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Subject: RE: Samuel McRoberts Sr.
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 08:23:13 -0400

Hello Amanda;

Thank you for your information on Sir Alexander and Lady MacRobert (no "s").
I hate to disappoint you but I doubt that there is a connection. If so, I
would love to share information with you. If there is a connection it would
probably be with Sir Alexander's GG Grandfather John McRobert who moved to
Drumblade, Aberdeenshire around 1700 his daughter was born 1709).

His grandfather is my GGG Grandfather. He was born in Tarland,
Aberdeenshire, Scotland. His father John moved from Drumblade,
Aberdeenshire when the landowners starting kicking the croft farmers off the
land. John went to Tarland, his brother William and 2 sisters went to
Banffshire (no issue), 3 brothers went to Australia (1 with issue), and 1
went to Kent, England (8 children, most of which went to Massachusetts or
Onterio, only 1 male had issue, in Massachusetts). I have been working on
tracking all of the McRoberts from Sir Alexander's GG Grandfather to present
and I did not find anyone named Samuel.

On Lady MacRobert (they added the "a" in Mac), I have quite a bit of info as
my grandfather corresponded with Lady MacRobert for several years after
seeing the article in Life magazine in [June?] 1941. Sir Alexander had 3
sons. Alasdair died in a plane crash at Luton Aerodrome in 1938, Roderick
died while attacking an aerodrome in Iraq (Mosul?), in 1940 and youngest
brother Ian was missing in action 1 month later while on patrol over the
North Sea. Lady MacRobert donated the funds for 4 fighters, 1 for each son
and another for the Soviet Union. She also donated the Bomber which was
named "MacRobert's Reply."

Ironically I am related to Sir Alexander through my mother, and Lady
MacRobert (nee Rachael Workman, Worchester, Mass.) through my father.

I wish you luck in your searches. I hope that my information is helpful.

Sincerely, :)


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Subject: Samuel McRoberts Sr.

Some interesting information that may lead us to the origins on Samuel

A message board says...
There is a McRoberts building at Stirling University, Scotland. Lord
McRoberts made a fortune from the East India company and was a great
benefactor and the building was financed by his widow as a memorial.
Amongst the tunes written by Willy Ross, one of the greats names in
Scottish piping, is a lament "The Flight of the Eaglets (McRobert's
Lament)", written for Lady McRoberts on the death of her two sons who were
Royal Air Force pilots.

Another website says...
Throughout the history of the Kinloss Royal Air Force station, the
development of community relations has always been extremely important.
Every year an open day was held to which local dignitaries and members of
the local community were invited . One frequent visitor was Lady McRoberts,
whose four sons were all killed in action with the RAF during the war, such
was her loyalty to the service that she bought a complete Lancaster Bomber,
known as 'McRoberts' Revenge' in their memory.

During WWII my Grandfather said there was a cover story on Lady McRoberts
donating this airplane. Now I have looked for it a couple times at flee
market and have never been able to find it but the above information is
interesting. Now, even more interesting is the fact that a McRoberts
researcher told me that he has a piece of documentation (which I have never
received) stating that Samuel McRoberts Sr. came from Fincastle Glen
Scotland. Now looking up the location of Fincastle Glen it is about 30
miles from Stirling University using Perth and Kinross as a guide. See this

Now that is a lot of lines to connect without the proper documentation but I
am on my way out to Fincastle on Monday, August 25th and I will return on
the 27th so hopefully I can find the above mentioned documentation that he
came from Fincastle. Having other McRoberts in the area makes me lean
towards this area as one to pay special attention to in looking for Samuel
McRoberts' roots. I hired a researcher in Scotland and they sent me
Historic maps of Glen Fincastle. We will see where this leads us!

I welcome any and all input!

Amanda McRoberts-Valencia


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