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All this talk of shivarees reminds me of the current fraternity tradition of
'poling'. When a fraternity member gets engaged, he is kidnapped by his
fraternity brothers, stripped to his underwear (or less), tied to a pole,
then covered in whatever leftovers happen to be in the house fridge. Many
photos are taken, and a message is delivered to the future bride as to the
whereabouts of the future groom, and she has to go untie him. Thank goodness
they don't do it on the wedding night!
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> We have an article from the Frostburg Mining News re: just such an event
> for
> my husband's grandparents. The year was 1886.
> MARRIED---In St. Michael's Church, Tuesday morning, Jan. 26, 1886 by Rev.
> V.F. Schmitt, Mr. John Chambers and Miss Mary McAllister of this place.
> Frank
> Spates and Miss Lizzie McAllister, the bride's sister attended the happy
> pair. Wednesday evening the residence of the groom was thronged with
> congratulating friends. Merriment, gayety, fun and the good things of
> life galore ruled
> the hours until morn decked the oriental sky with rosy fingers. Thursday
> evening the Arion band tendered a serenade and were handsomely
> entertained.
> Mary Ellen Chambers
> Lakewood, OH
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