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Author: debstart1
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More Bad news......

I hit enter or something on the last one, and it posted without my finishing, hence this second post.......

I am Debra ann Start () and don't subscribe to this site, so I don't know how to post this any other way. When its free again, I'll see any replies to these posts. I'd love to hear from a member who could help me with this site and posting, etc. PLEASE EMAIL ME.........

Anyway, Bill Duprey aka "Start Central", according to his widow, Kimmie, passed away last July........>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I'm sure all of you feel as I do, even those of you, such as myself, who only knew him from his posts and willingness to help.......>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I intend to stay in touch with Kimmie and anyone else from N.E. or CA or Canada, as I could would love to find some relatives with my genes......>>>>>>I am very alone and my limited family is almost all gone.........>>>>>>>>>>>>

Back to Bill: as you read this, maybe a moment of gratitude and prayer for a kind soul who tried to help quite a few of us. Bless You and Keep you Bill(and Kimmie)....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am going to finish this 2nd"RE" off, but the next posting is crucial to any of u who want to know about the Start genealogy in US (a bit of Canada too)from the 1600's to 1890ish.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My family has the same hard copy book on Start Genealogy that Bill had. It was finished and published by a William Augustus Start in MA in 1894 and goes back to a few NY Starts in the 1600's. There was a Romeo and a Rollo Start -hoho- and a Nathan Hale Start. Anyway, You can get access too if u read the next posting:............
RE: Start Family. ......>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I'll post the URL address to the National archives in it so u can read it online (its a b*tch) or download it....>>>>>>

As for me......Please email me if you have info on Vermont(Starts or Shattucks, Weston, vermont), Mass(Starts or Stewarts, my 83 yr old Wellesly mom would love to meet u)), or Ontario, Canada Starts from 1890 to present. We're probably cousins of some sort.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

My grandfather, Ritchie Sean Start(born in 1892, Canada, Ontario? his mother born Canada, father born Vermont, maybe Weston-I think his mother was a Stewart) died in 1941. .......>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
His wife, my grandmother, Marion Stewart Start, (born 1903 in MA, as well as her parents) and my father, Donald Stewart Start (who I also didnt know due to divorce) died when I was just a child in the early 70's).

Lets all fill in the blank pages in the book from 1890-present.........>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Next posting will have the URL and maybe I can attach the book as a file....hmmmm, I'll try.

Happy hunting and look forward to meeting/talking with a few of you. ........>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>(Hope this gets posted where you all may see it; I can't figure out how to put this up as a posting rather than a thread.)

all the best Debra

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