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Subject: Re: [MDSTMARY-L] Thompson and related families
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 21:19:30 EDT

Tom, Linda, Norma and List

This was bantered about a year or so ago without resolution as I recall.

Now, I will put forward a possible solution.

Assuming that Elizabeth Brewer, sister of Richard Brewer, married [Richard?]
Greenoch. I say Richard because he died about 3 weeks before Elizabeth
leaving everything to his wife.

Now, I believe we agreed that John Mattingly married Grace Brewer circa 1715
and died c1744 with Grace administering his estate. I dont have the actual
will, however, the MCW abstract leads in with a godchild befpre naming
several individuals who appear to be nieces and nephews. How about placing
Mark as the son of John and Grace as an older child who had obtained his
inheritance and did not necessarily share in the estate of John in 1745.

Should it be agreed upon, anyone else who may have stated such a lineup is
welcome to claim title to planting the seed.

At least, it would remove one of the very early "unknowns" from the Mattingly



> Will of Elizabeth Greenoch, widow 11/24/1742; 11/29/1742
> (23-1)
> To brothers & sisters (unnamed) cattle"
> To brother, Richard Brewer & his son Richard.
> God-dau. (sic) Mary Ann Brewer, Mathew Anderson, Eliz. McCrachlin, David
> McCrachlin, Mark Mattingly, Mary Marten, Mark Breeder, John baptist Anderson
> exec. bro-in-law-John "Matting"

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