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I believe the Catherine Forrest is Catherine Spalding daughter of Thomas
Spalding and Catherine Cooper. She married Thomas Forrest.

Their daughter Eleanor Forrest married Edward Francis Elexius Miles son of
Henry Miles and Eleanor Pidgion

I believe it is also from this Thomas Forrest above that the Thomas Forrest
who married Mary Howard comes From.

I'm pretty sure the Elizabeth Parsons is Elizabeth Forrest wife of Clement

Anyone else have it differently?

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From what I've seen on the list, it's been stated that Julia Parsons,
daughter of Clement Parsons, Jr. and Elizabeth Forrest, married Arnold
Bickett. Then we have Juliet Forrest, daughter of James Parsons and
Winifred Spalding, married to Thomas Forrest (brother of Elizabeth Forrest,
wife of Clement Parsons). Both marriages occurred in 1804 and both involved
women named Julia/Juliet. I want to be sure we've got them straight.

The reason I question this is that in 1850, Elizabeth (Forrest) Parsons is
living in the following household:

1850, 2nd Dist., Marion Co., KY: Green Forrest, 62, physician, b. KY; Nancy
Forrest, 37, b. KY; Ann Eliza Forrest, 11, b. KY; Catherine Forrest, 62, b.
MD; Elizabeth Parsons, 76, b. MD.

Could someone identify these folks for me?


Linda Reno
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There is an Inventory for this will but it only mentions:
Parsons, Clement
Appr: Allen Shuttlesorth, Robert H. Fogle, Peter Staton, Samuel Ryan
Apprasal dates: 5 Apr 1830 - 25 Jun1832
Sales occur: 2 Jun 1832 by J.G. Parsons
However, after that inventory, a settlement record appears.
1 Oct 1835
Exec: James G. and Elizabeth Parsons.

Linda Reno <> wrote:
Hi Kevin,

I would suppose that Julia Ann Parsons was one of the children of
Parsons and Elizabeth Forrest, but Clement Parsons only named 5 of his 7

Didn't Kentucky keep track of probate records? Aside from references
seen to appraisals, I don't recall seeing postings from our KY kin on
distributions of estates. This is a valuable tool. Is it because these
have not appeared in any printed form? Anyway, the following is the will
Clement Parsons.

Will of Clement Parsons, Washington Co., KY, 1/23/1830-3/22/1830. In the

name of God amen. I, Clement Parsons of the County of Washington and
of Kentucky, being weak in body, but of a sound mind and memory, do make
ordain this my last Will and Testament, by here revoking all other
Wills. First, I bequeath my soul to God, who gave it, and my body to the

earth, to be buried with descent burial, at the discretion of my
2nd I will that all my just debts be paid. 3rd I will that all my estate
every kind, except such as I shall otherwise dispose of, be sold on a
of Twelve Months except my land which may be sold on such credits, as my

Executors, in their discretion, may think best.

4th I will my wife, Elizabeth Parsons, to have as much of my personal
Estate, at the appreaisment, as she may think necessay for her use.
5th I will and bequeath to my wife, Elizabeth Parsons all the money
from the sale of my estate, except Twenty dollars, which I bequeath to
son Joseph, and one hundred dollars, which I bequeath to my son Edward
one hundred dollars, which I bequeath to my son Robert. This money I
bequeath to these my sons in place of a horse, briddle and saddle. I
at the death of my wife, that fifty dollars be given to each of my
and the balance to be equally divided between my six children, and the
children of my son Henery (sic) deceased, making, in all, Seven shares.
6th I will and bequeth to my wife Elizabeth Parsons one sett of silver
Teaspoons, one pair of silver Sugar Tongs and one silver Tea canister,
have and to hold and dispose of, as she may think propper at her death.
I do
hereby appoint my wife Executrix, and my son James G. Parsons Executor
this my last Will and Testament, signed this Twenty third day of January
the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty. Wit.:
Reighley, Leonard A. Spalding.

At a County Court began and held for Washington County at the courthouse
Springfield 22nd day of March 1830. This last Will and Testament was
exhibited in court and proved by the Oaths of Benadict Reighly and
A. Spalding subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be Recorded
is accordingly done in book D page 466. atteste John Hughes Jr. CWC.

* Clement signed either jr or sr. It's hard to determine which letter it
It's not his capital S or J and doesn't really look like a small s or j.

Either Jr or Sr would apply. He was Jr to his father, Clement I and Sr
his nephew, Clement III. Today, Sr usually means the father and Jr the
but in those days, they used Sr to show the elder and Jr for the younger
with the same name. (Clement Parsons II's Will (from web page of Mary

I haven't fully explored the webpage cited as a reference. You may want
take a closer look and see if Julia Ann is mentioned.

Clement Parsons, Jr. (husband of Elizabeth Forrest), was the son of
Parsons who died in St. Mary's Co. in 1793. I'm not positive that Mary,
wife of Clement, Sr. was the mother of all of the children of Clement,
I believe that Mary had been married before 1760 to _____Bowles and was
mother of John Bowles. Don't know for sure, but I suspect that to be the


Will of Clement Parsons, SMC, 2/18/1793-3/13/1793. Son-in-law: John
Bowles, land in Charles County called "Amendment," 175 acres; a negro
named Henny and her child which he now has in his possession; and
else I have already given him. Everything that I have already given to
children, James Parsons, Joseph Parsons, Clement Parsons and Susanna
Molohorn, is to be brought into my estate again and to be divided
among all of my children after taking my wife's third. That is to say,
children, James Parsons, John Parsons, Joseph Parsons, Clement Parsons,
Susanna Molohorn and Mary Parsons. The children of John Bowles are not
have any part of my estate except what I have already bequeathed to
father. Execs.: Sons, Joseph Parsons and Clement Parsons. Wit.: Stephen
Jones, Joseph Howard, Leonard Johnson. NOTE: Joseph Parsons and Clement
Parsons renounced executorship of this will. (St. Mary's County,
Wills, 1791-1802 by Linda Reno and Joann Humphries).

It's obvious, at least to me, that John Bowles was an adult at the time
the will of Clement Parsons and I would presume he was born prior to
based on this record:

4/19/1761: Athanasius Windder was baptized at St. Joseph's RCC. GP:
Clement and Mary Parsons. (Catholic Families of So. MD by O'Rourke).

There was a William Bowles had a wife named Mary _____and they had two
daughters baptized first at St. Andrew's and then again at St. Francis
Xavier RCC. The godparents of both girls were Ignatius Bowles and
Cissell. There's a possibility that Clement Parsons was married to two
different women named Mary. I just don't know at this point.

Elizabeth Bowles, dau. of William and Mary, baptized at St. Andrew's
3/9/1776. Also baptized 4/28/1776 at St. Fr. Xav. RCC. GP: Ignatius
Anastasia Cecil. (Jesuit Missions).

Mary Ann Bowles, dau. of William and Mary, baptized at St. Andrew's,
6/1/1778. Also baptized 6/18/1778 at St. Fr. Xav. RCC. GP: Ignatius
Anastasia Cecil. (Jesuit Missions).

I show the ancestry of Clement Parsons (d. 1793) below.

Linda Reno

Ancestors of Clement Parsons

Generation No. 1

1. Clement Parsons, born Bef. 1733 in St. Mary's Co., MD; died 1793
in St. Mary's Co., MD. He was the son of 2. Cosmos Parsons. He married
Mary Bef. 1766 in St. Mary's Co., MD. She was born Bef. 1746, and died

Generation No. 2

2. Cosmos Parsons, born Bef. 1688 in St. Mary's Co., MD; died 1733
in St. George's Hundred, St. Mary's Co., MD. He was the son of 4. John
Parsons and 5. Mary.

Generation No. 3

4. John Parsons, born Bef. 1654; died 1688 in St. Mary's Co., MD.
He married 5. Mary Bef. 1674.

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> Linda,
> I have Julia Ann PARSONS, b. 23 mar 1804, d/o of Clement and Elizabeth

> [FORREST] PARSONS, m. Arnold BICKETT 5 Feb 1825.
> Is this correct as far as you know?
> If so, then James had a daughter named Julette (aka Juliet) (aka
Julia) b.
> 1787, m. 1804 and that a 35 year old Clement had a Daughter the same
> named Julia?
> While we are on the subject of PARSONS what do you know of Clement's
> father and mother?
> Thanks,
> Kevin
> Linda Reno wrote:
>> Thanks Judith--and also thank you for the baptismal information you
>> posted before this.
>> Yes, I think that this would confirm that Thomas Forrest who m. Julia

>> (aka Juliet) Parsons was the son of Zepheniah Forrest and Ann Mary
>> Fenwick.
>> I know that Julia Parsons had to be connected to Clement Parsons.
>> Anybody know how?
>> Linda Reno

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Kat Woodring

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