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Subject: Re: [MDSTMARY-L] Marmaduke Semmes-Fortuna Mitford
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 21:37:24 -0400
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Bless you for the info on Marmaduke and Fortuna Watson etc. I
appreciate knowing your thoughts on such. I have used the info that
Newman put in his book.. MARYLAND SEMMES AND KINDRED FAMILIES for my
line of Semmes/Simms, hoping the direct ancestor lines were correct.
The name ends up being Sims by the time my grandfather was born. He
stated he were not related to the Simms of Washington Co. KY.(he lived
in Larue Co.) Not in his time frame but.. connect of course earlier in

I have a copy of a letter written by Harry Wright Newman to Dr. Mudd
(of the Mudd books) who so kindly sent me a copy when I was having
difficulty connecting my Simms/Sims to the MD Simms/Semmes etc.. Newman
had made a trip to Louisville , Washington and Nelson Cos. when he was
contracted by the MD Historical Soc. (I think it was) to redo and
update the book THE SEMMES AND ALLIED FAMILIES (1918) by Raphael
Thomas Semmes. In this letter he stated he had made the connection of
the Simms lines in KY to the families in MD but.. as he "was not being
paid for this research he would leave that difficult task to the next
Newman however did give info on the John Simms who is found in what
became Washington Co.

I made my connection but.. I sure would love to know who the Simms were
that are found in the early tax list. If anyone has a Simms brick wall
maybe the following names are of some interest? These are the names I
could not place in my line of Simms or the Simms of Washington Co. KY.
Nelson Co.
Ignatius Simms1799
(this may be my Ignatius who is in Nelson by 1816 or so but.. my
Ignatius was underage at the writing of his Mother's will in 1804.
William Simms
his brother is also found in Nelson Co. in 1799)(.. if it was
my Ignatius he returned to Montg Co. MD to marry in 1812)
Washington Co.
Anthony Simms 1797, 1799
Rodey/Rhody 1796, 1799
Marmaduke 1800
Randolph 1800 ( same as Rhody etc.. I would think)
Mary Ann Shoemaker.

Mary Ann Shoemaker

Linda Reno wrote:

> Hi Roberta,
> Thanks for your note. The wife of the immigrant ancestor, Marmaduke
> Semmes (Simms) was Fortune Watson, born ca1740 in Morpeth,
> Northumberlandshire, England and died 1701 in St. Mary's County. She
> had been married first to Bulmer Mitford (died 1665 in St. Mary's
> Co.). Several years ago, Barbara Randolph posted the following note
> to the list:
> "I am convinced that Fortuna was a WATSON although I have no absolute
> proof. LDS records show a Fortuna Watson was christened 8 October 1640
> in Morpeth, Northumberland, England. IGI British Isles shows she was
> daughter of William Watson. I know LDS records are not always correct
> but still, this places her at the right place at the right time.
> Medford (Mitford) genealogists, again not totally accurate, state
> Bulmer Medford was born c1632 in Morpeth, Northumberland, England.
> Bulmer and Fortuna probably married in Morpeth and then came to
> America, I think first settling in Virginia, probably James Town, and
> then St. Mary's Co., Md. Bulmer died in 1665, Will dated 23 Jul 1665
> (Vol.1, p 235), mentioning his wife, Fortune, his son Thomas, and his
> "cousin" John Morecroft. William Champe, Jas Joung (Young), and John
> Smith witnessed Will."
> Briefly, if my information is correct, I show your line beginning with
> Joseph Milburn Simms as follows: Joseph Milburn Simms and Mary Simms;
> Thomas Simms and Ann Queen (dau. of Marsham Queen and Mary W.
> Jameson); Marmaduke Simms and Henrietta Jenkins (dau. of George
> Jenkins and Susanna Cole); James Simms and Mary Goodrick (dau. of
> Robert Goodrick and wife, Elizabeth ___); Marmaduke Simms and Fortune
> Watson.
> Your line from Mary Simms (wife of Joseph Milburn Simms): Ignatius
> Simms and Mary Doyne (dau. of Ignatius Doyne and Jane Sanders); James
> Simms, Jr. and Mary Simpson (dau. of Andrew Simpson and Elizabeth
> Green); James Simms and Mary Goodrick (see above); Marmaduke Simms and
> Fortune Watson.
> Linda Reno
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> Subject: [MDSTMARY-L] Marmaduke Semmes-Fortuna Mitford
>> Linda and List,
>> Reading all of these post is better than any history lesson.Thanks.
>> I am trying to fill in some blanks. I am descended twice from
>> Marmaduke and Fortuna Semmes through Anne Semmes, daughter of Joseph
>> Milburn Semmes and Mary Semmes who went to Ga.
>> I find that I am lacking info on some of my grandmothers.
>> Is there anyone on the list researching this family?
>> TIA,
>> Roberta

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