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Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 04:21:57 -0600
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Jerry -

After a few days of focusing on the neighborhood Iowa caucus, I am just
now catching up on all the Dant messages, so I apologize if someone else
answered this and I missed it - but as for "next friend" - it's a legal
term and is one that is still used today although I do not see it used
as often.

Next Friend: A person, usually a relative, who appears in court on
behalf of a minor or incompetent plaintiff, but who is not a party.

The trick is to remember that while the relationship is stated in the
document you cite, it does not always mean the person is a relative.
However, you can usually be assured that if the "next friend" is not a
relative, they have some close connection with the parties involved.
Sometimes I have seen the phrase "best friend" used in its sted.




Jerry L. Clark wrote:
> Bob,
> I have the Mary Dant born 14 Jun 1798 who married Samuel WILLETT 18 Mar 1818
> Bardstown, Nelson, Kentucky as the daughter of Joseph Francis Xavior DANT
> and Martha SHIRTCLIFFE. Not sure if this date of birth for Mary Dant is
> correct.
> Nelson Co Ky Marriages, NCGR 1817-1832
> Samuel Willett & Mary Dant
> Bond: 27 Mar 1818 M: 31 Mar 1818
> Thomas Dant signed bond
> Consent in person: Thomas Dant, brother of Mary Dant, her next friend
> Married by J P Lapsley, from marriage register
> I'm not sure why the marriage record states Consent in person: Thomas Dant,
> brother of Mary Dant, her next friend. Why would her brother be called her
> next friend?

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