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Subject: RE: [MDSTMARY-L] Edwards Family in St. Mary's or Charlotte Hall
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1850 Census, SMC, 5th District: Who is Elizabeth M. Edwards, 70? Listed
with her is: Harriett Edwards, 35; Joseph B.Edwards, 19; Richard M.
Edwards, 17; Martha A. Edwards, 15; Elkanah Edwards, 15; and Mary S.
Edwards, 13 (b. in Charles Co.). Some of these children I have as the
children of Richard Edwards and Lydia Dyson. Lydia was deceased by 1850 so
perhaps Richard had "farmed" some of the children out.

Could Elizabeth M. Edwards have been a maiden sister of Elkanah and Richard?

Linda Reno

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Well Elkanah is real unusual name and given that you have an Elkanah also,
there is probably some relationship there.
The only age indicator that I have for Elkanah d bef 1856 is that he appears
in the 1850 census as age 70:

25 Oct 1850 census of 5th district SMC Elkanah Edwards age 70 living close
to Eliza Cartwright and family of John E. Cartwright and living with John
Harrison age 37 farmer and Sarah A Harrison age 36

thus giving a birth date of @1780 more or less for Elkanah which doesn't
figure with the 1861 date that the grandson of Thomas gave.
I don't have any other information on Elkanahs birth date or age. In 1816 he
was postmaster of Charlotte Hall.

and yet another name similarity
Elkanah had a son named Thomas but he must have died before 1847 or was just
simply not mentioned in Elkanahs will.

Nov 25th 1822 received of the estate executors of John Chappelear deceased
from the Rev Neale H Shaw five hundred dollars in part of my son Thomas
Edwards part of the estate of the said John Chappelear deceased -$500
witness Chandler F Shaw- signed Elkanah Edwards

When did Thomas and his family move to Ky?


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> > The Elkanah Edwards who died after 1847(will made 25 MAY 1847 and proved
> 29
> > FEB 1856) shown below is believed to be the brother of Richard D
> Thank you Mike for explaining the tie with Mary Cartwright to Elkanah
> Edwards. I have often wondered about her.
> I believe that the Elkanah Edwards who died after 1847 and Will was proven
> in 1856 may be the son of Thomas Edwards, (son of Joseph Edwards) and
> Elizabeth Turner Edwards, daughter of John Edwards who died in St. Mary's
> Co. in 1784.
> John Edwards Will; St. Mary's Co. MD Will Book JJ#1 p. 279 Written
> Probated 7/29/1784
> To son, Stourten Edwards "Tainton Dean"; To son, John the land devised to
> wife after her death, if he should die then land divided between my 3
> daughters named as : Elizabeth Turner Edwards, Mary Magdalene Dent,
> Edwards. "Son in law" Thomas Edwards 1/3 my mill until my son, John
> age 21. Wife Sarah Edwards "Wednesday's Project", "Higgins Purchas" and
> "Edwards Backsaw" with addition during her lifetime. Granddaughter: Sarah
> Dent Grandson: Elkanah Edwards Exec: wife Sarah Edwards Wit: Benjamin
> Edwards, Benjamin Suit, George Dent
> Abstract of Josiah Edwards will 15, Sept. 1774
> To bro. John Edwards, ex,plantation "Taurlon Dean" "Taunton Dean"164
> tobacco and
> stock. To cousin Thomas Edwards son of Joseph Edwards, furniture. Residue
> estate to brother John Edwards Wit. JOHN H. BRISCOE, THOMAS NICHOLLS, Mary
> Edwards 40.2
> Below was written by a grandson of Thomas Edwards in the 1920's over 100
> years after Thomas Edwards had died. I believe the dates of birth are
> correct (as far as I can tell) and this grandson may have had access to a
> family bible or other record. I believe that is it possible (guessing
> really) that Elkanah's mother, Elizabeth Turner Edwards had died and
> remarried to an Elizabeth Dent Edwards and had his second set of children.
> That may be why his sons, Josiah, John and Stourton who would have been
> by the time of John Edwards 1784 Will were not mentioned. It may be also
> the reason that Elkanah did not come with the rest of his family to
> in that he stayed with his mother's family.
> "Thomas Edwards married his first cousin, Miss Elizabeth Dent Edwards, and
> settled in St. Mary's County, Maryland, in 1774. To this union were born,
> Elkanah, in 1761; Josiah, 1779; John, 1781; Stouten, 1782; Henry Dent,
> Ann, 1796; Hezekiah, 1797. He came to Kentucky with his family, then
> except the oldest Elkanah, and settled near Lebanon, Kentucky. About
> his wife died. On February 10, 1804, he married Miss Jemima Dickens of
> Lebanon, Kentucky."
> Washington Co., KY Will Book B, page 210; Division of Property
> Heirs of Thomas Edwards are Jemima, his wife; Josiah; Elkany; Stourton;
> John; Nancy Sharp; Joseph; Henry Dent; Hezekiah D.; Rhody Stiles; Thomas;
> William; Charles.
> In the settlement, Elkanah was given only money while the other children
> received tangible items. I believe this was because Elkanah was living in
> Maryland. Also, Elkanah Edwards was never listed in any of the Tax
> of Washington Co., KY but the rest of Thomas Edwards older sons did. I
> found no record that would suggest that Elkanah ever lived in Kentucky.
> My line goes like this:
> Thomas Edwards
> Josiah Edwards
> Thomas Dent Edwards, Sr.
> Thomas Dent Edwards, Jr.
> Dora Ann Edwards
> Dorothy Juanita Whitehouse
> Karen Fowler Caldwell

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