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From: "John Ashbury" <>
Subject: [MDFR] History Moment - 7-1-08
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 06:14:41 -0400

On July 1, 1815, the Rev. Dr. Frederick Hatch, D. D., was installed as the
rector of All Saints Episcopal Church on North Court Street in Frederick. He
remained in Frederick until 1819.

July 1, 1817, was the first day of operation of Farmers & Mechanics National
Bank, Office of Pay and Receipt, in a room in a tavern at Second and Market
Streets in Frederick.

On July 1, 1819, Michael Taney, father of Roger Brooke Taney, stabbed his
neighbor - John Magruder - to death at his Calvert County home and fled
Maryland. He died a year later after a fall from a horse in Loudoun County,

On July 1, 1843, John Nelson, a native of Frederick and son of Revolutionary
War hero Roger Nelson, became Attorney General of The United States in the
administration of President John Tyler.

On July 1, 1851, Dr. George Diehl became the pastor of the Evangelical
Lutheran Church on East Church Street in Frederick. It was during his
pastorate that the present twin-towered sanctuary was erected. His service
to the church ended on December 31, 1887. In 1888, he helped organize St.
James Lutheran Church in Frederick and was its pastor until October 15,
1891, the day he died. He was buried in Easton, PA.

On July 1, 1930, Clarence Thomas Kemp, owner of Kemp's Department Store on
The Square Corner in Frederick, died of Parkinson's Disease at his home at
208 Rockwell Terrace. He was buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery. He was born July
5, 1862.

On July 1, 1959, the Town of Walkersville acquired the Walkersville Water
Company at a cost of $60,000, $15,000 in cash and $45,000 in debenture

If anyone can add information to these History Moments,

or would like to suggest an item for another calendar day,

please contact me privately.

John W. Ashbury

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