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From: "Bill Pyles" <>
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 16:04:25 -0400
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In 1996, all that I did was call SS and provide death info on my
sister-in-law. I nhad the correct info, but suppose I "thought" the death
was something other than the correct info. Suppose the checks were
deposited into her account for several months when someone noticed it. When
discovered someone called ss with incorrect info. That is the reason you
here that someone has been declaared dead by ss.
Bill Pyles

> Frankie,
> Birth information on an SSDI application is provided by the person
> However, when entered into the database, an error may have occurred. All
> information on a death certificate is provided by someone else, who may
> misinformation, but the death date is probably most accurate on the death
> certificate.
> Carol

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