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From: " Burger" <>
Subject: [MDSTMARY-L] Dorothy Abell
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 13:16:10 -0500

Linda thanks for mentioning your site. I found the list of Maryland families, and to my amazement found that Dorothy Abell daughter of Samuel Abell and Eleanor O'Bryan had also married Ignatius Ford, s/o of John Ford. I pulled up everything I could find about Ignatius Ford and did find his Probate of April 2 1771-April 19 1771 where it states that Dorothy Ford is his Administratrix.

Also found his will abstract that I had stuck back,and was struck with the Witness Robert Wimsatt, Jr, but could not find any primary documentation that this Dorothy is the same as Dorothy Abell who married 1st Robert Wimsatt in Maryland then John Barton Abell in Kentucky.


1. Who is this Robert Wimsatt, Jr? All I have is Robert Wimsatt for Dorothy's husband. Is he the same one as the Jr?

2. Do you have any primary documentation on the marriage of Dorothy Abell to Ignatius Ford?

3. For that matter, do you have any primary documentation of Dorothy being the daughter of Samuel Abell and Eleanor O'Bryan other than the will of Samuel Abell calling Bennet Wimsatt his grandson, and Mary Abell d. 1815 calling Dorothy her sister?

These wills being posted on the Will Forum are a god send to me. I would never have sent for the Hayden, Cole, Manning, Fenwick, Hill etc wills, and they really fill in gaps for me. Thanks to all of you for them. Don't stop!! I'll post the rest of the Mattinglys (32 altogether but not all St. Mary's County) when my eyes rest up a little.

Thanks Judith Burger

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