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Dear Linda,

here is another letter from Ernie Perry,

I thought I would look at some records of Wilford Clarke son of Richard Langhorn Clarke. notice that we have a James Duncan Jr. , and Isaac Green mentioned in another record concerning Wilford Clarke and his father Richard Langhorn Clarke. Can we take this James Duncan Jr. and Isaac Green ancestry back aways, to see if we have other tie ins.

notice that a James Duncan was mentioned with record of Coleman Brown. are we stepping all around the same families.

150 F vi. Elizabeth BOWLING-2374. Elizabeth married (MRIN:883) Ignatius GREEN-2382, son of Thomas EDELEN GREEN-2270 and Catherine BOONE-2513 (MRIN:884), on 28 Dec 1810 in , , Nelson Co, KY.

How does Isaac Green tie into Ignatius Green?

and remember that Ann Johnson who married John Langley has a daughter Mary Jane Langley who marries James Edlen- whose ancestry I have not followed.

and I recall Henry Miller's name before someplace.

P. 71

p. 343, Grand jury was empaneled and sworn to include Thomas Owens, foreman, Jacob Rice, Henry Miller, Sr. Adam Shoemaker, Benjamin A. Pate, Uriah Joseph, William Montegue, Ralph Crums, Jr. , Joseph Brashears, Edward Carmon, Abraham McClelland, Stephen P. Pool, Nathan Richards, John Miles, Daniel Waggonner, Wilford Clark, Anthony Syms, James Moredock, John Hamilton, and James Duncan, Jr.

P. 175 of book

P. 385, February 5, 1808

James Greenwell to Wilford Clark

for $118.00, 137 acres on Rough Creek. Witnesses, John Thorp, John Clark, and Richard Clark. Recorded April 20, 1808

This document above mentions James Greenwell son of John Basil Greenwell and Eleanor Gough. his half brother Richard Clarke son of John Clarke and Eleanor Gough, and Wilford Clark and John Clark both sons of Richard Langhorn Clarke.

Breckinridge County, Kentucky Records Volume I by Michael L. Cook, C.G. and

Bettie Ann Cook, G.R.S.

page 30 in this book.

Feb 21, 1814

P.52, Wilfred Clark and John Clark came into court and moved the court for leave to administer on estate of Richard Clark, their deceased father, which is granted, wheron they took the oath required by law, and with James Moorman, Esq. and George Glascock, their security, acknowledged bond in penalty of $1000.00, and letters of administration were granted.

p.52, ordered that Joseph Hutcheson, Thomas Scott, Isaac Green, and Elias Rhodes, or any three of them, being duly sworn, do appraise in current money the slaves, if any, and personal property of the said Richard Clark, dec'd., and make a report.

by the way Daniel Boone's line eventually comes into my Clarke line. Cornelius Clarke who married Mary Bray-daughter of Abraham Bray and Eleanor "Nelly" Baptist Howard-(Daughter of John Baptist Howard and Elizabeth Johnson)Cornelius Clarke and Mary Bray had a daughter Susan Clarke who married 1st to James Alexander Howard- this line of howard's eventually ties back into the James Howard who married Mary Jackson. James Howard brother of John Baptist Howard. Susan Clarke marries 2nd to Joseph William Boone son of George Washington Boone and and Persis H. Karn.

this Boone line then goes back further to Daniel Boone's line.

Cornelius Clarke also a son of Wilford Clarke and Elizabeth Strader.

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Jerry --
The name "Coleman" creeps into my Duncans, Breckenridge, Strode line. They tie to the Edward Strode family of Scotland. It is John Strode, of Strode's Station KY who married a Bryan girl --- related to Daniel Boone through marriage. These Duncans also married Browns -- -- but you can see below that these Duncans are related to the Redmans through marriage, as are some of the Medcalfs in Kentucky. Although I didn't find much on Coleman Brown [although he did sign a petition in KY very early], I did find that he is connected to Coleman Duncan [see below]. Whether he is related to Peter Brown or not.... I don't know.

But I really think we're going the wrong way -- it was William Howard who shows up with the Medcalfs in Maryland. John Johnson married Mary Smith, d/o Peter Smith, and widow of John Medcalf.... who connects as well as the Fords and French.

Smith, Peter, Sr. carpenter, St. Mary's Co. 30 Dec. 1717; 17 Jan, 1717
To son Peter, 130 A. "Danburry Hill," personalty, and after legacies are paid 1/8 personal estate. To daus. Sarah Howard, Mary Johnson and grandchild Joseph personalty.To daus. Elizabeth and Susannah, residue of personal estate equally, and shd. son afst. die during minority or without issue, his estate, real and personal, to pass to sd. daus.To dau. Susannah aftst., dwelling plantation at decease of wife.To wife Dorothy, personalty and use of dwelling plantation during life. No part of her estate to be claimed by ex. as belonging to testator, she having relinquished her dower rights. Ex. Robert Ford, Sr.Test. John Ford, Rebeckah Allen, Thos. Dillon. 14.663

Ford, Robert of Strand, planter,St. Mary's Co.27th Dec., 1735; 15th Sept., 1740. To wife Margaret, 1/3 personal estate and interest in 100 A. “Strand” during widowhood. To sons John and Robert and hrs., “Strand” willed to them by testator's father Robert. To sons John and Peter and hrs., 82 A. land. To son Peter, “May Pole Purchase” willed to him by testator's father. To sons afsd. 1 A. left by testator's father for a warehouse. To child. viz., John, Robert Peter, Monica Sherlly, Teresa Winstead and Annastasia Mattingly, personal estate. Ex.: Son Peter. Test: William Howard, John Daly, Luke Cusaake. 22. 239.

Howard, William, Sr., planter,St. Mary's Co.,16th Aug., 1729;
24th Nov., 1730.
To sons William and Thomas and daus. Rachel Ford, Anne Dartt and Margaret Shanks, 1s. each.
To son Peter and hr., dwell. plan. “Twittnam”; sd. son dying without issue, sd. plan. to son James and hrs.; and personalty.
To sons James and John, personalty.
Wife Mary, extx.
Test: Robert Lang, John Shurtliff, Peter Shurtliff. 20, 130.

Will of John French SR., St. Mary's Co, 19 February, 1767 13 Jun, 1770 To first son John French, all land on west side of Cookses' Run; at his decease, to grandson Bennett French; if he die without hrs. to grandson Barnet French. To second son Ignatius French, my now dwelling plantation and all remainder of land called "Hopton Park"; but for want of hrs., to grandson Bennet French. 1/2 of personal estate to second son Ignatius French, and youngest dau. Susanna French. Remainder of estate to be equally divided between children: Mary Yates,, John French, Elizabeth Medcalf, Monaco Davis, Ignatius and Susanna French. Ex: Son Ignatius. Wit: Wm. Bruer, Elizabeth, Anthony and Peter Brown. Samuel Greenwell Petition against estate of Martin FRENCH, 8/1/1804, St.Marys County, MD Petition of Samuel Greenwell shows that a certain Martin French d. intestate on or about April 20, 1804 seized of "Twittenham", leaving your petitioner, heir and representative of Mary Greenwell (deceased) w!
ho was sister to sd. Martin French and entitled to 1/5 part; James French, a brother 1/5 part; Raphael French, 1/5 part; Susanna Greenwell, Eleanor Brown, William Yates, Ignatius Yates, Eleanor French, John French, Dorothy Cissell, George Cissell, and Barton Yates, which last mentioned five are infants, his legal representatives. Eleanor French and John French, heirs of Ignatius French, 1/5; 1/6 to Barton Yates, heir; Martin Yates, dec'd who was one of the heirs of Ann Yates,dec'd, sister of the dec'd, 1/5; the others 1/6 or 1/5 pt. to Susanna Greenwell, one of the heirs of Ann Yates, sister of the dec'd; Eleanor Yates, 1/6 of 1/5 of Ann Yates; William Yates, 1/6 of 1/5 pt. of Ann Yates, sister of the dec'd; 1/6 of 1/5 pt. To Ignatius Yates, of Ann Yates, sister of the dec'd; Dorothy Cissell and George Cissell of Catherine Cissell, repres. of Ann Yates. Purchased by Andrew Somerville, highest bidder.(SMC Land Commission Records, JH #5, f.194).

Here's something on Coleman Brown and the Duncans ---

Nelson Co. KY Will (FHC film 481,455; SLC 9/25/81)
Will Book D, pg.507: 16 May 1822, Coleman Duncan; to son Thomas; heirs of son Henry decd $1; son George land; 3 daus Rebeckah Duncan now Rebeckah Stone, Polly Duncan now Polly Lyne, and Fanny Duncan now Fanny Russel; grandson Coleman Stone and his sisters Fanny, Lucinda and Eliza Stone; ... that Sanford Duncan had, equally divided as follows: Charles Duncan, Coleman Duncan, Sandford Duncan, heirs of James Duncan. Exec. sons Thos. and George. Wit. Edmd. Cotton, John D. Cotton, John Cownolly?, Francis Hargand?. Prob. 21 April 1823.

Westmoreland Co. VA Deed Books (FHC film 34,273; 1982-1992)
Deed Book 11, pg.4: 1 March 1747/8; Will of Coleman Read: My son Joseph 100 acres of land; to son Richard after the death of my wife Ruth land whereon I live; daus. Mary, Susannah, Dina and Dorkas negroes; grandchildren Coleman Brown 1 negro, Coleman Dunkin when he comes of age 1 negro, Ruth Asberry 1 negro, Elizabeth Read 1 negro and grandson Hutt 1 negro boy. Wit. Willm. Fitzhugh, Wm. Spencer, Sam'l Carter, Andrew Thompson. Prob. 26 April 1748.

Clark Co. KY Marriage Bonds 1793-1850
John Duncan to Peggy Redman, surety Wm. Redman, 9 Dec. 1808.
John Duncan to Mary Strode, surety John Strode, 6 Jan. 1811

Will of John Strode, Sr., dated March 11, 1834, proved August 25, 1834, wife Ruth, names his children including his daughter Mary Duncan deceased and his grandchildren including Mary Duncan's children Ruth Ann, Elizabeth, and John S. (see pg.107-8 in "Historical Records of the Blue Grass Region of KY" by Lucy Kate McGhee)

John W. Duncan's will, dated August 25, 1835, proved April 25, 1836. To wife Margaret, during her life or widowhood, part of home tract purchased of John Payne, to be laid off as follows: Beginning at east end of his plantation at the end of a division fence between two fields in Harrison's line and with that fence westwardly to a pair of draw bars at the big spring, thence with the spring lot fence to the garden fence at upper end of two corn cribs, thence around south side of garden to west corner of same, thence with a division fence between a field and grass lot down to a place formerly called the little spring to intersect fence that comes down from west side of apple orchard, thence with that fence to upper corner of apple orchard about a north course, thence westwardly with a division fence between two grass pastures crossing the creek to F.B. Nichols' line, thence round with his line to Griffin Kelly's line, thence round with Kelly's line to Harrison's line, thence!
with Harrison's line to beginning, about 60 acres.
To son Thomas W., balance of home tract bought of John Payne; also at death or marriage of wife said Thomas to have land allotted to his mother in addition to above. To son William R., tract of land bought from Capt. James Young. To two daughters Elizabeth Bowren and Sally Duncan, tract of land bought from David Sutherland's heirs, to be equally divided between them; land bequeathed to Elizabeth to be hers as long as she may live and then to be equally divided between all her children; land bequeathed to Sally to be rented out and proceeds with bequest in money hereinafter mentioned to be given to his wife as compensation for maintenance of said daughter Sally, she being in a state of body and mind incapable of taking care of herself.
To wife, one black woman purchased of William Young, and another with her two children during her life and then to be equally divided between his surviving children, daughter Elizabeth's part to be divided between her children. To son William R., black woman and black man. To son Thomas W., black boy and black girl purchased of William Young. To daughter Elizabeth Bowren, two black girls during her life and then to be divided between all her children. To granddaughter Mary Duncan Bowren, negro girl.
To daughter Sally, should she again come to her proper mind and survive, three little negro girls, in trust with his son William until they are seven, so that they may be with their mother who was given to said William, and should said Sally be dead or die thereafter they are to be divided amongst his three surviving children, Elizabeth, William and Thomas.
To wife, all money received from estate of her father William Redman, which she has had in her possession since his decease; also out of his own money $600. To daughter Sally, $600 to be put out at interest and interest with proceeds of her land to be used as directed above. To daughter Elizabeth Bowren, $600 to be loaned out at 10% per annum and interest given her annually, the principal secured until her children are 18 or marry, when they are to receive an equal share; money to be placed in hands of son William as trustee. To two sons William and Thomas, all the money their uncles John and William Redman now owe on notes, $1,100 with interest, to be equally divided between them.
Should there be surplus money after paying all legacies, to be equally divided between wife and surviving children. After his decease personal estate to be sold and proceeds divided as follows: To wife, 1/3, balance to be equally divided amongst his children. Has placed in hands of Alfred Bowren various notes on sundry persons amounting to about $1,000, which he is to collect for the exclusive benefit of himself and family.
Executors: Friend and neighbor Frederick B. Nicholds (sic), son William R. Duncan. Witnesses: Wiley Roy Brasfield, Lewis Berry, L.B. Yeates.
Codicil, January 11, 1836. His wife and children shall have immediate possession of land, slaves and money bequeathed to them, and that rents, hire and profits of said land, negroes and money shall not be taken into account by executors, but that each have the same and use and profit thereof. Since son Thomas W. is not of proper age to manage his property, appoints his friend Daniel Smith as trustee for said son, until testator's decease or he is 18. Wit. R. Hawes, John Martin.
Frederick B. Nicholds and William R. Duncan qualified with John Clinkinbeard, Strauder Goff and Daniel Smith as sureties. (FHL film 183,150 and old FHL film 25132-5; this wording from FHL film 183,191: "Abstracts of wills of Clark County, Kentucky, from the formation of the county in 1793 to 1850" by George F. Doyle)

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