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Subject: [MDQUEENA] Black pupils in Jackson district , Louisa county, Virginia 1884
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001 10:51:24 EDT

This information was taken from the Louisa County Historical Magazine. I
hope that it will help someone.
the only student list available in 1884 was Alice Burrow's list from
public school number 4. This was a black school in Jackson District. There
are a large number of students for one teacher by today's standard. the ages
of the students are in parentheses.

Harris Brown(10)
westly Boxley(5)
Eddy davis(10)
elex Davis (8)
Maurice Johnson (6)
James Johnson(10)
Charlie Johnson (6)
Johnny Kinney (12)
conly Minor(9)
Collins Meridith (9)
Thomas Meridith(10)
Joseph W. Pettis (10)
John W. Pettis(10)
Frank Taylor(11)
Jordan Taylor (10)
Linian Watson(9)
Walter Waddy (9)
Walter Waddy (9)
Nicholas Winston (8)Mary Brown(10)
Julia Brown (10)
Malitida Brown (14)
alice Banks (15)
Ella P. Brown( 10)
Harriet Boxley (140
emily J. davis
Mattie Ellis (12)
Ida Jordan(12)
Emma Johnson (17)
Patsey Johnson (15)
Jenie Johnson (11)
Eliza Jackson (13)
Eliza Meredith (120
Ellen L. Meredith (9)
Alice Nelson (11)
Alice Pettis (9)
eliza Smith (12)
Maria Taylor 15)
Amanda Taylor (15)
Alice Thomas (11)
Kate waddy (11)

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