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The Hugh Hopewell who died in 1777 was the 4th Hugh. At least that's what I
have right now. You and I agree on Hugh, Sr. and then Hugh, Jr. but there's
a missing generation. I have that there was Hugh III, son of Hugh Jr.
Here's my notes on him:

Will of Hugh Hopewell 3/3/1693-5/24/1694, Calvert Co. Wife: Elizabeth
(Exec.) plantation during minority of son. Son: Hugh, 1/2 of real estate at
the age of 21 and entire estate at death of mother. Daughters: Elizabeth
and Susanna, personal estate and estate afsd. should their brother die
without issue. Wit: Nicholas Sewall, Nicholas Richardson, Katherine Lewis.

Will of grandfather, Francis Hill in 1696.

Will of Edward Hall, SMC, 10/13/1718-11/5/1718. To: Abraham (son of Thomas
Hall), 1/2 real estate. To: James (son of John Hall), the other 1/2 real
estate. Land not paid for so the fathers of sd. children to pay remaining
part due mother _____. To: William and Mary (son and dau. of Thomas
King); sister, Mary; brother Thomas; John Hall; Thomas King; Thomas Hall;
Susan, wife of Charles King (Exec.); Ann (dau. of Charles King); Hugh
Hopewell; and James Baker, personalty. Wit: John King, Elizabeth Fisher,
Elizabeth King, Hugh Hopewell.

Hugh Hopewell, grandson of Robert Thompson, was the son of Richard Hopewell,
Jr. who died by 12/1804. Robert Thompson named his grandson, Hugh Hopewell
in his will.

6/1802: Hugh Hopewell, with the consent of his father Richard--who is
present at Court, bound to Robert Thompson Nottingham for 3 years and 10
months to learn the trade of house carpenter and joiner (Orphan Ct. Rec.,

12/1804: James Thompson stated he was a creditor of Richard Hopewell and
had no way of getting satisfaction other than by admin. of his estate; he
was granted letters of admin. (Orphan Ct. Rec., Fenwick).

As for the wife of Hugh Hopewell (d. 1777), Donnelly says her surname was
Biscoe. "Maryland Heraldic Families" says her name was Elizabeth Hebb and I
don't know which, if either, is correct.

Linda Reno

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Linda, Thanks for the Hugh Hopewell will below, but now I have my Hugh
Hopewells confused and don't know where this fellow fits in.
I have Hugh Hopewell, Sr. died 1688:

From Testamentary Proceedings Land Office, Annapolis, Md.

Hopewell, Hugh, Sr., Calvert Co. ,23rd May, 1687; 20th Feb., 1688.
To daus. Mary (wife of John Keene), Agnes, Ann and Susanna, sons Hugh and
Richard, personalty.
To wife Ann, extx., entire real estate and residue of personalty.
Test: James Harper, Harry Fitzharbert, Charles Jones. 16. 7.
I have Hugh Jr. Married to Elizabeth Hill, dau. Francis Hill by 1697:


Hill, Francis, St. Mary's Co., 19th Sept., 1696; 10th July, 1697.
To dau. Eliza: Hopewell and her 3 child., viz., Hugh, Eliza:, and Susannah,
entire estate.
Test: Rich'd Keene, Timothy Morry. 7. 295.
But it is a stretch to think that this Hugh Hopewell Jr. lived until 1777,
and I have his son Hugh Hopewell (3) married to Agnes Cole by 1750. Sister
of Elizabeth Cole. (Fresco p. 160). Did Hugh Hopewell (3) m/2 an Elizabeth
and die 1777?
Then I have Hugh Hopewell (4) grandson of Robert Thompson died 1804. (Reno
1803-1820 p. 57).

Could you help me with this? Thanks Judith Burger

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> This from my book, "St. Mary's County Wills, 1777-1791":
> NAME: Hugh Hopewell, Esq. LIBER: JJ #1 FOLIO: 9
> DATE OF WILL: 2/1777
> DATE OF PROBATE: 7/22/1777
> Son: Hugh Hopewell, the plantation he now lives on which I bought of
> Jeremiah Rodon and John Glassford and Company; a piece of land containing
> acres which I bought of Jeremiah Rodon which is included in the said
> Company's grant; 151 acres of land which I bought of Jeremiah Rodon; the
> negroes used on the said plantation except Jacob and Harry; all stock on
> plantation except the cattle I sent down last fall; and one horse which I
> bought from John Aisquith.
> Son: James Hopewell, the plantation where I now live bounding on Lowison
> Creek Southerly and on the other side by a swamp called Bridge Swamp
> the meadow and up to the house where Tom Monday lives and running as the
> fence runs and then to the beginning of a tract of land called "Foxgrape
> Barron" thence into the woods to a place to be determined by Peter
> and Robert Watts as a division line between the two boys, then running
> with the land I bought of Mr. Charles King included in the courses of the
> land I bought of Peter Urquhart and including another piece of land my
> stands on.
> Son: Thomas Hopewell, the land on the east side of Lowison Creek which
> begins at Robert Watts' gate and runs with several courses to the head of
> Homney Creek then down said creek to the river and with the river to
> Creek, then up said creek as the courses run which I have laid down to my
> son, James Hopewell.
> Son: Pollard Hopewell, all of the lands I have where Aquilla Hall now
> which belongs to the said plantation. My meaning is to add my two
> plantations where the two Buchannons and Joseph Wise now live or such part
> of them as shall be adjudged by Peter Urquhart and Robert Watts to make
> said Pollard's land equal with what I have already given my son, James.
> Pollard is to also have the residue of the said lands where the two
> Buchannons and Joseph Wise now live.
> If either son dies before the age of 21, their share is to be sold and the
> proceeds divided equally between the two survivors.
> Daughter: Anna Hebb, an equal part of my personal estate in addition to
> she has already received.
> Daughter: Elizabeth Hopewell, an equal part, with the rest of my children,
> of my personal estate, not including what I have already given her.
> My children to have an equal part of negro Flesh and also an equal value
> outstanding debts and also whatever my executors shall recover.
> Wife: Elizabeth Hopewell, one sixth part of personal estate.
> EXECUTORS: Wife, Elizabeth Hopewell, and son, James Hopewell.
> Sons, Thomas and Pollard Hopewell, to be under the care of my wife,
> Elizabeth, and son, James, until they arrive at age 21.
> When negroes are divided, it should be done as much as possible by
> WITNESS: Robert Watts
> 7/22/1777, Widow renounced will and elected her third.
> Linda Reno
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> Hi I am a new subscriber and I wonder if someone could help me with the
> following will:
> Will, Hopewell, Hugh; St. Mary's Co, 2/1777; 7/22/1777 . I have looked
> on line and unfortunately the abstract of this will is not in the St.
> Mary's Co wills that go to 1800. I may have done something wrong in
> looking for it but I would be very grateful if someone who had the time
> and the book could send me the abstract. I have been hunting for Thomas
> and William Hopewell connections for a year and this seems to be a
> moment when a brick wall will be dismantled. Thanks in advance for any
> help anyone can give me. Also I am curious about what Alienations and
> Transfers are and whether anyone here has access to them for about 1796.
> Thanks again. Liz Dennis

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