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From: Don Chadwick <>
Subject: [MCMINN-L] The Robert McMinn Family
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 20:59:44 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Jackie & Listers,
I copied this article from a film titled "The Family
of Benjamin "Dilworth at FHC- He married Elizabeth
McMinn. Film # US/CAN 1421619 at any LDS Family
History Library.

The Robert McMinn Family

Robert McMIN of Little Britain Township, Lancaster
Co., Pennsylvania, is the earliest know ancestor of my
father's family. It may be that his brother, William
McMIN, emigrated from Scotland prior to Robert, for we
find a William McMEAN of the county of Lancaster
acquiring 265 acres of land in the county on the side
of Conedoyawainel (Conesogewaines) Creek on 14
January, 1742. This William, then living in
Pennsborough, left will dated 14 August 1746, probated
18 October 1746, naming wife Jenny, and children:
John, William, James, Thomas and Rachel. Executors
were James Woods, George Wright, and John McCormack.

Little Britain Township, Lancaster County, was
errected from Drumore Township in 1738, and in 1844
was again divided, part becoming Fulton Township. On
17 October 1755, Robert McMIN took up 40 acres of land
in Little Britain Township, that part now in Fulton
Township. He left will dated 19 November 1757,
probated 2 May 1758, naming his wife Mary, and
children: William, son-in-law Benjamin Dillworth "who
is marryed to my Daughter Elizabeth", a son-in-law
John Long "who is marryed to my daughter Jane",
grandson Robert Dillworth, son of Benjamin and
Elizabeth; grandaughter Margaret Dillworth daughter of
Benjamin and Elizabeth; and son Robert. Trusty friend
Thomas Robinson of Chester County, and Francis
Armstron of County of Cecil in Maryland were named
executors. Witnesses: John Aken, Isaac Sanders, Smuel

This will is #230, found in Book 3 of Lancaster Wills.
Throughout the body of the document, the name is
spelled "McMEEN"; however, the testator signed it
"Robert McMIN".

The tax list of 1763 for Little Britain shows a widow
McMINN paying taxes of 3s.

1a The William McMIN who took up 50 acres on December
10,1752, and whose warrant for 100 acres is dated 11
April 11752 on Octorara Creek, adjacent to Anthonty
Pickering and others, is believed to be a son of
Robert and Mary. In 1762, Esther McMIN is shown on a
mortgage (Deed Bk H, #27) to be a widow.

2a Elizabeth McMIN, daughter of Robert and Mary
McMIN, married Benjamin Dilworth (which see)

3a Jane McMIN, daughter of Robert and Mary McMin,
married John Long. The Long family settled in Drumore
Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. John Long,
an iron maker, was the earliest member of that family,
coming to America in the late 1730's from Scotland.
The family located at Chestnut Level, and were members
of the Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church for which he
did the iron work. The graveyard contains stones:

In Memory of John Long who departed this life 1783,
aged 57 years.
Here lies the body of Hugh Long, son of Robert Long,
who departed this life September 26, 1811, aged 40
In Memory of Henry Long, who departed this life
August 13, 1776, aged 13 years.
In Memory of Moses Long, son of Hugh and Ann Long,
who departed this life the 15th day of October 1814,
aged 21 years, 7 months.
In Memory of James Long who departed this life
November 22, 1803 aged 69 years.
In Memory of Robert Long, who departed this life,
1806, aged 63 years.

4a Robert McMIN, Jr., born ca 1725, son of Robert and
Mary McMIN, married ca 1748 to Sarah HARLAN, daughter
of William HARLAN, who was born "23rd day of ye 9th
month, and 3rd day of ye week, 1732". The family
removed to Hampshire Countdy, Virginia, previouse to
11th month, 1744, when her father's will was written
wherein he willed her the "sum of 5s current money of
Pennsylvania". It is presumed for lack of other
evidence that both Robert McMIN, Jr. and his wife,
Sarah HARLAN, died in Hampshire County.

1b Elizabeth McMIN, daughter of Robert Jr. and wife
Sarah (Harlan) was born 26 July 1749; married Stephen
2b Martha McMIN, daughter of Robert Jr. and wife
Sarah (Harlan), born 3 May 1752, died 9 July 1849,
married Joel Baily, 15 October 1772.
3b John McMIN, born 3 December 1754, dy
4b Margaret McMIN, born 22 August 1756, dy
5b Joseph McMIN, born 22 June 1758, died 17
November 1823, married 3 times. One wife was
apparently Hannah Cooper
6b George McMIN, son of Robert Jr. and wife Sarah
(Harlan), was born 8 April, 1761
7b Robert McMIN, son of Robert Jr., and wife Sarah
(Harlan), was born 12 January, 1764, served as a
private in the Maryland Militia, and was pensioned.
He married Mary ( ), and in 1794 removed with his
family into South Beaver Township, Beaver Co.,
Pennsylvania. On the 1800 census, he returned:
Rober McMIN, 3 males under 10; 1 male 26-45; 2
females under 16; 1 female 45 plus

By 1830, one son was living in Hawkins County,
Tennessee, and on was living near Sharpsburg,

Robert McMIN died 8 June 1857, near Darlington, aged
92 years, according to the Moruary List for the

On the 1850 census for the township, he returned 26
13-13 Mary McMINN, 50, Pa.
Robert McMINN, 83, Pa

Next door (14-14) lived the family of John McMINN,
aged 53, and next door to him, lived a Samuel McMINN.

In the Wilson Cemetery, New Galilee, Darlington
Township, the following stones are found:

Mary, wife of Robert McMINN, died March 17, 1848,
age 78
Robert McMINN, died 8 July 1849, aged 53 years, 8
months, 2 days.
Mary, wife of Robert McMINN, born March 20, 1800;
died August 25, 1859.
Joseph Douthett, born August 1, 1806, died September
12, 1884.
Jane McMINN, wife of Joseph Douthett, born December
24, 1804.

Some of the McMINN grandchildren, buried in Wilson
Cemetery, are:

Anna E. McMINN, born September 9, 1836; died August
25, 1859.
Mary J. McMINN, born November 13, 1837; died
December 5, 1924
William S. McMINN, 1860-1906 - Katherine McMINN,
1858-1907 (one stone)

pp.482 AND 485, UNDER Roster of Troops in the War of
1812, Captn David Clark's Company, 138th Regiment, Pa.
1814 Thomas McMINN

Captain Armstrong Drennan's Company, First Battalion,
26th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia.
1814 Robert McMINN

Charles Wesley McMIN, born December 11, 1842,
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. His grandfather was
Robert McMIN, the son of a Scotchman, born in
Lancaster County.

The 1850 for Findley Township, Allegheny County, 26
August, has this:
260-260 Andrew McMIN, 69 Pa.
Elizabeth, 51, Pa
Robert, 28, Pa
Smith, 26, Pa
Andrew, 23, Pa
George, 19, Pa
Henry, 15, Pa
Francis, 23, Pa

261-261 Mary McMIN, 79, Pa
Nancy, 46, Pa

And, Hannah Dilworth, born ca 1836, daughter of Robert
and Mary Dilworth of Darlington Township, Beaver
County, Pennsylvania, granddaughter of Joseph and
Rebecca (Martin) Dilworth of the same place, married a
William McMINN, and in 1867, they were living in
Allegheny County.

8b John McMIN, son of Robert McMIN, Jr. and Sarah
(Harlan) was born 11 August, 1766, married; and in
1830 living on the Cherokee Purchase, either in
Alabama or Tennessee. He had at least one daughter
named Hetty, who was raised by his braother, Joseph.
The mother had died when the infant was a few days

9b Mary McMIN, daughter of Robert McMIN, Jr. and
Sarah (Harlan), was born 7 August, 1769; married
-----Murphy and Louis Wilson. In May of 1830, she was
living in Cumberland Co., Maryland.

10b Sarah McMIN, daughter of Robert and Sarah
McMIN, was born 25 April 1772; and died in Cumberland
Co., Maryland. She may have married twice. In 1890,
descendents lived in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Hope this will be of help to someone out there.
(There is Will's I will list on Part 2 Dillworth film)


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