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Subject: Re: [MDSTMARY-L] Thompson and related families
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:26:09 EDT

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Good morning Linda, Norma & list:

Hate to get into a discussion concerning Thompsons so just a few notes and
let the others with brains fingure these connection, if any.

Richard Brewer:

Will of Elizabeth Greenoch, widow 11/24/1742; 11/29/1742
To brothers & sisters (unnamed) cattle"
To brother, Richard Brewer & his son Richard.
God-dau. (sic) Mary Ann Brewer, Mathew Anderson, Eliz. McCrachlin, David
McCrachlin, Mark Mattingly, Mary Marten, Mark Breeder, John baptist Anderson
exec. bro-in-law-John "Matting"

Will of Richard Brewer, SMC, planter, (28-259) 2/16/1752-3/5/1752.
Son: Mark, 1 shilling sterling.
Son: Richard, land between branch and Peter Brown's land.

Was this that land?
Papist Lands in St. Mary's County 1760; Chron. St. Marys Vol.49 p89
(James) Thompson's heirs:Pt. Hounslow (50)
Richard Brewer- pt. Hounslow 50 acres
Michael & William Thompson and Hatfield Hills

Hatfield Hills
11/19/1664: "Hatfield Hill", 200 ac., Newtown Hundred, surveyed for Peter
Mills on the west side of Breton Bay. Conveyed to Michael Thompson.
1707 Possessor: William Langhorn.

William Thompson (14.234) Brittains Bay 2/10/1716; 3/7/1716
Son, Michael 40 acres dwelling plantation leased by father,------,
from John Shercliffe for 90 yrs during remainder of lease.
Also 100 acres being 1/2 of Hatfield Hills. Should he died w/o hers to wife
Barbara, extx. & heirs and 1 part father-in-law, William Langham & hrs.

This indicates to me that William Langham had 100 acres and William Thompson
had 100 acres of the 200 acres.

Now Richard Vowles gets part of this land and we have George & William
Thompson as his neighbors in 1724 and 7/14/1730 100 acres William Bradburn
from Mathew Vowles. If the original was 200 acres Mathew & Richard Vowles had
100 acres.
Had did they pbtain the land?

Will of Richard Vowles 4/4/1722; 4/22/1724
Wife: Mary, dwelling plantation and 1/4 land.
children: Richard, land w.side of Trap Creek bounded by Rockey Pt.
now in possession of George Thompson; land of Wm. Bradburn "The Fox" &
"Brittans Bay" and 2 tracts in St. Wm.s Creek
son,Matthew, "Vowles Purchase" & 80 ac. "Vowles Addition" & Hattfield's Hill
(bou. by Wm. Thompson)

6/1/1742 75 acres "Hartfield Hills" Hugh Pilkington from Michael Thompson

Papist Lands in St. Mary's County 1760; Chron. St. Marys Vol.49 p89
(James) Thompson's heirs:Pt. Hatfield Hills 75 acres
Mark Thompson Pt. Hatfield's Hills 25

Can anyone connect the dots?

Tom Jennings

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