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Subject: [CAPE-FEAR-SCOTS] For McQuilkan, Wilkinson & Wilkie researchers
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Fellow Researchers:

The following was posted on the CAPE-FEAR-SCOTS Mailing List.
For those researching McQUILKEN, McQUILKIN, McQUILKAN,
etc., etc., it should be of special interest. Please note what the author
says about Irish Immigrant Fishing Families in Kintyre. Throughout
the book Angus Martin notes the movement back and forth between
the north of Ireland and Kintyre, especially of those we now know as
McQUILKEN or some other spelling variant.

Also note the very different spellings of our name. I've seen many
other spellings including McCULKIN, McGILLIKAN, etc.


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Dear McQ Researchers,

Though I'm not a McQuilkan nor researching that name, I am interested in
surname changes and so remembered coming across something on the name
McQuilkan and variants.

Angus Martin's second edition of Kintyre: The Hidden Past (John Donald
Publishers, Edinburgh: 1984, second edition 1999) has two supplements on
surnames and surname shifts in Kintyre. Among the names that interest him
are Wilkie, Wilkinson and McQuilkan. (The full sources appear at the end of
this note. In the text, Martin has abbreviated them.)

>From Appendix II, Surname Changes in Kintyre, p. 215:

WILKIE. As an indigenous surname has disappeared from Kintyre, but was
present (only)
in the Grogport-Skipness area in the 19th century, and perhaps earlier. A
very uncommon
name, probably borne by as few as a couple of families. It is an
anglicisation of Mac Cuilcein
(see also WILKINSON), which was a common name in the area. In the petition
of 1852 (see
LOVE), the name Donald Wilkie appears above those of Hugh and Donald
McQuilkan, all of
Crosack (Crossaig). A boat and net belonging to that same Donald W was
confiscated in 1853
by a crew of HMS Porcupine patrolling the Kilbrannan Sound south of
Sunadale, in search of
illegal fishermen. Her name was the Swallow of Grogport. (AF 37/9) Murdoch
McQuilkan or W, in Skipness Village, son of Archibald McQ and Catherine
McKinlay, 68 years old in 1864
(RP Sad & Skip Par, p 57) ; Mary W, in Skipness Village, parents as above
(but mother's
surname recorded as McAuley), 64 years in 1873 (Ibid., p 96 ); Donald W,
above, was the son of Duncan W, fisherman, and Mary Wilson, and died
10.2.1890, aged 80, at Grogport (RD Register of the Poor).

WILKINSON/WILKISON. From Mac Cuilcein (MacQuilkan), which in phonetic
English is MacCuilken, recorded by MacVicar (p. 3), and in that form still
occasionally heard
in local speech. According to Black (p. 560), the Gaelic represents 'son of
Wilkin' (= Scots
Wilkie), diminutive or pet forms of William. Both MacQ and W survive, and
seem to be of
north Kintyre origin, but W was also introduced from Co. Antrim in the
19th century
(See Supplement to Appendix I). Allan McCulkyn in Crossage and Donald bane
[sic] and
Gillaspic McCulkyne in Sperrassaig, c. 1630 (SLK - ); Angus and Duncan
McQuilken in
Margmonigach, 1694 (HTL, 49); Archibald McQuilkan in Runaherin and Finlay
McQ in
Margmonach, 1797 (WHT, 5,6); John Wilkinson or McQuilkan, mason in
Campbeltown in
1881, then aged 48 - son of Angus McQ, born Killean Par (RP 966, 900).

The Supplement to Appendix I, Irish Immigrant Fishing Families in Kintyre,
p. 207, lists among others

Wilkinson, Charles, 57, Antrim (1851 census, district 1, p. 26).

Throughout the book Angus Martin notes the movement back and forth between
the north of Ireland and Kintyre.

Key to his sources in the order they appear in the passages cited:

Agriculture and Fisheries, Scottish Record Office, West Register House,

RP Sad & Skip Par
Register of the Poor, held in the Argyll and Bute Archive, Saddell and
Skipness Parishes

Register of Deaths, held in the Registers Office, Lochgilphead

Register of the Poor, held in the Argyll and Bute Archive

Rev. AJ MacVicar, Surnames Common Throughout Kintyre, Islay and Arran in
the 17th Century, Campbeltown, c 1935, pamphlet

GF Black, The Surnames of Scotland, New York, 1946

Survey of the Lands of of the Lordship of Kinytre, ercording names of
tenants and others, with numbers of horses and cattle, c 1630 and c1653, AP
Bundle 746

Hearth Tax List, being a record of hearths in Kintyre in February 1694,
Scottish Record Office (ref. E69/3)

Work Horse Tax, 1797-1798, being a tax (of two shillings) on all working
horses, Scottish Record Office, refs. E326 10/1 and 10/7, being identical
records except in the variability of personal and place-name spellings

Killean Par
Killean Parish

In the introduction to the second edition Mr. Martin mentions The Kintyre
Magazine, published by the Kintyre Antiquarian and Natural History Society,
subscription queries to Mrs Frances Hood, Craiglussa, Peninver,
Argyll PA28 6QP. The magazine was still publishing in 2000 and might be of
use to those researching roots in Kintyre.

Best regards,

PK Murphy in Toronto
Ever in pursuit of Archibald McIntyre, born c 1747, likely in Argyll,
immigrated to America 1802, possibly to NC, in SC for an unknown time, in
by 1819, died Rankin Co, MS, c 1842

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