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Subject: Re: [MDALLEGA] REsearching CW enlistees
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2010 18:34:22 -0500
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Thanks to all who have been researching this and passing it on to the
rest of us.

On Nov 7, 2010, at 12:37 PM, Priscilla Engeman wrote:

> Good Job!
> Thanks!
> Priscilla
> On Nov 7, 2010, at 9:32 AM, Judy Lantz wrote:
>> I found a reference to this draft in Lowdermilk's History of
>> Cumberland,
>> 1878 edition, pg. 415. July 1, 1864 "At this time about one hundred
>> men
>> were drafted for three years' service to make up the county's quota
>> under
>> the last call, and 170 were drafted for the one hundred days'
>> service."
>> Hope this helps.
>> Judy Lantz
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>> Subject: [MDALLEGA] REsearching CW enlistees
>> to research all 170 men listed. I would
>> assume there were many more than just these listed on this date, in
>> other
>> newspaper editions, etc. I could help in transcribing these 170
>> names, but
>> it wouldn't seem to be a complete list to me, and I wonder if there
>> would
>> already be another source out there with a list. I wish we knew
>> where
>> these
>> 16 districts placed on a map. It would help to locate where these
>> men
>> lived
>> within Allegany Co.
>> Heh gals, The first place to start looking would be a possible
>> history of the county that includes a roster of all regiments and
>> names. (Lake/Geauga counties in Ohio had an 1878 history of the
>> counties produced by the Williams Bros. - I do not know if they only
>> did Ohio, or other states.) Pennsylvania regimental history was done
>> by Bates.) GOOGLE and try searching for Maryland regimental
>> rosters
>> and see what can be found.
>> ALSO - has the CW databases - some of them you can
>> search by county - don't key in any names, just search for Allegany
>> county Maryland - see what you get. Or if you can search by town,
>> do
>> that , town by town -
>> Another place is the 1890 Pensions List - that can be searched by
>> county, and will give you all living in Allegany Co. MD that is
>> receiving a pension. REMBEMER tho, that this is any pensioner living
>> in the county - so he could have moved from another county or state.
>> All this has to be proved.
>> Their also is an 1883 pensioners list - I think there are 5 volumes -
>> available on google books. (this version is MUCH easier to use than
>> the same books found on
>> Local county libraries, historical societies also have local
>> regimental history.
>> Also check various scrapbook collections at his. soc. I checked our
>> scrapbook card file for a CW vets name, and found an 1880 roster that
>> had been printed in the local paper, when they were erecting a
>> monument. Each town in the county had submitted their CW veterans
>> names and regiments.
>> Also, once you know regiments, you can search online and so many
>> people have dedicated many years to researching the regiments, and
>> have loads of info online and SOOOO very willing to share.
>> ALSO - how many researchers on this list have data on their own
>> ancestor that they would be willing to share????
>> IF this project would be undertaken by a group of you (IT DOES TAKE
>> MORE THAN ONE RESEARCHER -) decide in the beginning where the project
>> will wind up - historical society? )
>> The project I am involved with will have a WALL OF HONOR in the
>> historical societies main hall , listing all proven veterans names.
>> For those killed in battle there will be a code and another code for
>> those who died of their wounds.
>> THEN any additional data we locate (photos, mini bios, b/m/d, obits,
>> death certs., etc.) will go into a database, that will be accessible
>> thru the history centers website.
>> As I said we started with 2800 names for the two counties, and I have
>> to prove which were from my county, which should be between 1363 and
>> 1800. And all others will be deleted. Our list will only include
>> those who lived in the county at time of enlistment.
>> If anyone needs further sources, just holler - will be glad to assist
>> all I can. I have learned more about the CW in the past 4 months,
>> than I ever thought I wanted to know.
>> Ruth
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