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Were this James Fletcher and Henrietta Taylor married in Allegany Co.? I
don't have a James Fletcher in my line that could have married in 1868.

What can be confusing to many is the fact that most of the Fletchers in
Allegany Co. stem from two different lines of Fletcher families, plus a few
"strays" from outside of the area, some from Virginia. The first is from Philip and
Mary Sullivan Fletcher, who ran the tavern near Flintstone for around 20 yrs,
between 1833 and the time of Philip's death in 1854. The second
line.....doubly confusing because many of them lived near where Philip did.....come from
children of Philip's youngest brother Daniel Fletcher. Daniel was 20 yrs
younger than Philip, and had a farm in neighboring Bedford Co. Several of Daniel's
children lived in the Flintstone area, as well as in Cumberland. Yet another
Fletcher group were part of the family of Alexander Fletcher, and lived near
Piney Grove and Little Orleans. Their relationship to the others is a bit more

Here is the group that came to Bedford Co. in the late 1790s:

1. Jacob Fletcher and wife Maria Magdalena Hess. This Jacob, born Johann
Jacob Floesser, was the son of German immigrant parents Johann Jacob Floesser
and Anna Margarethe Reichardt, who'd emmigrated in 1732. They had a farm in
York Co., PA. After the elder Jacob's death, the son moved down to Taneytown,
MD. There he married Maria Magdalena Hess, and all of their children were born
over the next 20 yrs.

2. Their children, unmarried at the time of their coming to Bedford Co.:
Jacob, John, Baltzer, David, Michael, Daniel, Elizabeth, Mary, Barbara. Coming
separately were Philip and his wife Mary Sullivan, who were married back in
Taneytown, Frederick Co., MD (where the rest of the family lived as
well--Taneytown is now in Carroll Co.). Philip's first child, also named Jacob, was born
back in Taneytown, and it's believed that the rest of Philip's children were
born in Southampton Twp., Bedford Co.

Philip began buying land early on in Allegany Co., MD, but didn't move his
residence there until around 1833. His farm was in the neighborhood of the town
of Pratt, on the east side of Polish Mtn (east of Flintstone). Altogether,
Philip owned around 700 acres, including the log tavern on the main wagon road
to Cumberland (where they built Rt. 40). After Philip died in 1854, the
balance of his family--including his widow Mary--stayed on the farm, until it was
sold in 1860, about the time that Mary died. Philip's son John Fletcher--seen
living next to his father in the 1850 census--moved down off the mountain and
into the town of Gilpin (between Flintstone and Polish Mtn). Philip's son
David, never married, went to live with his sister Elizabeth Fletcher Barkman up
in Bedford Co., where he died. He's buried in the Barkman Cemetery in Monroe

Philip and Mary's family looked like this:

1. Jacob. Had a farm in Monroe Twp. up on Addison's ridge, along Big
Sidling Hill Creek. Died in 1875, and is buried in the cemetery on the farm,
overgrown with trees now.

2. Elizabeth. Married Joseph Barkman. Had a huge number of children. The
Barkman farm was near the farm of Philip Fletcher's father Jacob, in Monroe
Twp. The Barkman Cemetery is there.

3. Mary Ann. Married Robert Lashley. The Lashley farm was just below the
MD/PA line, between Flintstone MD and Chaneysville, PA. The Lashley Cemetery
is there, where Robert and Mary Ann are buried.

4. John. Married Rebecca _-(unknown, possibly Chaney). John and Rebecca,
discussed above, lived next to Philip, and later moved down into Gilpin, MD.
It's likely that John and Rebecca were buried in the Philip Fletcher farm
cemetery, though that was believed to have disappeared when the state widened the
cut through Polish Mtn to turn Rt. 40 into an interstate highway (I-68). John
and Rebecca had a number of children, some of which are buried in the IOOF
(Odd Fellows) cemetery near Flintstone.

5. Judith. Married Henry B. Elbin. Judith and Henry lived in Flintstone,
where Henry ran a small grocery store. They had no children. Judith died
around 1875, and Henry Elbin remarried. Henry and his second wife were buried in
a church cemetery near Flintstone, while Judith was probably buried in the
Philip Fletcher cemetery, which, as stated above, was probably destroyed.

6. Susannah. Married George W. Elliott. George and Susannah lived near
Flintstone. They had 1 child, Helen. Susannah died shortly after the birth, and
George later remarried. Susannah was likely buried in Philip Fletcher's farm

7. Michael. Wife's name unknown. Both died in either an accident, fire, or
from illness around 1847, leaving six orphaned children. The children were
split among the family, some living with Philip and Mary, and some living with
two of Michael's sisters. The Philip Fletcher who lived down near
Westernport, MD, was one of those children of Michael's. He's buried with his wife's
family in the Dayton Cemetery near Dawson, MD. All of the other children of
Michael Fletcher were believed to have moved away from Allegany Co., some to the
Midwest. Of these six children, there was a Mary Elizabeth Fletcher that I've
not been able to trace. Do you think she married one of your Gerdemans? Do
you have a marriage date for your Anthony Gerdeman?

8. Julia Ann Fletcher. Married Martin Asa Adams. They lived in Cumberland,
and managed a couple of small hotels. They had no children. Both are buried
in Rose Hill Cemetery in Cumberland.

The family of Philip's brother Daniel would be too involved to summarize
here, and as stated above, many of his descendants lived near Flintstone and
Cumberland in the late 1800s and 1900s. You asked about a Francis and Baltzer
Fletcher. There were a couple of different ones in Monroe Twp., Bedford Co.,
during the 1800s. If you give me their spouses, I can help sort them out for you.

Hope this helps.


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