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Subject: RE: [MDSTMARY-L] James Gough's wife was the sister of Jeremiah "the catholic" Tarlton
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Notice that Raphael Greenwell who married Chloe Tarlton named sons Wilfred
and Cornelius Greenwell,

Notice also Richard Langhorn Clarke and Chloe ? had sons Wilford and
Cornelius Clarke.

Could there be another Chloe Tarlton or someone very close to them both.

Raphael Greenwell was a son of Thomas Greenwell and Mary Heard

Thomas Greenwell was a brother to Grace Greenwell who married Thomas Clarke
whose son John Clarke and wife Eleanor ? had a son Richard Langhorn Clarke.

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catholic" Tarlton

Jesuit Missions says that Chloe Tarlton married Raphael Greenwell, April 10,


Linda Reno

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> Now that you guys have made a major discovery.
> I was looking at this and noticed Chloe tarlton age 8 which means she was
> born in 1750 correct? This is very interesting since Richard Langhorn
> Clarke
> was born about 1749/1750 Could Chloe Tarlton daughter of James Tarlton be
> his wife? She fits perfectly in age. Or do you have her already married to
> someone.
> 10/16/1758: Admin. accts. of James Tarlton, SMC. Sureties: Stephen
> Chilton, Thomas Tarlton. Received from: Matthew Wise, John Newton, John
> Solomon, William Hazel, John Buchanan, Thomas Warren, Robert Alexander,
> George Dividin, Patrick Lurty, Richard Purdy, Barnaby Egan, Thomas Palmer
> Waugh, Thomas Dogan, Jeremiah Williams, John Wherritt, Barton Smoot, Wm.
> Jenkins, Barnaby Angel, Catherine Baxter, James Gough, Jr., John
> Standfield,
> John All. Clarke, George Aisquith, Ann Potter, ___Hilton, Thomas Sanders,
> Dr. James Armstrong, James Kindrick, Edward Warren, Thomas Cook, Fargus
> Keough, Wm. Cullison, John Wiseman. Payments to: Ralph Shaw, Col. Wm.
> Fitzhugh, Mev. Lock. Distribution to: Wife (widow) of Richard Forrest.
> Orphans: John Tarlton (of age); James Tarlton (age 20); Stephen Tarlton
> (age 20); Susanna Tarlton (age 12); Chloe Tarlton (age 8); Jeremiah
> Tarlton
> (age 5). Exec.: Wife of Richard Forrest. (Admin. accts. of the
> Prerogative Court of Maryland, Libers, 37-45, 1754-1760 by V. L. Skinner,
> Jr.). NOTE: This record is not on CD #206.

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