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Subject: Re: [MDSTMARY] Robert Clarke and Ann Jenkins
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2009 18:09:12 -0500
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Jerry -

I have to admit that I am still pulling records to fully back up these
two marriages but they are listed in Newman's, "The Maryland Semmes and
Kindred Families," p. 13 and 14. Catherine Culver Semmes' Montgomery
county will also alludes to them:

Probated 24 Jan 1805.

"To son Ignatius Simms 42 pounds due him by me his part of his father's
estate for which Robert Clark became my security and as my said son
Ignatius is not year of age and consequently not paid I desire that so
much of my property not hereafter will and bequeathed may be sold as
will pay my said son and to be paid by my executors when he reaches 21
years of age.
To son Elexius Simms $12.00
To daughter Mary Clarke all the money due on William Clarks bond to me
but without recourse to me or my heirs.
To Daughters Henrietta Clarke and Ann Roads personalty.
To sons William Simms, Thomas Simms , Walter Simms, and Ignatius Simms
personality including Negro slaves.
To grandchildren Francis Simms and Anne Simms, personalty to the Rev Mr.
Plunkett and Verlinda Jarboe personalty residue to sons Walter Simms
and Ignatius Simms Executors Won Walter Simms son-in-law Robert Clark".

Ann(e) Simms has been a bit more difficult to trace although Newman also
refers to her as having married a Clarke and a Rhodes. In backtracking
through the early District of Columbia records I have found her
mentioned in reference to the will of Edward Semmes, her uncle. Before
1801 most D.C. records were filed in Montgomery county Maryland and
there you find the death of Thomas Clarke and subsequent advertisements
by his wife Anne as to the fact his estate will not cover his debts.

I believe Shirley Moller was the first one who tipped me to Robert
Clarke and Ann Jenkins. However in following the children of William
Clarke, I find a number of the various Heraldry groups all cite this
marriage. Newman also cites William and Robert as being children of
Robert. I think there may be some debate as to the next generation
ascending from there.

Newman does not even identify Thomas Clarke and there is nothing in the
records I have found thus far to indicate who his parents are. My
inclinations are that he is another brother but probably most certainly
related in some fashion.

Hence my question about the children of Robert Clarke and Ann Jenkins.


Jerry L. Clark wrote:
> Jackie,
> You say in this post that Mary ann SEMMES married William CLARKE and that he
> was the brother of a Robert CLARKE that married Henrietta SEMMS.
> Do you have some documentation, because although I have this data, I have
> nothing to prove it.
> Then you speak of a Robert Clarke who married an Ann JENKINS.
> I have no information on any Robert CLARKE who married Ann JENKINS, nor do I
> have a Robert Clarke who married Henrietta SEMMES.
> But in another post of yours you are saying that Ann SEMMES married a Thomas
> CLARK- if I understood you previously. So looks like we have three sisters
> who all married CLARKE men, if two of the are brothers, the third might be
> as well
> Linda -
> Well then that makes two of us. I have the later Verlinda as the daughter of
> Joseph Semmes and Catherine Culver and m. to John Jarboe who d. 1842 in the
> 73rd year of his age. Joseph was the son of Electius and Verlinda - and btw
> - I do agree with you that Verlinda is probably Green and the McAtee was
> confused from a later generation.
> In 1790 Joseph Semmes/Simms was the head of a family in Montgomery (Co.,
> MD) with 4 males under 16 yrs of age, 3 females and seven slaves. He died
> intestate on December 28, 1791. The administration was granted to his widow
> with Jesse Bailey and Robert Clarke as her bondsmen. On November 6, 1793,
> the heirs gave their receipts to Mrs. Catherine Simms, executrix of Joseph
> Simms, late of Montgomery (Co., MD). The heirs were, Joseph Milburn Simms,
> Ann Clarke, Ann Fowler and Elisha Fowler, Jr.(?), William Simms, Robert
> Clarke, Alexius Simms, Virlinda Simms, Walter Simms, Thomas Simms, and
> Ignatius Simms."
> Ann Simms first married Thomas Clarke and then William Rhodes and is the Ann
> Rhodes referred to in the will of Edward.
> Is it possible we are missing a generation of Verlinda's here? It was a
> common name in the Semmes/Simms family - and one their associated families
> used for at least a couple of more generations.
> Jackie
> Then I have these NOTES:
> Jackie,
> Katherine Culver Simms made her will in Montgomery Co. Md
> Mallory, Sween, Manuel, "Montgomery Co. MD wills 1776-1825", p 126
> Simms, Catherine written will BK L E p 126, 31 Dec. 1804: book L
> 2 p 35, probate 24 Jan 1805
> "Husband: deceased
> Sons: Ignatius (under age) Elexious, William, Thomas and Walter Simms
> Daughters: Mary Clark, Henrietta Clark, Ann Rhoads,
> Grandsons: Francis Simms, Joseph Simms
> Valinda Jarbo
> Rev Plunkett
> Granddau: Ann Simms
> Exec: Son Walter Simms, and son-in-law Robert Clark
> Wit: Nathaniel Wilson, Henry Baggerly, Walter Beall"
> Joseph Simms and Katherine Culver are my ancestors. Descend from son
> Ignatius (under age) Mary Ann Shoemaker
> Mary Ann - (I assume this response came from Mary Ann SHOEMAKER
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> Does anyone have the children of Robert Clarke and Ann Jenkins?
> It would appear they had at least two and possibly three children who
> married Semmes/Simms siblings?
> I have William Clark married to Mary Ann Sims/Semmes, daughter of Joseph
> Semmes and Catherine Culver.
> His brother Robert married to her sister Henrietta.
> Another sister Ann also married a Clarke. Thomas Clarke died 29 August
> 1796 in Georgetown. Was he a brother of William and Robert?
> Jackie
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