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Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 21:59:26 -0500
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As far as I know you may need permission if it is a private cemetery. I have
never hesitated taking photographs in a cemetery. Until recently the
officials at a local cemetery (owned privately) would actually chase folks
away that were attempting to photo or copy headstones. Thru much negotiation
with the local historical society a public record has been made of the
"residents". Years ago when I visited the Scotland Cemetery (Stephen Webb) I
photo'd the stones with a 1 mp digital camera - now that I have a much nicer
camera I can't wait to get back to take higher res photo's.


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Subject: [MD-CEM] When visiting a cemetery...

Do I need permission to take photographs of tombstones and/or make
transcriptions when visiting a cemetery? If so, who would I get permission
from? I was reading through several web pages relating to the tombstone
transcriptions and photographs projects, and securing permission was
mentioned. It never crossed my mind to ask permission, and I have been
taking digital photos in various cemeteries (not during funerals and always
when there's no one else in the area visiting). The cemetery I'm interested

in is North East United Methodist Cemetery as I've many ancestors buried

Thank you,

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