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From: "Elizabeth F. Randolph" <>
Subject: [MDSTMARY-L] Robert FORD, II, son of Robert FORD the immigrant
Date: Thu, 10 May 2001 12:47:25 -0700

01. Robert FORD II, (inherited tracts of land "THE STRAND," "MAYPOLE," and one acre of "DOWNHAM" from his father) born around 1664 St. Mary's County, Maryland, according to a deposition in 1715 stating he was 51 years of age; married 1) name unknown; probably married 2) Mary HEARD, widow of James TANT, between 5 June 1718 and 11 May 1719; married 3) Margaret, surname unknown; Will dated 27 December 1735, probated 15 September 1740 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

COMMENT: For a little background on Mary Heard. She married James TANT around 1705. At the time of their marriage, James TANT had two children, Ann TANT and John TANT, by his first wife, Mary TATTERSHALL. Mary and James TANT then had three children-Mathew TANT, born around 1705; Elizabeth TANT, and Mary TANT. They lived on plantation "Revell." James TANT died in 1717 and Mary administered his estate. On 5 June 1718 Accounts showed her as Mary TANT but Accounts filed 11 May 1719 showed her as Mary FORD, wife of Robert FORD. So she certainly married a Robert FORD but the question is which one. It could have been Robert II or possibly, his son, Robert III. It is difficult to come up with a good estimate for her birth date; I would guess around 1685 which would make her 20 years younger than Robert II but older than Robert III. I am guessing she married Robert II and it is just a guess, but if so, she was not the mother of all of his children. We know daughter of Robert II, Teresa, was born in 1705, a good 14 years before Mary could possibly be married to Robert II. Again, just a guess but I doubt if she was the mother of any of the children of Robert II.

Robert II had six children per his Will:

01.01. John FORD, (inherited from his father a portion of tract of land called "STRAND" plus portion of small tract called 'DOWNHAM').

01.02. Robert FORD, III, (Inherited from his father half of a 100 acre tract of land called "STRAND" and portion of small tract called "DOWNHAM"); married 1) name unknown; married 2) Teresa VAN SWERINGEN PARKE, daughter of Gerret VAN SWERINGEN and Mary SMITH, and widow of John PARKE; Will dated 12 November 1753, probated 31 January 1754 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Per Will he had daughter, Monica FORD who married John FENWICK

01.03. Peter FORD, (inherited from his father land called "May Pole" and portion of small tract called "DOWNHAM"); married possibly as his 2nd wife, Mary, surname unknown, widow of Joshua MILLARD per Margaret FRESCO in "Marriages and Deaths St. Mary's County, Maryland"; Will dated 10 February 1763, probated 4 June 1766 in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

According to his will, he had children: Richard FORD, Bennett FORD (who was deceased by 10 Feb 1763 but had two sons, Peter and John Jarrat FORD), Peter FORD, John FORD, and Persilla FORD

01.04. Monica FORD, married 1) Thomas SHIRCLIFFE prior to 1735; married 2) Henry BRYAN; died after 17 July 1761 when her husband made his Will.

01.05. Teresa FORD, born around 1705 per deposition dated 3 August 1730 stating she was "Twenty five years or thereabouts"; married 1) Thomas COOPER; married 2) Richard WIMSETT by 1730; died after 10 February 1763 when she witnessed the Will of her brother, Peter FORD.



(MSA S517-6)

Teresia Winsett wif of Richard Winsett late widow of Thomas Cooper late of St Marys County Innholder Deced aged Twenty five years or thereabouts on the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God Declares that during the life time of her sd late Husband & in his House in Seymour Towne she this Depont. heard Richard Kewellirn late of the County afd Deced ask William Brewer to go off from some Plantation (but what Plantation he meant is unknown to this Depont) which the sd Brewer refused to do whereupon the sd Kewellirn offered the sd Brewer a Plantation during his the sd Brewers life time in Case he the sd Brewer would go off But the said Brewer Still refusing to go off the sd Kewellirn told the sd Brewer that in Case he the Sd Brewer would not go off by fair meanes he the sd Kewellirn believed he should force him off and further Sayeth not.

01.06. Anastasia FORD, married a MATTINGLY


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