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From: "Glenn C. Riffey" <>
Subject: Re: [MDALLEGA] Re:Narrows Park
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 21:38:39 -0400
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About Narrows Park:

This past weekend I was asking a few people older than I, am I'm in my 50's,
about Narrows Park. They told me that it was just outside the narrows, as
you start up Rt. 40. It was on the left about where the old Penn Mar Motors
was located, which today is an abandoned old building - the first one on the
left leaving the narrows - and where a fast oil change place is. From there
it ran up the road to where a present day skating rink is located. This is
quit a large area, if it is the correct area and most likely it is.

There was suppossedly a dance hall, a skating rink, picnic area, a casino of
sorts located there and it was quit active all year round. Below are two
links. The first one goes to the complete on-line Herman & Stacie Miller
Photo Collection of Cumberland; this has hundreds of photos. And the second
link goes to the part of the collection that covers the narrows as well as
some photos of the Narrows Park. Maybe someone will recognize something and
can help pinpoint the exact location of the park.


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