, Charles McMichael of Belfast, Ireland, was granted letters as an
Indian trader by the proprietary government of PA on June 21, 1743. He moved into
Monroe Co., PA, and settled on McMichael Creek which today flows through this area.
Our McMichael family probably descended from this Charles McMichael, as William and
Elizabeth McMichael, our known ancestors, name their first born son Charles.
Diligent research in PA early records might prove that Charles was the father of our
first known ancestor, John McMichael, Sr.

And, on page 3, we find: "Our earliest known ancestor was John McMichael, Sr., who
probably lived in PA, and followed the "Great Philadelphia Wagon Road" to NC...."

I was fortunate enough to find Lois McMichael about the year 1989. I talked with
her a few times on the phone and corresponded some by mail. As she stated to me and
as it is stated in the book, that was published after the death of Lois, she thought
that our ancestors may have come from Pennsylvania. To say "probably" does not have
much fact behind it. It is just a thought without any proof.

Based on when the McMichael name begins to show up in the records of the Carolinas,
I have always wondered if there was time for a family immigrate to the Pennsylvania
colony, live their a few years, or raise a family, and then a child or more of that
family moves to the Carolinas.

First, I will present some information on the McMichaels that I have found records
for in Pennsylvania.

Monroe was not organized as a county until 1836. Therefore, Monroe county records
are not considered. Monroe was organized from an area taken from Northampton and
Pike counties.

Northampton county was organized in 1752 coming from a portion of Bucks county which
was one of the original counties. Therefore, the time period that we are interested
in will be in the Bucks and Northampton county records.

From the various records that I found at the Monroe County Library in Stroudsburg,
Pennsylvania, I have identified the following family and children:

John McMichael who was married 2nd to Hanna (or Johana) Prys (which could be
Price). He could have been born around 1705 or earlier based on the average age for
a father and when the first child was born. John had died before June 9, 1769, the
date of the Administration Bond for Hannah McMichael widow of John McMichael late of
Lower Smithfield Township in the county of Northampton deces and John van Etten of
Forks Township in the said County.

Known children:

By first wife:
1. Annatje (Altje in Diary record) was born about 1732 (based on age in Diary) and
she was christened 19 Oct 743 in Sussex County, New Jersey.
By second wife:
2. Elizabeth was born 26 July 1737(based on Diary) probably in Bucks County,
3. Edward was christened 16 Feb 1752 (based on Diary) in Smithfield township,
Bucks County,
4. Hanna was christened 12 Feb 1858 (based on Diary) in Smithfield township, Bucks
County, Pennsylvania.

Sussex County, NJ is not too far from Stroudsburg and Raritan, NJ is mentioned in
the Diary kept by

From some typed pages titled "Dansbury (Old) now Stroudsburg Penn." and a penciled
comment indicated that they were contained in a collection of Monroe County Cemetery
Inscriptions and may have been compiled by the Historical Society, we find:

"1752 a King's Court had been established at Easton some twenty miles. Justice
Brohead held local sway. The reproduction of a petition of June 13, 1752 for a new
Constable for Dansbury (Misc. Mass Page 53 History Soc.Penn) shows the following men
to have been residence of Dansbury, at the date.

... John McMichael ....

"In 1755 Ephraim Culver had a grist mill & a saw mill, John Drake & John McMichael
each had a Saw mill on the McMichaels Creek & Pocono Creek.

"A Dansbury Mission List of 1754 - from Moravian Gen'l Catalogues In charge

Bethlehem Pa.

"Members... John McMichael's Family - 6 children...."

Based on the above record, we appears we could safely say that two more children
belong to the John McMichael family and, based on the shown above maybe three more
children could be born between Elizabeth and Edward. Based on Hanna's date of
christening, 1858, she may have been born after the above record was made in 1854.

The diary information was published in 1939, "Dansbury Diaries" and it is indicated
the translation, transcription, and collation of the diaries of Rev. Sven Roseen,
Rev. Thos. Yarrell, Rev. Joseph Powell, and Rev. Jasper Payne, while in charge of
the Moravian Mission at Dansbury (now Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) from the originals
in the Bethlehem Moravian Archives, together with notes from the Bethlehem Diaries.

Forks township is located south of Stroudsburg and north of Easton, Pennsylvania.
It would interesting to know the relationship of John van Etten (not sure of
spelling of last name) to John McMichael. In estate packet No. 499 showed an estate
valued at just over 16 pounds.

Researching the deeds in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, we located three records
where John McMichael was selling land or property warrants.

Deed Book A-1, page 284, we find instrument dated 29 Dec 1749, recorded 11 Mar 1763,
where John McMichael of Smithfield Township, Bucks County sold to Richard peters of
the City of Philadelphia, Gentlemen, three property warrants - bearing even date one
for 150 acres more or less, another for 200 acres more or less and the other
likewise 200 acres more or less, for the consideration of 3 pounds Pennsylvania
money. Location of land lying on Pochopocho above the forks of Delaware and over
the blue hills in Bucks County.

Deed Book A-1, page 293, we find instrument dated 5 March 1763, recorded 6 April
1763, where John McMichael of Smithfield township - yeoman sold to Richard Peters,
Rector of Christs Church, St. Peters in Philadelphia three certain properties: one
dated 14 March 1750 being for 500 acres of land where John Burn was taken on a creek
running into Lehigh then Bucks now Northampton; another dated 14 March 1750 being
for 400 acres of land adjoining his other land on Pochopocho Creek in said county;
and the other dated 14 Aug 1750 being for 200 acres
of land on a brook called Marshall's Brook to include a certain fall in the creek
beyond the Blue Hills in said county, for the consideration of 5 pounds lawful money
of Pennsylvania.

Deed Book A-1, page 293, we find instrument dated (was not given or failed to copy)
recorded 31 March 1763, where John McMichael of the township of Smithfield in the
County of Northampton, Yeoman sold to Robert Levers of the City of Philadelphia,
Shopkeeper, all my estate right title . . . from the proprietors earing date 3 June
1748 of land called the Great Swamp on a branch of Jonis (spelling ?) Creek near
McLardner's land then in Buck county now Northampton, for the consideration of 5
shillings lawful money of Pennsylvania.

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