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From: Linda Reno <>
Subject: Re: [MDSTMARY-L] Clarke, Meekin, Beard land
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 12:04:49 -0500
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Hello everyone,

I only have one other Bennet Clarke in my database and he was the son of Robert
Clarke and wife, Elizabeth (widow of John Price and I believe this is the same
Bennet who died in 1810. Robert Clarke was the son of John Clarke and Elizabeth

11/28/1744: Admin. accts. of Robert Clarke, SMC. Sureties: James Stevens, John
Clarke (of Chaptico). Payments to (among others): Elizabeth and Ann Price
(orphans of John Price, their portion of their father's estate); William Knott,
who married an orphan of John Price (her portion of her father's estate).
Distribution to: widow, 1/3. Residue to (orphans): Bennet Clarke, Susanna
Clarke. Admx: Elizabeth Clarke.

1753-1758: William Meakins owned "Speedwell", 100 ac., "St. Margaret's
Fields", 100 ac., "Beard's Choice", 50 ac., "St. Margaret's Forest", 100 ac.
(SMC Debt Books). Now we see he owned the same property in 1760 (Papist Lands).

3/13/1798: Deed to Bennet Clarke from Bennet and Ignatius Rhodes "New Design",
252 ac., 3/13/1798.

1799-1800: Deed to Bennet Clarke from Joseph Greenwell (of George) and his wife,
Elizabeth (Rhodes) Greenwell her dower in "New Design". (Chr. of SM).

12/20/1808: Deed to Joseph Maryman from Bennet Clarke, Edmund Norris and his
wife, Mary for their right to "Speedwell", 100 ac., "St. Margaret's Fields", 100
ac., "Beard's Choice", 50 ac., "St. Margaret's Forest", 100 ac., 12/20/1808
(Chr. of SM).

Will of Bennet Clarke, SMC, 7/29/1810-8/16/1810. Grandchildren: Children of my
daughter, Mary Norris, $200 and the use of a negro girl named Margaret for one
year. Wife: Elizabeth, half of all the land where I now live and half of all
of my personal estate. My negro named Charly to be sold. Half of the money to
be paid to my wife and the other half to be paid to my daughters, Margaret
Clarke and Mary Norris. To: Joshua Millard, $10 for the use of my half sister,
Linna (Lena) Gatton. Daughters: Margaret Clarke and Mary Norris, the residue
of my estate, equally divided. Exec.: Wife, Elizabeth. Wit: Bennet Wimsatt,
Richard Heard, Clarke Abell.

I have not yet been able to place Linna (Lena) Gatton. Not sure if Gatton was a
married name or maiden name.

Note that Elizabeth, wife of Bennet Clarke, did not participate in the transfer
of property in 1808, therefore I believe she was a second wife.

Bennet Clarke, as noted above, also owned "New Design". By 1821, this property
was in the possession of James Davis. Now we've run into another "nest" of
Clarkes. James Davis m. Mary Clarke, 10/1/1796.

This Mary Clarke had two sisters, one named Ann and the other Barbara. I don't
know the parents.

In 1810, Barbara Clarke was head of household. 1810: 1F 10-15; 1F 16-25; 1F
over 45; 0 slaves. Not sure which one is Barbara.

Will of Barbara Clarke, SMC, 3/11/1818-6/9/1818. Niece: Julian Walker, one bed
and furniture and one chest with all of the clothes in it. Sister: Mary Davis,
all of the clothes I have with me now at James Davis'. Exec.: James Davis.
Wit.: Robert Hammett, William Heard.

Ann Clarke, sister of Barbara, married Daniel Walker (widower of Ann Joy who he
m. 1/17/1801), 2/4/1804.

James Davis also owned "Pt. of Ishmael's Right", 25 ac., which he sold to Hatch
Turner , 6/22/1821. He stated that he had bought the property from Elizabeth
Clarke, widow of Aaron Clarke. Well, I don't even have an Aaron Clarke, but I'm
sure there must have been one. Of course, I could have solved my own mystery
here. James Davis probably married Mary Clarke, daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth

1753-1758, John Evans and Samuel Bellwood are each shown as owning "Ishamel's
Right", both listing 165 acres.

"Ishmael's Right", 300 ac., Harvey Hundred, surveyed 10/5/1666 for Ishamel
Wright, back in the woods of Patuxent River. Possessor: John Evans, lives in
Prince George's County. 2/9/1733: 165 ac. to John Evans, Jr. and wife from
John Evans, Sr. (SMC Rent Rolls, 1639-1771).

Samuel Bellwood married Frances Stiles by 1739. Donnelly states that Frances
was the daughter of James Stiles who died in 1762, but I believe she was his
sister. Frances Stiles m. second, Henry Greenwell, Jr., 1752-1753. He was the
son of Henry Greenwell and Eleanor Clarke. I believe we have now just about
gone full circle--at least here we are, back in the Clarkes.

4/10/1753: Admin. accts. of Samuel Bellwood, SMC. Sureties: Fergus Keough,
Benjamin Fenwick. Distribution to: accountants, 1/3. Residue to (children):
Ann Bellwood (aged 11); Samuel Bellwood (aged 8); William Bellwood (aged 5);
Henry Bellwood (aged 2). Adm: Frances Greenwell, wife of Henry Greenwell.

1753-1758 Samuel Bellwood is shown as owning "Ishmael's Right", 165 ac.,
"Bellwood's Grove", 128 ac., and "Pt. of Style's Chance", 16 ac. (SMC Debt

Any thoughts?

Linda Reno

"Jerry L. Clark" wrote:

> Dear Tom, List, or Linda Reno
> Thanks Tom for finding this.
> I'm not sure who these Clarke's are as yet, but Richard Langhorn
> Clarke and wife Cloe ? had a son Cornelius Clarke who was baptised in
> St. Andrews Parish. But when Richard Langhorn Clarke and wife Cloe ?
> took there family to Kentucky about 1795 this son Cornelius Clarke
> stayed in Maryland.
> The Kentucky Clarke's know nothing about this son Cornelius Clarke or
> who he married, or what happened to him or his children if he had
> any, but I'm wondering if Tom hasn't uncovered some records
> concerning him.
> The only two other Cornelius Clarke's . One was a son of Wilford
> Clarke and Elizabeth Strader. Wilford Clarke was the brother of the
> Cornelius Clarke who stayed in Maryland. Cornelius Clarke baptized
> 8/8/1773 I believe in St. Andrews.
> I know of one other Cornelius Clarke in the early years. There was a
> Cornelius Clarke who married Mary Mathaney daughter of Daniel
> Matheney and Frances Bean. This Cornelius Clarke was the son of
> Zacharia Clarke and Sarah Mary Payne, Sarah Mary Payne (Clarke)
> remarried to Joshua Neale son of Joshua Neale and Ann M. Morgan.
> Zacharia Clarke was the son of William Clarke and Mary Maryman.
> William Clarke the son of Robert Clarke Jr. son of Robert Clarke Sr.
> and Sarah Combs.
> I will state though that the Rhoades Family is related to my Clarke's
> in Kentucky. and an Abraham Rhoades married Mary Gough daughter of
> James Gough and Priscilla Heard. I would not be surprised at all if
> This Abraham Rhoades had a daughter then that married this Cornelius
> Clarke, or perhaps a Rhoades very Closely related to him.
> My Clarke's married Cousins very often.
> it is obvious to me though that whoever these Clarke's are they are
> coming through Robert Clarke Sr. and Sarah Combs somewhere down the
> ancestral chart. but I don't know enough yet to place him. maybe
> Linda knows better where these Clarke's you found belong.
> It's also Interesting that the Beard Family is coming into picture
> again. There was a Neale Clarke who married Rachel Beard. This Neale
> Clarke I believe is related closely to Robert Clarke the Surveyor.
> This Neale Clarke gets some of land called Clarke's Inheritance, but
> Neale Clarke moved to Ann Arrundel County, Maryland, but maybe some
> of the Beard family was still in St. Mary's County, MD.
> >Good morning Linda & list
> >
> >Awhile back Linda asked this question. Perhaps this will help.
> >
> >
> > (Linda Reno) to:
> >
> >The following deeds are relevant and maybe Tom Jennings can tell us more.
> >
> >Deed to Joseph Maryman from Cornelius and Margaret (Clarke) Rhodes for
> >"Margaret's Fields", Margaret's Forest", "Beard's Choice", and "Speedwell",
> >10/30/1815.
> >
> >Deed to Joseph Maryman from Bennet Clarke, and Edmund and Mary (Clarke)
> >Norris for all of their right to "Speedwell", 100 ac., "St. Margaret's
> >Field", 100 ac.,"Beard's Choice", 50 ac., and "St. Margaret's Forest", 100
> >ac., 12/20/1808 (Chr.of SM).
> >
> >*******************
> >Will of Robert Beard 3/18/1683; 8/7/1685
> >To grandsons, William & Robert Meakin 300 acres pt of 3 tracts:
> >St. Margaret's Fields, St. Mgt.'s Forest, & Speedwell at age 21; other to
> >inherit
> >portion if other dies.
> >daus (Granddaus?) Margaret & Eliza. Meakin if above die w/o heirs
> >
> >
> >Papist Lands in St. Mary's County 1760; Chron. St. Marys Vol.49 p89
> >William Meeken:
> >Pt. Beards Choice 50
> >St. Margaret's Fields 100
> >Speedwell 100
> >St. Margaret's Forrest 100 total 350
> >
> >Is this a double pay, Beard to Meekin to Clarke?
> >
> >Tom Jennings

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