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From: Don Chadwick <>
Subject: [MCMINN-L] McMINN - Nova Scotia
Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 17:41:31 -0800 (PST)

Hi Jackie and Listers:
Jackie suggested I start with my own line:

Thomas McMINN - my ggg grandfather ( Presumed in the
Loyal Militia Georgia, all given land grants in
Township of Preston.
SP: -------- died about 1762
He removed to Preston, NS where he submitted Land
Claim and owned land in Preston. Thomas and his two
sons Andrew and John all recieved land in Preston.
Thomas disapeared around 1801 or 1802. Thomas possibly
had died or moved away between signing Hugh's probate
paper and time of John's death a little more than a
year later.
There is no Will or estate papers for Thomas McMINN
in the Halifax Co. Records.
Thomas did not remain long in Preston, for his house
and barn were up for auction in Sept of 1801.

1. Andrew McMINN - b: c 1761 my gg grandfather
md: 29 Sept 1799 Halifax, Halifax, Nova Scotia
to:(1) Mary Scandler (Scandlin) a widow; md: (2)
Margaret Donaldson, (3) Mary Byrne, a widow with one
daughter. (Andrew McMINN (25-11786_ farmer. Given
land grant in township of Preston. Will 1835 named
executor of Hugh McMINN on the paper filed 30 May
Andrew buisy in Dartmouth, NS
Marriage bonds show that on 29 Sept 1799 he married:

(1) Mary Scandler (or Scandlin) she died 18 Feb 1816.
Children: 1. Jane b: 10 Sept 1802 md: Robert Norris
28 Sept 1819; child Jane Mary Norris. Sometime between
the birth of her last dau. and the making of her
father's Will, Jane Norris must have died, since she
is not mentioned in the Will.
2. John Andrew b: 26 July 1812 (1 June
1801) Md: Elizabeth Frederick (my Gt Grandparents)
3. Info was
4. illegible on these two.

(2) Margaret Donaldson - dau of Thomas Donaldson,
farmer of Eastern Passage. She died in Cholera
epidemic of Oct 1834 0 age 51, by this date Andrew was
73 years old. NO Children.

(3) Mary Byrne (Widow) Died: 21 Mar 1881 - 90 years.
Andrew was 73 by this time. Two months after death of
Margaret (second wife) he married in Christ church for
a third time.
She had a daughter Ann Byrne, who md: Charles Kean.
Andrrew made his Will when he was 74 years old.
Child: Maria was boran when Andrew was 75 and Mary
was 45 years of age. Since Andrew had made his will
before Maria's birth, she was not included in it.
Andrew's estate papers contain an 1870 petition from
Maria and her husband, Francis Kearney saying Maria's
mother, Mary McMinn had promised to settle the will of
Andrew but had not done so.
A second document in estate papers proved that the
estate had been settled in 1840 and the signatures on
that paper were those of Mary McMinn, John Tapper and
Archibald Goreham.
In 1844 Ann Byrne Kean and Mary McMinn sold some of
the property.
After the marriage of Maria McMinn to Francis
Kearney it seemed they were living with Maria's mother
in the family home. Case went to Supreme Court of
Canada in 1879 and eventually Maria obtained
possession of the property.

(1) Hilda F. Kearney, 86 dau of the late Francis and
Maria McMinn Kearney, Dartmouth died 26 Jan 1959.

(2) Amy (Kearney) Richardson of Mill Valley, Calif
died after. Interment in family lot in Dartmouth.

(3) Five brothers predeceased her.
Francis Kearney died 1883, drowned in harbour.

2. John McMINN (Mariner) Died after 1802
(These two sons apparently went to NS with their

3. Hugh McMINN (McMANN)? d: 1802 md: Elizabeth 15 Sept
1790 NS. BUR: 29 June 1827 Hugh McMane - Capt. of the
"Sir William Parker" died intestate Feb. 1802.
St. Paul's Church registar show:
a. Elizabeth Bapt. 1 July 1798 dau of Hugh and
Elizabeth McMane.
b. Joseph Bapt. 1 May 1800 son of Hugh & Elizabeth
McMinn. Both listed as his children.
Burial registar - St. Joseph's
Joseph - 30 Mar 1802 son of Hugh McMain
Elizabeth McMINN of Argyle St. age 65 29 June 1827
(Elizabeth being his wife.)
Chancery Deed of 1830 mentions: Hugh W. McMINN
probably son of Hugh McMINN.
Hugh McMINN's estate not settle until after of his
father (Thomas) and wife Elizabeth. Estate settled
June 1829.

4. Alex McMINN
child: Ann McMinn d: 1842 bur: 5 Jan. age 42 md:
12 May 1821 Jonathan OTT (Brickmaker or farmer,

witness: Robert Norris, husband of Jane McMinn
dau of Andrew (thus Jane and Ann may have been
urch Bapt. Records
Michael Robert OTT - 7 July 1822 - 21 Sept 18222
Andrew OTT - 6 Dec 1823
Jane OTT - 17 Apr 1825
Jonathan Edward OTT - 29 Jan 1827
Mary Ann OTT - 19 Jan 1831
William Alexander OTT 26 July 1831 - Dec 1831
Elizabeth Storey OTT - 8 July 1835
James OTT - 8 Jan 1840
Charles Nelson OTT - 24 Oct 1851 - 1871 age 30
Susan OTT - 24 Oct 1852
Edward OTT - 25 Oct 1854 - 27 Aug 1854 (3 mo.)
Ann OTT died in 1842 buried: 5 Jan age 43. Two of
her children had predeceased her.
Richard (Michael) Robert buried 21 Sept 1822
William Alexander Dec 1831.

More Baptisms were recorded for Jonathan and
Elizabeth Ott and still more to Jonathan and Francis
Ott. Either the father or Jonathan the son must have
married twice.

5. Thomas McMINN (McMANN) b: 1778 USA; It is figured
acording to dates that he was about 8 yrs old when he
came to NS.
Hubbard papers has Thomas McMinn of Burton marrying
Elizabeth GRASS of Burton 12 Sept 1812. ( Cherri B.
who is doing the GRASS/McMANN line agrees with me that
there are to many things that lead to his being a
brother of my Andrew McMINN.) Because Thomas McMANN
came from NS to NB in 1802.
With all I have gathered all research leads to
McMINN/McMANN from NS to NB, where they came from I am
still trying to find. The only other Thomas I found
near the age was Thomas McMINN s/o John McMINN b: c
1714 and Isabella McMINN B: c 1717 both in Chester PA
PA. who md: Mary Black 3 Dec 1774 Chester PA. Mary
b: c 1750 Could find only that she was DEAD no date.
Susan Ofeldt, Carol Grass Glidden, Cherri B. have done
the McMANN line in NB. I have alot of what they have
and Cherri and I have exchanged some.

Andrew McMINN b: c 1761 bp: ? d:
md: (1) Mary Scandler (Scandlin)
1. Jane McMINN b: 10 Sept 1802 d: before 1835 (she was
not in her father's will but her daughter was, it is
assumed she had Died)
Jane md: Robert NORRIS 28 Sept 1819 Christ Church
in NS Had one daughter Jane Mary NORRIS who md:
Jonathan OTT

2. John Andrew McMINN b: 1 June 1801 (date on
But family says he was born 26 July 1812 Halifax,
NS. I have yet to find a birth certificate for him.
d: 24 June 1869 Salt Lake City (Farmington, UT) killed
from being thrown from a horse. He is buried in SLC
Cemetery. He md: Elizabeth FREDERICK, dau/o John
FREDERICK and Mary Ann GEIZER (GEISSER) dm: 10 July
1841 NS.
Children of John Andrew McMINN and Elizabeth
Frederick are:
Mary Jane (my g grandmother) b: 1841 md: James
Woodland Whitaker in Willard, Box Elder Co., Utah
Margaret md: Henry Gilbert
Rebecca b: 1846 d: 1846
Ephraim b: 1850 d: 1913 md: Caroline Bluemel
John Andrew Jr. b: 1852 d: 1920 md: Georgeana Pearce
Rebecca Ann b: 1853 md: Bout Rolfson from Norway
Thomas b: 1857 d: 1944 md: Amanda Minerva Lyons
Augustine b: 1860 d: 1956 md: George Franklin Pearce
William b: 1860 d: 1941 md: Maria Cox
Mittie Emma

Part if these families live in Idaho. Most have died.
but they have extended families there.
I have alot of history on some of the sibblings of
Mary Jane (my great grandmother). This is how I found
what info I do have. I have done research on all of
my great grandmother's sibblings.

When I started researching this line, at age 14. You
had to write letters and wait, wait, wait. Even two
years ago I still had to write letters. It has been a
long process.

I have about every McMINN, McMANN, McMIN, McMEIN in
the country because I did not even find beyond my John
Andrew until a couple of years ago. So I appreciate
those who get anxious about finding their family.
I have helped many with the info I have found on
many families and will continue to do so if I can.
Best wishes.



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