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I grew up in Cumberland and remember Crystal Park as being in the area in
the Narrows. Could be I am was
many moons ago! If my memory serves me correctly, at the entrance there was
a cage on each side....a bear (I think) was in each one.
Can someone jostle my memory????

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> This question is a bit off the topic of genealogy, but qualifies as
> history... so I'll ask it.( besides it will add to domestic tranquility
since my dear
> hubby and I can't agree on the location) Where was Crystal Park? There was
> park in LaVale just beyond the Narrows where there was a large round
> that held a roller rink in my day. I think there were also amusement park
> rides etc there at an earlier time. Maybe there were camp meetings etc
> at the turn of the century. There was also a similar park on Rt 220 south
> Cumberland, but not as far south as the Celanese plant. We've surveyed
> of our age, and have had different opinions. Any help from fellow geezers
> (not sure I can spell septagenarian) would be appreciated. BJ
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