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John Jarboe, a catholic was born in 1619 at Dijon, Burgandy, France and
immigrated to york, later Elizabethtown, Virginia. In a deposition given at
Newtown on 6/21/1659 John Jarboe gave his age as 40(Provincial Court S:312).
In the earliestrecords of Maryland his name was spelled "Jarbo". John Jarboe
was 27 years old when he immigrated to Maryland.
During the "Claiborne and Ingles Rebellion" in 1645-1646 against Lord
Baltimore, Leonard Calvert took refuge in York Virginia. While in York he
met and enlisted several men to help him regain his power in Maryland. Two
of these men he enlistedwere Colonel William Evans and John Jarboe. John
Jarboe Immigrated to Maryland in 1646 as part of the Maryland
Militia(Patents 2:440)

On 12/1/1648 William Evans and John Jarboe recieved a Patent for 100 Acres
each for transporting themselves into the province in 1646. On that same day
a warrant was issued and they recieved the 100 acres each on the west side
of "Bretton's Bay inSt. Mary's County. This area Became a villiage called

John Jarboe and William Evans were both Catholics.

John Jarboe was among a group of plantation owners in 1648 who took the
"Oath of Fidelity" to LORD BALTIMORE(Patents 1:205). In 1653 he witnessed
the will of HENRY FOX, in 160 William Tatershall appointed "my brother Lt.
Col. John Jarboe" as oneof the overseers of his Estate(1:391)
Lt. Col. John Jarboe married Mary Tattershall, the sister of William
Tattershall, Mary Tattershall was born in Wiltshire, England, she was about
18 years of age when she was termed MRS. Mary M. Jarboe.
Children of Lt. Col. John Jarboe and Mary Tattershall
John Jarboe bc 1667 Mary Jarboe bc 1669 Peter Jarboe bc 1671 Henry Jarboe bc
John Jarboe died 3/4/1674. He was buried at St. Frances Xavier Cemetary, at

Mary TATTERSHALL the widow of Lt. Col. John Jarboe married secondly Stephen
Gough(Accounts 9:381)

Mary Tattershall(Jarboe) Gough had the following children with Stephen

Benjamin Gough married Jane Clarke daughter of Robert Clarke and Sarah

Keep in mind that Robert Clarke Sr. who married Sarah COMBS was the father
of Thomas CLARKE who married Grace GREENWELL. Thomas CLARKE who married
Grace GREENWELL the parents of John CLARKE who married Eleanor ?

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