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Subject: Re: [McPETERS] John Alton McPEETERS Family History Account - Part 2 Some notes
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 03:08:35 EDT

Since this is my great great grandfather's account, perhaps some will be
interested in some of my research notes to help fill in this account. Charmaine

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> John McPeeters, son of Jonithan, was
> born June 2d. 1815.(in Haywood Co., NC)

He took part in driving>
> the Indians back in 1838. (Served in Regiment C from Burke Co., NC.
> According to my grandfather, James Newton Angel, who was 21 when his grandfather
> John McPeeters died, and several other grandchildren who had known their
> grandfather well, he spoke fluent Cherokee)

He served in>
> The Civil War of 1861-1865. Was in the Confederate
> Army in 22 regiment under Col _ and
> afterwards Gen Joseph Johnson Petagre. (Severed in Co. K, 22nd Infantry Reg.
> N C Troops, CSA - Enlisted 5 June 1861, a resident of McDowell Co., NC, age
> 46, as a Private. Discharged 10 June 1862 for being overage and to old to
> serve.)

> was under muster 8 mos. At Richmond Va.

> John McPeeters was married twice
> 1st Nancy Snipes, daughter of Thos. &
> Elizabeth Snipes, who lived on the
> waters of Big Crab Tree. (Rachel Nancy Snipes, born 1822, to Thomas and
> Elizabeth Hanks Snipes. Died April 1860 when she was burned to death attempting
> to bring food she had prepared for a group of men fighting a raging forest
> fire along Seven Mile Ridge in the Toe River Valley of Yancey/McDowell Co.,
> NC. Nancy was trapped by a wall of fire in the corner of a fence near the
> McPeeters home.)

2d to Jane Finley,
> daughter of Samuel D. Finley who formerly lived
> in Rutherford(?) Co., N.C. (Jane Finley was the daughter of Samuel D. and
> Hannah Biddix Finley. Born about 1826 in Burke Co., NC, she was first married
> to Charles Mashburn. They had 6 children before Chaarles Mashburn died. They
> were neighbors of the McPeeters)

John McPeeters had
> born unto him 5 sons & 4 daughters, by his
> first wife, Nancy McPeeters, viz, Jonithan
> who was born 1838. Chas in 1841. Sam
> in 1843. Thos in 1846, Mary Ann in 1848
> Elizabeth in 1850. John in 1853
> Hatty in 1854 and Jane in 1856.
> He had born unto him by his second
> wife Jane McPeeters, two Sons viz
> Petagrue (Joseph Johnson Petegrew McPeters, born 12 October 1863) & Robert
> L. McPetagrew. (Robert E. Lee McPeters, born 5 July 1867)
> Jonithan (Jonathan Harrison McPeters, born 2 September 1838) married
> Margaret Angel (Margaret Delane Angel, born 23 October 1841, Yancey Co., NC),
> daughter
> James Angel (and Julia Emeline Phillips Angle) and settled at Burnsville
> Yancy Co. N.C.

Jonathan and Margaret Angel McPeters had 10 children:

Charles Alexander McPeters b. 20 June 1861
John William McPeters b. 29 January 1863

Florence E. McPeters b. 23 June 1868 - married McDaniel "Dan" Hunter who died
shortly after they married. She had a career as a school teacher. Florence
died at age 97 on 26 April 1963. She and her never married sister Alice lived
together for years in a large old three storied house (originally Jonathan
Harrison McPeters house - it was demolished several years ago ) at the entrance to
Burnsville. My grandfather use to take me to visit Florence and Alice quite a
bit when I was growing up. Both very interesting. They would entertain me
with numerous stories about both the McPeters and Angel families.

Sarah "Sallie" Emeline McPeters b. 22 October 1869
Cornelia J. McPeters b. 29 January 1871. She married Jesse Robert Nicholson.
They had no children.

Harriet "Hattie" J. McPeters b. 9 March 1873. Married James "Jim" McIntosh

Alice M. McPeters b. 1 August 1876. She was also a school teacher. Was
engaged to be married when her fiance died shortly after the engagement. She
remained unmarried. Alice died 19 May 1962.

James M. McPeters b. 24 October 1879

Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie" McPeters b. 6 April 1882. Married (Judge) Samuel
Lewis English. She was also a school teacher by profession. She died 19 September

Cora Belle McPeters b. 15 August 1885. She married Judge Charles Cheatam
"Cheat" Lissenbee. Belle died 30 August 1979. Belle and Charles Lissenbee had two
daughter, Martha Margaret and Fleeta Tweatt. Margaret and Fleeta lived with
theri widowed Mother in Marion, McDowell Co., NC. They worked on the family
genealogy for a number of years and were the ones who first introduced me to
genealogy when I was 13 (quite a few decades ago..ha ha ha). At that time they
had John Alton McPeters family Bible and this was the first time I saw the
account written by John Alton McPeters. Margaret was married briefly in 1944 to
Herbert "Hub" Elmer Wall who killed in military service shortly after they
married. Margaret died 23 January 2004.

> Chas. (Charles L. McPeters b. 22 February 1841. He did serve as a
> representative to the NC Senate from Yancey Co.) married Phinettie Proffitt daughter
> Of James and Mary Proffitt. They had born
> to them (1900) 3 daughters and one son viz
> Mary, Francis, Cora & Helen.
> Samuel (Samuel S. McPeters, b. 2 March 1843) married Haley Autry (Mahala
> "Haley" Autrey, b. 15 November 1854) , daughter
> of Harve Auturey. (Havey Autrey and Susannah Hall Autrey of McDowell Co.,
> NC) He had born unto them
> four daughters and five sons and living
> near the Blue Ridge in Yancey
> County (1900).
> Thomas (Thomas D. McPeters b. 1839. Enlisted at age 23, from McDowell Co.,
> NC, Co. B 22nd Inf. reg. N C Troops CSA, as a Private, on April 15, 1862.
> Died of fever 20 May 1862, in Richmond, VA) died with fever at Rish
> mond VA. in 1862, being in the war.

> John (born 1852) was a teacher by profession.
> He died on Laurel in Madison Co. N.C.
> at the age of 28, being unmarried.
> Mary Ann (Mary Ann McPeters born 12 September 1848) married David Angel
> (David Mack Angel, born 29 July 1844, son of James and Julia Emeline Phillips
> Angel, older brother of Margaret Delane Angel McPeters)
> and settled in Yancy Co. N.C. They
> had born unto them four sons and
> one daughter, viz; Nelie (Levi Cornelius "Neil" Angel, born 1 February 1875.
> Never married. Died 28 December 1942), Marrel (Merritt Lindsey Angel, born 4
> April 1877. Married Pansie Bailey. Died December 1958), Jonithan (Johnathan
> "John" Alexander Angel, born 19 April 1879. A school teacher by profession.
> Died of tuberculosis. Never married)
> James (James Newton Angel, born 16 May 1883. My Grandfather. Married Lura
> Irene Angel. Died 6 July 1967, age 84) & Lizzie (Nancy Elizabeth "Lizzie"
> Angel, born 11 June 1881. Married Welsey Robinson. No childen. Died 16 October
> 1968, age 87).
> Elizabeth (Rachel Elizabeth McPeters, born 11 October 1850) married Hiram N.
> Ray (Hiram Newton Ray)
> son of Hiram and Elizabeth Ray. They had
> born unto them 9 sons and 4 daughters.
> Hattie (Hattie Mina born 1855) married Alonzo Honeycutt (William Alonzo
> Honeycutt)
> son of Wm Honeycutt (& Jane Malissa Byrd) He settled at Fe
> Pon H Tenn.* He had born unto him
> 5 sons and 3 daughters. *Found in Unicoi Co., TN in 1900
> census
> Jane (Jane N. McPeters, born 16 July 1856) married Chas McPeeters (Charles
> Alexander McPeters, born 2 March 1850. Her first cousin)
> Son of Chas & Betsy (Elizabeth "Betsy" Ray) McPeeters. They
> had born unto them two sons and
> two daughtersviz, J. Hanibol, John
> Julia & Fanny May. Chas died Feb (4)
> 1891 on California Creek. (Madison Co., NC)

After Charles McPeters died in 1891, Jane and the children moved back to
Yancey Co., NC to a farm in the Caney River Township. This is where John Alton
McPeters was living in 1900.

1900 Yancey Co., NC Federal Census p. 186
1 June 1900
Caney River Twp.

Dwelling No. 244 Family No. 244

McPeters, Jane head, white, female. b. July 1856 age 43 widow
had four children - three living
b. NC; father b. NC, mother b. NC
Farmer, months unemployed 12
can read, write and speaks English
owns farm Farm No. 241

Joe son, white, male b. June 1885 age 15 single
b. NC; father b. NC; mother b. NC
at school 6 mos. can read, write and speaks

Julia L. E. dau., white, female b.July 1887 age 12 single
b. NC; father b. NC; mother b. NC
at school 8 months; can read, write, and speaks

Fanny dau., white, female b. May 1889 age 11 single
b. NC; father b. NC; mother b. NC
attended school 8 months can read, write and
speaks English

John father, white, male b. June 1815 age 84
b. NC; father b. NC; mother b. NC

months unemployed 12
can read, write and speak English.

(Note: this is John Alton McPeters)

John Alton McPeters is buried next to his father Jonathan McPeeters at the
Cane River Baptist Church Cemetery in Yancey Co., NC. They are at the top of
the Angel/McPeters plots at the cemetery. My grandparents farm was located in
the valley behind where the Cane River Baptist church was built. David Mack
Angel was one of those who originally helped build the old Cane River church. My
grandfather served as a church deacon there until his death. My grandparents
were diligent in tending the family graves across the road from the church, and
very diligent in recounting family history. My first memory of being shown the
graves of Jonathan and John Alton McPeeters is when I was 5.

> Chas McPeeters (born 1817 in Tennessee), bro. to John Sam
> Jeremiah and son of Jonithan and
> Rachel McPeeters married Betsy Ray (Elizabeth "Betsy" Ray, born 25 November
> 1821)
> daughter of Joe & Polly Ray. Chas had
> born unto him six sons & six daughters.

It is Charles McPeeters, who had his father Jonathan and mother Rachel reed
McPeeters living with his on the 1840 Yancey Co., NC census.

1840 Yancey Co., NC Federal Census

Listed as head of household - Charles McPeeters

2 free, white males 20 -30 1 free, white female 20
- 30
1 free, white male 80 - 90 1 free, white female 50

Total 5 in household, 2 engaged in Agriculture, none listed as illiterate

1 listed as Pensioners Rev. or Milt. Ser. - Jonathan McPeeters, age 84

Charles McPeeters has his father Johnathan and mother Rachel Reed McPeeters
living in his household

Charles and Betsy Ray McPeters moved to the Ivy section of Madison Co., NC
where many of theri descendents still live today.

> Samuel McPeeters, (born 1819 Cocke Co., TN) bro. to Chas, marr
> Polly Riddle (Mary "Polly" Riddle), daughter of Benjamin
> Riddle & wife (Rachel Austin). To him was born ___
> sons & 4 daughters. He settled and died in Pensacola, Yancey Co., N.C.
> He died Dec x 1899. (written above the x is 14)
> Jeremiah McPeeters, bro to Chas & John
> died at the age of 9 years.
> (signed)
> 7-28-1900 Jno.McPeeters

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