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From: Doris Goldsborough <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 18:44:35 -0300


I have gotten several emails regarding my email I recently sent regarding the Moreland
family. Instead of writing to each of you, I thought it best to combine all
of my info in ONE email.

The message below is basically all that I have on the Moreland family .I received this
info from Tammy H. Marchewka, RR l, Box 2938, Connellsville, Pa 16425) in 1993
so perhaps you could write to her. She was tracing the Huff family. (could also be
spelled Hough).

I live in Garrett Co., and notice that there are 28 Moreland families listed in the
C & P Telephone directory.


Doris Goldsborough wrote:

> Bernice,
> What I have, along with some other info, is a small booklet "Stepping Stones
> O'er
> More-Land"--a History of the Moreland families. It was compiled by the late
> Mrs. Fred Bennett and I was given permission to use any/all of her her
> son.
> She started out with
> " Dedication
> This history is dedicated to the memory of my parents, my English Mother, my
> German Father, it is to them that I owe my stamina, my will power, and my
> perseverance, (without that, no family history could ever be written). I
> dedicate it also to the younger generation, that they may know" from hence
> they came". Every
> day of life is a challenge, from the cradle to the grave.
> Amanda Rebecca Moreland; born 1860, died July 13, 1898, age 38, rests in Camp
> Hill, Paw Paw, married John Henry Lyons, he died October 10, 1908, age 84,
> born was 7 children - Samuel E., Myrtle, Orie W., Pearl ,Etta A.,
> WilburVernon "Gib"
> Lyons and Ethel B. Lyons. Ethel E. (Lyons) Farley died November 21, 1981, age
> 84
> Samuel E. Lyons, Sr., born 1879, died June 8, 1958, age 79, married Paula Mae
> (Dicken} Filler, born 1885, died June 20,1976, age 91, rests in Queens Point
> Cemetery, Keyser.A Methodist, a 50 year member past Worthy Matron of Alkire
> Chapter of Eastern Star. 3 children - Samuel E. Lyons,Jr., Vera, and Alvin
> Loyd Lyons. Samuel E. Lyons, Jr.born October 18, 1916, married Lucille Lyons,
> children-Eva (Lyons) Nicole, Patricia Ann Lyons, and Melissa Mae Lyons.
> Vera Lyons married Oliver Z. Noland Sr. 3 children - Oliver Z.Jr.,Ruth Eilean,
> and Donald Noland, Riverdale, Md.
> Alvin Loyd Lyons, born March 30, 1907, married Ruth Boltenof of Washington,DC
> Myrtle Lyons born 1882, died February 14, 1970, age 88, married John Gross,
> born to their union 5 girls-Joyce Gross married Robert L. Shrestmore, Norfoek.
> Iris Gross married Cook? Pauline Gross, Lillian Gross, and Coleen
> Gross.
> Orie W. Lyons, born March 28, 1885, in Paw Paw, died March 27, 1965, age 79.,
> was a retired wholesale grocery salesman, Methodist faith, buried in Camp
> Hill.
> Pearl L.(Lyons) Combs, born 1889 in Paw Paw, died May 20, 1965, age 76, 2 sons
> Wilbur F. and William L Combs, 2 daughters-Thelma R. (Combs)Knell, and Mrs.
> Russell Sprinkle, buried in Camp Hill Cemetery nenar Paw Paw, W.Va.
> Etta A. Lyons, born January 29, 1891, died November 20, 1979, age 88, retired
> after 40 years with J.J. Mattingly Bro. and a Methodist, rests in Camp Hill.
> Wilbur Vernon "Gib" Lyons, born 1894, died July 31, 1968, age 74, married Nona
> Beatrice Wolf, born 1897, died 1969, age 72, lived in Kingwood, WVA,
> born-Clifford Vernon, Glenn Wilbur Lyons, and Maxine Lyons -married
> H.R.Gibson,Oakland
> Ethel (Lyons} Farley, given above, was blind. she left a son Guy Farley, Jr.
> of Warrenton, Virginia. Ethel was also a Methodist.
> -----------------------------
> Sarah Eleanor Moreland, born 1834, in Cacapon, V. died 1918, age 84, rests in
> Frog Hollow Cemetary, married Mr. Huff, born was William and John Huff.(She
> was l of 8 children, daughter of John Moreland and Mary Margaret (McBride)
> Moreland. Mr. Huff died. Sarah Eleanor (Moreland) Huff, later married
> Elijah Goldsborough, born 1809, died1891, born in Yorkshire, England, came to
> America age 12, was lock tender at Oldtown, Md., later had thorough bred race
> horses from England, he had a race track in Egypt, a section of S. Cumberland,
> he also brought fighting roosters, he bought a 450 acre farm near Oldtown,
> born to Elijah and Sarah Eleanor (Moreland) Goldsborough, Daniel Busey
> Goldsborough and Dora Goldsborough, Also a third son.
> Dora Goldsborough married John Wilford Twigg. They had Ruth, Myrtle, Jessie,
> Catherine and Mary Twigg.
> Daniel Busey Goldsborough b, 1874, d, December 23, 1959, age 85, married Nora
> Hardy Leonard, born September 19, 1883, died February 10, 1963, age 80, rests
> in Rose Hill Cemetery. to them was born-Sarah L. Goldsborough, married William
> Plyes (*I wonder if this should be Pyles), Fort Ashby, WVA
> May Florence Goldsborough, m. S. H. Fryer, Vandegrift, Pa.
> Cornelia Goldsborough, m. William Manross, Springfield, WVA
> Leah Susan Goldsborough, married Alvin Kuntz. Kittaning, Pa.
> Audrey Iona Goldsborough, m. Milburn Wolf, Adrain, Pa.
> Nora Bell Goldsborough, married Bernard Walsh, Akron, Ohio
> Robert Daniel Goldsborough, married Mary Susan Heath, Brandonville.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Mary Margaret McBrides Father, drowned on a raft taking grain on logs fastened
> together with hickory down the stream, and went over the dam at Capon River,
> WVA.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Susan (Moreland) McCulley's father, John Moreland ran a thorn in his leg, he
> cut it out with his knife,and blood poison caused his death.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> This history was given me by two lovely women, Mrs. Pearl (Henderson) Croston,
> and Mrs. Mary (Filler) Moreland, separate versions, I tried to combine, then
> separate, I hope I did a good job. The end.
> =========================================================
> ==========================================================
> Does any of this help you? There may be some other info but it is late,
> probably too late to have typed all of this. I'll proof read it in the a.m.
> to make sure the info is as written.
> Bernice Carter wrote:
> > Doris, Barbara Algieri and Bernice Carter on this list were looking up the
> > MORELAND family. Anything you have will be appreciated. Thanks

July 16th, 2000
My husband's grandfather was m. (2nd wife) to a "Widow Huff". His name was William
Mahon Goldsborough I. I am finding
relationships among the Huff, Goldsborough, and Twigg families!!!)

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