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Elizabeth JARBOE was the daughter of John Jarboe and Sarah JOY.

She married 3 times 1st to George MEDCALF, 2nd to Samuel DAVIS, and third to
James GOUGH.

Here is a letter from Linda Reno

Hi Mike,

I've been "round the horn" on this since yesterday and here's where I am at
this point:

I think she was actually Elizabeth Jarboe, dau. of John Jarboe, Jr. (d.
1705). She married first, George Medcalf between 1698 and 1702; second,
Samuel Davis between 1702-1707; and third, James Gough by 1711.

The will of John Jarboe, Jr. named his daughter Elizabeth, but he didn't
give a surname, so it begs the question as to whether she was married or

What got me back on this theory is the will of Henry Jarboe, Elizabeth's
uncle and guardian. If you'll note, Henry named James Gough and Elizabeth
Davis as two of the trustees of his estate during the minority of his
children. In my opinion, this is Elizabeth (Jarboe) Medcalf/Davis. I
wouldn't doubt that Elizabeth wasn't already a widow at this point and it
wasn't long after this will that she married James Gough.

Will of Henry Jarboe, SMC, 3/18/1708-4/18/1709. Eldest son: Henry,
dwelling plantation, 100 ac. Son: Peter, 100 ac. where Thomas Lowe,
shoemaker, lives. Son: Charles, 100 ac. Son: Ignatius, 100 ac.
Daughter: Mary, 50 ac. Daughter: Monica, 50 ac. All children, afsd.,
personalty. Should daughters die without issue, their estate to revert to
Charles and Ignatius. Trustees during minority of children: Brother, Peter
Joy; John Niles (should be Miles); James Gough; and Elizabeth Davis. Wit.:
John Raley, Daniel Langhorn, Edward Howell, Mary Langhorn.

I can't find any administration accounts for Samuel Davis anywhere. For a
long time, I thought he might be the son of Thomas Davis and Mary Thomas,
but that doesn't work as that Samuel Davis was living as late as 1719.

Linda Reno

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As far as the Jarboe question.

There were only 3 Jarboe Males likely that was of age during that era.

Henry, I - John, II - Peter.  the latter no surviving issue, Henry list no
Elizabeth in his 1698 will

The only & first Elizabeth Jarboe on record that we know of - was the
daughter of
John Jarboe, II and Sarah Joy, of which fits the time line of your post.
I have no death death date nor marriage for her. 

We know she existed because of the John Jarboe's 1704 will.  The will
indicates that she
was single in 1704 and we seem to think they she is likely near here early

If anyone has data on this Elizabeth Jarboe's marriage, (other than to James
Gough) we welcome
any scenarios.

The Second Will of:  John Jarboe  10-14-1704       5-16-1705
IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN:  I John Jarboe of St Mary's County in the province
of Maryland being in good health of body and of mind and proper memory
praise be therefore given to all mighty God, I doe make this my last will
and testament in manner and form following, that is to say first and
principally I commend by soul unto the hands of all mighty God hoping
through the merits of death and passion of Savior Jesus Christ to have full
and free pardon and forgiveness of my sins and to inherit everlasting life
and my body I commit to the earth to be decently buried at the discression
of executor hereafter named and as to the disposition of all … Estate as it
hath please all mighty to bestow upon me I vie and dispose there of as
follows towit I will that all by debts and four all charges shall be paid
and discharged
ITEM  give unto my well beloved sonn John Jarbo all that part of land now in
my possession called St. Lawrence for him and for want of heirs lawfully
begotten of his body to my well beloved sonn Peter Jarboe and the heirs
lawfuuly begotton of his body and for want of lawfull heirs of his body to
my well beloved brother Henry Jarboe and his heirs for ever.  I likewise
give to my well beloved sonn John on Bay gelding with saddle and bridle
likewise to the said John I give my largest feather bed with all the
furniture there to belonging
 ITEM give to my will beloved sonn Peter Jarboe all the tract of  land now
belonging to Me on the west side of Brittons bay I likewise give to the said
Peter all the tract of land belonging to me called Paul's Marsh and for want
of lawfull heirs of his body to my well beloved daughter Eliza Jarboe and
her heirs for ever.
ITEM likewise give to my sonn Peter my … feather bed with all the furniture
thereto belonging
ITEM give to my well beloved daughter Eliza one cow and calfe upon the day
of her marriage all the rest and … of my personal estate goods and
chattels.  I doe give and bequeath unto my loving brother Henry Jarboe full
and sole executor of this my last will and testament and I desire that my
body may be buried by my sonn Mark and I do hereby revoke disannul and make
void all other wills and testaments by me theretofore made Inwitness whereof
I John Jarboe to this my last will and testament being contained in one
sheet of paper have hereunto set my hand and seal the 14th day of October
Witness Christopher Davison      Jn   Jarbo
               Mary Davison    his
          Robert   R.   Rayley
Jarboe, Peter,St. Mary's Co.,3rd Mch., 1697-8;
7th Apr., 1698.
To godson John Peake, personalty.
To wife Ann, extx., and hrs., residue of estate, real and personal,
including 300 A., plantation:
Test: HENRY SPINKE, Jno. BROWNE, Michael RELEY, Dan'l Lang****orne. 7. 373.
Will of:  Henry Jarboe    3-18-1708  4-18-1708
IN THE NAME OF GOD, AMEN,  I Henry Jarboe, being sick and week in body but
of sound and perfect Memory praise be given to God for the same and Knowing
the uncertainty of this Life on Earth & being desirous to Settle things in
order do make this my last Will & Testament in manner & form following - -
is to say first & principally I commend by Soul to Almighty God & Creator
assuredly believing that I shall receive full pardon & free remission of all
my sins & be saved by precious Death & merits of my blessed Savior &
redeemer Christ Jesus, And my body to the Earth from which it was Taken, to
be buried in such decent & Christian Manner as to my executor here after
named shall be thought meet & convenient & as much such worldly Estate as
the lord in Mercy hath Sent me my Will & meaning is the Same shall be
Employed & bestowed as hereafter, by this my Will is Expressed - And first I
do revoke, renounce, frustrate, make void all Wills by me formerly made &
declared & appoint this my Last Will and Testament-
ITEM - I give to my Eldest Son Henry Jarboe 100 acres of land
ITEM - I give to my Son Peter Jarboe 100 acres of Land where Thomas
Lowe-Shoemaker Liveth, with housing & fencing-
ITEM - To my above son Henry, my now Dwelling plantation,  containing as
above said ITEM - I give unto my Son Charles 100 acres of land
ITEM - I give unto my Son Ignatius 100 acres of land
ITEM -  I give unto my Daughter Mary Jarboe 50 acres of land
ITEM - I give unto my Daughter Monica 50 acres of land & for defult of Issue
to the Longest Livier
ITEM -  I give unto my above said son Henry my beadstead & furniture which I
lye on
I give unto my above said Son Peter One bead & furniture with Curtain &
ITEM - I give unto my Daughter Monica One new feather bead and bolster.
ITEM - I give unto my Son Charles One flock bead & furniture.
ITEM - I give unto my son Ignatius One Samll geather bead.
ITEM - My will is that, if One or both of my above said Daughters should die
before Marriage the Legacies I bequeath them shall redown unto Charles and
Ignatius - Each One
ITEM -  I give unto my above said son Henry, One Large table with drawer
ITEM - I give unto my Daughert Mary One small Table and Drawer & if the said
die, unto Monika.
ITEM - And for the rest of my moveable household to equally Divided amongst
my children
ITEM - I leave all my Sons to work for themselves at the age of sixteen but
not Deale without Leave of their Guardian.
ITEM -  I give unto my daughter Mary One Gold ring & if she should die unto
ITEM - My will is that my brother Peter Joy, John Miles, James Gough,
Elizabeth Davis shall be my trustees, to see the above mentioned articles
fulfilled of this my Last Will and Testament.  Lastly I do revoke as above
said.  In witness where of ….etc.
Witt John Pile, Edward Howle    Henry             Jarboe
Daniel Lanhorne       mark
Mary Langhorne
WILL  L. 12A,  f. 63
INV     L.  29,  f. 434
ACC    L.  31,  f. 349
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxGeneration No. 11.
Maryland, daughter of WALTERPEAKEand FRANCES[PEAKE]. She was born Aft. 1646
in St Mary's Co., MD, and died Aft. 1690 in St Mary's Co., MD. He married
(2) SARAHJOYBef. 1693 in St. Marys County, MD, daughter of PETERJOYand
MARTHAGOLDSON. She was born in St Mary's Co., Md, and died Bef. 1705 in St.
Mary's County, MD.OHNJARBOEand MARYPEAKEis:i. MARK4ARBOE, b. Aft. 1680, St.
Mary's County, MD; d. Bef. 1705, Maryland.Children of JOHNJARBOEand
iii. P
2. iv. J
 LIZABETH4ARBOE, b. Aft. 1693, St Mary's Co., MD.ETERJARBOE, b. Aft. 1693,
St. Mary's County, Md; d. Maryland.OHNJARBOE, III, COL., b. Abt. 1690, St.
Marys County, MD; d. 1754, St. Marys County, MD.Generation No. 22.
Children of JOHN4ARBOE, III,
Co., Md, daughter of JOHNSTILESand CATHERINENORRIS. She was born 1712 in St
Mary's Co., MD, and died in St Mary's Co., MD.OHNJARBOEand
ii. JARK5ARBOE, b. 1731, St. Mary's County, Md; d. 1781, St. Mary's County,
Md; m. JANEDAVIS, 1757, St. Mary's County, Md; b. 1732, St. Mary's County,
Md.OHNBAPTISTJARBOE, b. 1740, ST. Mary's County, Maryland; d. Bef. February
19, 1794, ST. Mary's County, Maryland; m. ELIZABETH[JARBOE], Abt. 1765, St.
Mary's County, Md; b. ST. Mary's County, Maryland; d. 1794, ST. Mary's
County, Maryland.
Paul's Marsh in Newtown Hundred only show's up in 1705 SMC rent rolls under
the names of Peter & John Jarboe, which indicates Elizabeth was
yet of age.  That is the only entry found Paul's Marsh.
Todd Whiteside puts things in perspective, he writes...........
James Gough's wife Elizabeth was born ca 1682 [aged 28 on 28 Sept
1711], and had been married to (1) George Medcalfe (d. 1702) and (2)
Samuel Davis (liv. 1707) previous to her marriage to Gough. Elizabeth
Jarboe (d/o John Jarboe) was unmarried at the time of her father's will
(1704), and our Elizabeth was already a widow by this time. Our
Elizabeth had no known children by her first two husbands, both of whom
owned the tract "Rocky Point" in Newtown Hundred which had been patented
in 1652 to Richard Nevitt. John Nevitt was Richard's son and senior
heir, and it appears that he gave that tract to his daughter's first two
husbands as dower lands. After they died without issue he repossessed it
and sold it on 11 May 1715 to William Maria Farthing and James Wheatley.
After two marriages Elizabeth would have acquired enough property that
her father would not have to provide a dowery for her.
A possible explanation for James Gough owning part of the Jarboe tract
is that he was a son of Mary Tattershall Jarboe Gough who had a partial
claim to the Jarboe tract as part of her widow's dower. Also, in 1708
James Gough was also named as a trustee for the children of his
half-brother Henry Jarboe.
Another possibility for the appearance of Jarboe land in the Gough
family is that John Nevitt's other daughter, Ann, was the wife of Peter
Jarboe and after his 1698 death served as his executrix. She and her
newborn child died later that year and her father, John Nevitt of
Newtown, assumed administration and the estate remained in his
possession. Perhaps he gifted part of this land to his daughter
Elizabeth's family.
Respected historian and writer, Dr Lois Green Carr, also lists James
Gough's wife as Elizabeth (Nevitt), widow of George Medcalfe, in her
notes at the Archives of Maryland. In spite of the difficulty of
establishing the identities of John Nevitt and Richard Nevitt, I do feel
confident that James Gough's wife was most likely Elizabeth Nevitt.
Todd Whiteside
Randy or Kat Dunavan  
Longview, Texas  903-720-3914

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Subject: [MDSTMARY] Elizabeth Jarboe

Dear List,
Would like to clear up some confusion about Elizabeth Jarboe (1683 - aft
1. Does anyone have a firm idea of who her parents were? One possibility I
am considering is John Jarboe Jr. (b. abt 1659) and Sarah Joy d/o Peter Joy
and Martha Goldson. If they were born abt 1659 they would be of marriageable
age by 1679 making a 1683 birth a possibility.
Any other suggestions are welcome.
2. What was her husband's birth date? I have 2 James Goughs who could have
been her husband. One was born abt 1670. I have no parents for him. The
other was born abt 1690. This one the s/o Stephen Gough and Claire Baldwin.
Can anyone tell me whch is correct, or, if both are in error, who is the
correct James Gough?
Thanks in advance for your help and input.
Don Drury

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JJ was born Abt. 1690 in St. Marys County, MD, and died 1754 in St. Marys
County, MD. He married E, , J J J J JJ was born 1659 in St. Marys County,
MD, and died May 16, 1705 in St. Marys County, MD. He married (1) M, J J
Descendants of John Jarboe II

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