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I have that Raymond Stapleford/Staplefort married ______Goodrick, daughter of
George Goodrick and his first wife _____ (his second wife being Ursula Gifford).

Will of George Goodrick, Charles Co. 6/25/1673--no probate date; sons, Robert and
Francis, Execs., 600 ac.; dau., Mrs. Stapleford and grandson, Charles Stapleford;
dau., Mrs. Gunby and granddau. Constant Gunby.

Will of Raymond Staplefort, DO, 8/11/1684-9/3/1687. Son: Charles, all land except
400 ac. Son: George, land at head of creek. Daughter: Mary, 100 ac.,
"Staplefort's Lot". Residue of estate to be equally divided among wife and
children. Execs.: Maj. Thomas Taylor and brother, George Thompson. Wit.: Wm.
Robson, William Robson, Jr., Jno. Phillips.

Elizabeth Randolph: states that this family removed to Dorchester
Co., MD where Raymond Staplefort died. His will dated 8/11/1684 and probated there
9/3/1687. He mentioned his wife and 3 children and appointed his brother, George
Thompson as one of the Execs. George Thompson was his brother-in-law as he was his
wife's sister's second husband. NOTE: This is Margaret Goodrick who m. first,
Barnaby Jackson and second, George Thompson.

Thomas Courtney appears to have married first, Sarah Taylor, daughter of Philip
Taylor and Jane (who has been identified by some as a daughter of Thomas Gerard,
but she is not). Jane m. first, Thomas Smith (Smyth) and had: Gertrude Smith who
m. John Anderton and Jane who was single as of 1649. The second husband of Jane
was Philip Taylor by whom she had: Sarah Taylor and Thomas Taylor. She m. third,
William Eltonhead.

Will of Jane Eltonhead, SMC probated 2/28/1659. Eldest son, Thomas Taylor "Cedar
Point". Daughter: Sarah and grandchild, Roger Anderton, personal estate. To
above-named legatees residue of estate equally after the debts of Edward Eltonhead
are paid. Exec: not named. Wit: William Coursey, Katherine Coursey. NOTE:
Edward Eltonhead was her brother-in-law.

1661: To the Right honoble the Governor and Councell. Taylor v. Courtney. The
humble pet. of Sarah Taylor Sheweth That whereas Thomas Courtney did sollicite a
Suite of loue to yor petr the which yor petr did entertayne in a familiar and
civill manner vntill such tyme as she heard that the said Thomas Courtney did
privately abuse her, by reporting that he had had vncivill doeings with her, the
which yor petr scorning by the advice of her freinds she did striue to weane her
selfe from her former Childish Loue; which Thomas Courtney he doth goe aboute to
dishonor yor petr reporting that he hath layne with her, with many impudent and
false abuses, besides a letter in the which he doth abuse me in a very vncivill and
abusive manner wherefore yor petr humbly beseeches yor honors to take itt into yor
serious Consideracons the Condicon of a poore abused Mayd who sues for Justice agt
her abusiuc adversary and as in duty bound she shall ever pray. The plt sues the
deft in an accon of defamacon for giving out in speeches that he hath layn with the
plf whereupon the deft craues a Jury which was granted.

Then The Jury returned their Verdict (vizt) The accon of scandali lyes and wee
finde for the plt five hundred pounds of tobacco damages and Ordered that Thomas
Courtney aske the sd Sarah Taylor forgivenes in open Cort upon his knees for
scandaling of the plt, which was done accordingly.

(Provincial Court Proceedings, 1661, Archives of MD, Vol. 41, p. 550).

It appears that Sarah Taylor not only forgave Thomas Courtney, but did end up
marrying him.

March the 20th 1664: Then Came Sarah Courtney wife to Thomas Courtney of st Marys
County and declares that she hath Assigned and made ouer to Daniel Jenifer of the
sd County the mark of her Cattle which she had before she was marryed (uizt) Cropt
on both eares and a hole * * Eare and a nick undr the [blank] carel. (Provincial
Court Proceedings, 1664-1665, Archives of MD, Vol. 49, p. 425).

March 29th 1664: To the Honble the Leiuetent Generall. Layd out for Thomas
Courtney of this Prouince plantr by Tho: Taylors Consent out of his deuidend of
little Eltonhead a prcell of land Called Taylors gift lying on the westerne side of
the riuer of Petuxent, beginning att a marked white Oake neer the Pond att
Ceeder point, and running up the said riuer by a line drawne north west, and by
west for length, One hundred Eighty two perches to a marked white Oake and from
thence by a line drawne south west and by south for breadth Eighty Seauen perches
to a marked Hickory and from thence by a line drawne South East and by East for One
hundred Eighty two perches, to a marked black walnutt and from thence to the first
marked white Oake Containing and now laid out for One hundred acres of land more or
lesse. Jerome White Surur Genall. Know all men by these prsents That I
Thomas Taylor of Caluert County Gentn hane of my Owne uoluntary and free motion,
And for the affeccOn that I beare unto my Brother in law Thomas Courtney and Sarah
his wife, Giuen and granted and by these prsents doe for mee my heires executors
and Administrators Giue Grant and bestow unto the said Thomas Courtney and Sarah
his wife his & theire heires and Assignes for euer One hundred acres of land
scituate lying and being in the Deuident of little Eltonhead Butted and bounded as
Certifficate of Suruey undr Jerome White Esq hand being Surueyt Generall may
appeare, To haue & to hould the said land wth all and Singuler the appurtenances
unto the said Thomas and Sarah theire heires and Assignes for Euer. Prouided that
if the said land shall happen to bee sold by the said Thomas or Sarah then I or my
heires Suruiuing att the time of Such disposall to haue the first refusall of the
Same, And in Case both the said Thomas and Sarah dye wthout issue, then I or my
heires Suruiuing to haue the said land againe, paying what two indefferent men
shall apprayse it att, Further reseruing the yearely rent of One barrill of Corne
Indian to bee paid mee and my heires by the possessor or possessors of the said
land On the Natiuity of Our Lord euery yeare or wthin twenty eight dayes, else
Lyberty for mee and my heires to re-enter, And the prmises to injoy and possesse
againe Anything theretofore granted to the Contrary notwithstanding And I doe
further for mee my heires Executors and Administratrs promise and grant unto the
said Thomas and Sarah that they theire heires and Assignes shall peaceably and
quietly inioy the said for euer wthout any lett or molestacon by Vs or any of Our
Procuremts. In wittnes whereof I the said Thomas Taylor haue hereto put my hand and
Scale this eleauenth day of May 1664—Tho: Taylor. Signed Sealed & deliuered In
the prsence of Vs Willm Price,Joseph Anderton.

Perhaps it's Jane Smith (Smyth) who m. Francis Anketill.

Linda Reno

Norma Thompson wrote:

> Hi, List,
> I'm still searching for anything I can find on the Anketill/Angell family in
> very early Maryland. Francis Anketill was present in June of 1644 when Leonard
> Calvert made his non-cupative will naming Margaret Brent his executrix.
> I have found two mentions in the Archives of Maryland of relationships of
> Francis Anketill. On 5 March 1662, Francis Anketill said that Thomas Courtney's
> wife was Francis' wife's sister. On 14 October 1665, Francis stated that he was
> 39 years old or thereabouts and several times called Raymond Staplefort "my
> brother Staplefort". Does anyone know the identity of Thomas Courtney's and
> Francis' Anketill's wives?
> Bye,
> Norma

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