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From: K <>
Subject: John B. Martin
Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 10:56:36 -0400
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There's a John Martin in the 1900 census that I think is mine and his
occupation does in fact look like "Sawyer." The death certificate really
looks like it says Lawyer but I don't have L's and S's to compare. I
wonder if the coroner copied something that was written and mistook
Sawyer for Lawyer?

Is it possible to find a record of any divorce at this time? John and
his wife are not found living together after 1880 though she is listed
on his death certificate.


> While I cannot answer your question about the Bar Association, I will
> share an amusing experience that might be relevant. In doing family
> research, it was reported to me that the occupation of the person I
> was interested in was lawyer. This occupation seemed out of character
> with everything I knew about this person and his family. I was
> perplexed. Months later I looked up the original hand written
> source. Upon critical examination, it became clear that the
> occupation was actually sawyer, rather than lawyer.
> Walt Warnick
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> K wrote:
>> On December 28, 1906 John B. Martin died in Cumberland, MD. He
>> didn't live there though, he lived in Corrigansville. His death
>> certificate indicates he was a lawyer. I'm almost positive I've got
>> the right person's death certificate but I'm a bit surprised to learn
>> he was a lawyer.
>> Does anyone know if it's possible to learn more from the state Bar
>> Association about someone who died so long ago? Would there be any
>> records? Does anyone know how to research this?
>> Thanks!
>> Kathy

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