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From: Joseph Mckenzie <>
Subject: [MDALLEGA] Oak Hill Cemetery Lonaconing,Maryland
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 20:05:50 -0400

I am trying to help this person, She found me on the internet. Is anyone
close to Oak Hill Cemetery. This lady wants to put stones on her great
grandparents graves, They are located near a PHILLIPS stone in Oak Hill
Bertha Belle (Bishop) Dick Dob: 1882
James R. Dick Dob June 5th.????
I did find a James Dick Born 1877 in the 1880 census in Lonaconing,Md. But
not sure its him.

thank you for getting back to me...

Okay my grandfather James Preston is still alive he lives in frostburg, My
grandmother Clara jean dick was his wife she's in frostburg village nursing
home and isnt in any kinda of state that she can tell us anything about her
mom and grand parents..

this is as much as i know
ruth e dick (my grandmothers mom) was born April 1919 (from ssdi she died
Feb. 1967)
ruth's parents bertha belle bishop (DOB march 1882) married james r dick(DOB
June 5th not sure of the year) , from what my grandfather knows they are all
buried together in oak hill .. he thinks that they are somewhere by the last
name phillips grave.. about once a month my grandfather puts flowers in the
grass right phillips grave. he wants to put grave stones on there spots
before he pass's ... but he isnt really sure where they are.

thank you for your help.

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Hi Jessica
Are your ancestors names James Bertha Dick and Ruth Evenlyn Dick ? can you
take a guess about when they died? Is your Grandfather still alive? What is
the Philips name have to do with the other people? Can you tell me the
Children of James and Ruth, One of these Children is you Grandfather's
parent is that right? So ask you grandfather about the birth and death dates
of all of these people and see what he has to say. I bet you he has a lot to
tell you. So be ready to take notes and then sent another Note.

On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 3:07 PM, <> wrote:

> Hello Joe,
> I've been looking for my great great great grandmother and grandfathers
> grave site's. I've been told that they are in oak hill in lonaconing MD. I
> know there names are James Bertha & Ruth Evenlyn Dick. My Grandfather always
> goes to that cementary and puts flowers by a grave with the philips name on
> it cause he was told they were buried there. We would like to get head
> stones for my realatives, if we knew where they were. can you help me with
> this?
> thank you for your time
> Jessica
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