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Subject: [MDALLEGA] MDALLEGA Digest, Vol 5, Issue 8
Date: Wed, 6 Jan 2010 17:01:30 EST

I was wondering if anyone could answer a question about a school for the
deaf in the Frostburg/Allegany Co. area during the 1920's. My grandmother
Margaret Geneva "Jennie" Taylor (maiden name) accompanied her younger
brother Charles William "Bill" Taylor to a deaf school so she could learn signing
too to teach the rest of the family. Where might this school have been?
I'm aware of the Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick, MD but I
don't think that was the school they went to because my grandmother didn't
mention living at the school. And, I don't think my great-grandparents
could afford the train ride from Frostburg to Frederick everyday
(great-grandfather was a coal miner). So was there another school closer to or in
Frostburg? My grandmother and her brother were featured in a local newspaper
(could have been the Cumberland Times) because she was a hearing girl
attending a deaf school.
Thanks in advance for any input!!

~~Eve Marie

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