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Subject: [MDALLEGA] Re:Crystal Park.
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 14:04:12 EDT

This question is a bit off the topic of genealogy, but qualifies as
history... so I'll ask it.( besides it will add to domestic tranquility since my dear
hubby and I can't agree on the location) Where was Crystal Park? There was a
park in LaVale just beyond the Narrows where there was a large round building
that held a roller rink in my day. I think there were also amusement park type
rides etc there at an earlier time. Maybe there were camp meetings etc there
at the turn of the century. There was also a similar park on Rt 220 south of
Cumberland, but not as far south as the Celanese plant. We've surveyed friends
of our age, and have had different opinions. Any help from fellow geezers
(not sure I can spell septagenarian) would be appreciated. BJ

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