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From: "Theresa Leonard" <>
Subject: Re: [MDSTMARY-L] June 1st virus
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 13:53:43 -0400

Thanks to my colleague Rob Sloan, please note that this is a hoax email. See:

Terry Leonard
Reference & Instruction Librarian
Gifts & eReserves
St. Mary's College of Maryland

>>> <> 05/29 12:49 PM >>>

I know I have e-mailed you and so I may have sent a virus to you that was
sent to me!! Cyber illnesses, good grief!. It is dormant until June 1st and
then will become activated and it will supposedly delete all files and
folders on the hard drive. It attaches through the e-mail and migrates to
the 'C:\windows\command' folder. The anti-virus programs do not dectect it
since it is dormant until June 1st.
I am sorry if I sent it to you. Here are the instructions to delete:

Go to start
Go to "FIND" or "SEARCH"
Make sure the find box is searching "C" drive
Begin search
If it is found; highlight it but do not open
Go to "File" and delete it
Close the find Dialog Box
Open the recycle Bin
Find the file and delete it from the Recycle bin
You should be safe.

Alternately, you can hold down the shift key, press delete, and respond YES
when it asks if you wish to delete an executable file. This bypasses the
file being placed in the recycle bin.
Cheryl Riley Cain

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